Classes: The Wizard

The Wizard - Master Nuker. The wizard's abilities are in direct damage spells and in individual and group teleportation.

What is the best way to develop and play a wizard? What strategies work best for soloing your wizard? How should a magician play in a group? What spells are the most and least effective? What skills should the wizard try to develop?

Post your strategies on how to best play and develop the Wizard and read, rate and comment on what others have to say.

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Level 66 returningFollow

Level 66 returning
#1 Oct 31 2007 at 11:19 AM Rating: Decent
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Hi All, I've been gone from the game for a couple years, DoN being the last expansion that I have. After fumbling around for a week or so trying to remember the game I think I've got the feel for it, and am thinking of getting the other expansions. SO I have a couple questions ;)

What is the cheapest way to get all the current expansions?

Also, when I left the game, I was in the middle of a bunch of different progressions...IE: getting flagged for the planes in Planes of Power, and getting flagged for KT and Ikkinz (SP) raids. Are any of these still important, or would I be better off moving on to the latest expansion quests, raids, etc?

I loved quadding, and considered myself to be fairly good at it...are there any good quadding mobs post 66 in the newer expansions, or is quadding a thing of the past?


66 Wizard
The Rathe (Karana)
Level 66 returning
#2 Nov 01 2007 at 1:23 PM Rating: Decent
I've never played a wizard but I think I can answer some of your questions.

The cheapest way to get all of the current expansions is to try to find the Anniversary Edition box set available at a retail store or if any are still available. For $19.99 you get all expansions up to Buried Sea. The new expansion coming out will be a $40 purchase but will also include all previous expansions so maybe you could pre-order that to get access to the other expansions too.

Flagging for PoP is not that important these days and since they implemented all kinds of alternate flags it's easier to get access too. GoD most don't bother flagging anymore but they have also relaxed or changed some of the restrictions for zone flagging in that expansion. OoW flagging is still popular for people doing Anguish aug runs. More recent expansions have varying amounts of flagging needed, but the best gear for many people at the moment is from Buried Sea vendors you need to do faction quests to buy.

Quadding can still be done in some of the new zones. You just have to find the mobs that don't summon. Some mobs in Serpent's Spine and Buried Sea outdoor zones are perfect for kiting and quadding. The Steppes and Icefall Glacier in Serpent's Spine come to mind.
Level 66 returning
#3 Nov 01 2007 at 4:58 PM Rating: Decent
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I would hurry and preorder SoF, thats all expansions + a bonus kind of SoW clicky item.

About flagging; If you join a guild that does PoTime, then there is a backflag item, so don't need to worry about flagging there. No backflag to Tacvi, but if 85% of the raid is flagged you can join them anyway. For CoA you will need to camp 7 signets and turn them into an npc, then you can can get into CoA, where you can loot a backflag item, that will make you able to loot gear in CoA.
See the quest for signets here:
Joining a guild doing DoN wont require anything from you, except you might want to try and do the questline yourself, there are some pretty good rewards there. Demiplane of blood is another story and it will require lot of work to join a guild, that has this as main farming zone. Same kind of goes for Deathkneel, there you can get backflag item, but you will need ToB access to be able to get in with the 85% rule anyway. Tss is actually quite easy, you can join a guild doing tss without doing anything, due to the 85% rule. Tbs is another matter, here you will need to do 8 group missions to be flagged for Solteris.

Hehe now I have rambled on about much that isn't realistic, when looking at your level and possible aa's/gear. ;)

If I were you I would try to get the 7 signets camped for CoA access and join a guild that has CoA as main raiding zone atm. I don't know guilds on your server, but there is likely one. Then just follow that guild's progression and see if their progression speed fits you. Might want to join before getting the 7 signets, because you won't be able to solo them.

About soloing: At 66 there is only Plane of Fire to quad, imho. But there are some nice zones in TSS like brownbear mentioned, you can try The steppes, but would recommend not trying to quad, but rot, snare, nuke and have the mob follow you around, while you nuke it from safe distance, while keeping it snared. Thundercrest Island might also be worth a visit and if you can get group, then doing the socalled Nest missions in the DoN expansion is good exp too and will earn you some Crystals, that you can buy some upgrades with. Anyway check Library and forums over at too.

When you get to lvl73 and especially 74 you will get instant nukes, that will change your solo abilitys forever. *BIG SMILE*

Please ask, if some of what I've written require more explaining or lead to more questions.


Edit: Would make it easier making recommendations, if you could link magelo profile or at least say how much mana in your pool and perhaps number of aa's.

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Level 66 returning
#4 Nov 06 2007 at 12:12 PM Rating: Decent
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Thanks to both of you for your replies, very helpful and encouraging ;)

I think I'll preorder the next expansion, all in all seems the cheapest way to go.

For some reason I can't get magelo to work for me right now...but my info is..

Level 66
HP 3727
Mana 5669

108 AA
3/15 Innate Regen...not sure now why I got this...shrug
Innate run speed 3/5
Mental clarity 1/8
Spell casting fury 3/3
Spell casting mastery 3/3
Spell casting subtlety 3/6
Harvest of Druzil 1/1
Imp. familiar 2/4
Nexus gate 1/1
Spell casting fury mastery 8/11

Thats about it...Thanks again :)

Lannyil - 66 Wizard
Level 66 returning
#5 Nov 09 2007 at 6:03 PM Rating: Decent
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3/15 Innate Regen...not sure now why I got this...shrug

Because you are require 6 points in general, before you are allowed to purchased archetype ones.

About soloing.
Single kite is defiantly the way to go for you.

Try the steppes first and if the mobs has too many hps for you, then change to Thundercrest Island. Halls of Honor is a hot zone now, so could also be worth a visit, if it isn't too crowded. You might be able to quad there, I have personally never tried.

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