Classes: The Wizard

The Wizard - Master Nuker. The wizard's abilities are in direct damage spells and in individual and group teleportation.

What is the best way to develop and play a wizard? What strategies work best for soloing your wizard? How should a magician play in a group? What spells are the most and least effective? What skills should the wizard try to develop?

Post your strategies on how to best play and develop the Wizard and read, rate and comment on what others have to say.

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Wizzies Race
#1 Jul 13 2005 at 10:38 AM Rating: Decent
can anyone help me? i dont know what the best race for a wizzy is if anyone can help please do
Wizzies Race
#2 Jul 15 2005 at 11:25 PM Rating: Decent
I have tryed all but Human did not like the blind part on CR But the summond light sorce fixes that !

Dark Elf PfP fixxes the getting around easy draw back !

High Elf good looks and good faction most places

Erudite most INT

But I liked the Gnomes the best there Short and harder for the NPC or Mobs to Hit. If you meele and cast starting at lv 1 and do it every fight you can keep doing it well into High 30`s I know that for fact put only 1 point into any skill chanaling will go up as easy as any skill

If your used to being in the heat of things It will be easyer on real life nerves when you get to higher lv`s and you get into groups and you get argoed by that mob you will not pantic.

If the group gets into trouble you can pull the argo of the Healer or the Enchanter If they team with you and Know you have got there Front and will take a few hits ment for them they will want you in there group !

If the Enchanter has to Tashan becose there Mesmerize will not wark on The mob and you hit it just enough to take argo off them then stop hitting and casting so they can try the Mesmerize again.

As a Gnome Wizard you can get in so close to that kill that you become an itch under the skin that they find very hard to scratch!
Procking staffs are great the Crystal line are the best one handed learn to switch them while fighting the procks and the meele save on mana get bandage skills up

Get a mage to summond you sme bandages take some time casting on yourself to get the casting skills up and the bandaging to !

And while your getting mana back up If your in a safe area Load and unload your spell gems helps them load faster !

Bind yourself near where your fighting helps ! If you die and those spell gems load fast you can be back into the fight the Mob and or group will think there is two wizards not just one !

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Wizzies Race
#3 Jul 16 2005 at 2:14 AM Rating: Decent
thank you so much for your opinion i was thinkin about makin a gnome =)
Wizzies Race
#4 May 17 2007 at 7:54 AM Rating: Default
Old post, but seems to be a constant question. Race only matters VERY early on. As you progress through the game, none of it will matter. Youll be uber enough to kill pesky guards if they dont like you, youll have spells to counter any annoying human sight issues, and youll cap your int VERY easily. I'm currently pushing my improved stat aas and even when I take off plus 25 to int items, my cap doesnt move and I max out at 405 atm...

Make the race you think looks the coolest, or has the coolest lore (if your into that). You wont regret it later on (and there seriously very little difference in the early game.)
Wizzies Race
#5 Jun 02 2007 at 1:14 AM Rating: Decent
It's true race dosen't matter
Wizzies Race
#6 Jul 01 2007 at 2:40 PM Rating: Decent
Sort of off topic, but the only trait that I have found that cant be overcome is the fact that the orge is immune to stun from the front.

Other then that, I totally agree that race has no bearing on anything.
Wizzies Race
#7 Jul 09 2007 at 2:42 PM Rating: Decent
31 posts
While some traits can be overcome, some depend on certain classes, or right-clicky items and this or that.

I know that most things can be overcome, but carrying around all sorts of litle baubles to overcome all these things can be more than annoying.
- Invisibility - some races have it, some don't. Most classes do not have an invisibility or camo skill, so you are relying on a clicky or potion.
- Health Regen - Sure, everyone can buy regen equipment, but the races that start with it will ALWAYS have a higher regen. If you play a class and have to pay 60k plat for an armor piece with Health Regen and decent stats, or you could pay 40k Plat for one without Health regen but with awesome stats ... it DOES make a difference. Even with the new rest options, higher Health Regen still has some advantages, especially for Feign Death classes.
- High primary stats - Granted, if you an dedicated player with maxxed gear, or someone who has played casually for a few years, you can balance any stat differences out. To say there is no difference is really simplifying the issue, as there are many players out there who just don't fit the above characteristics, and stas CAN make a difference.

I prefer gnome myself, for a few of the above reason, despite no innate Invis. for one, they have high INT, so I can hit 200+even as a casual gamer and then focus on other stats. They are small race, so I can run under branches easier, loot corpses easier and so on. They are not as common as many races (High Elves and Dark Elves are a dime a dozen).

My dislikes of the gnome are no insta Invis. While we can cast one, it's still nicer to have it innate, and I occasionally wish I had gone Dark Elf for that ability. Strength is horrible. next to Int, I consider it most important on startup for a gnome (I did 5 STR, rest INT). I cannot tell you how often I wish I had more strenght for carrying loot. I have NEVER said I wish I had more agility or desterity.

NOW, for the true answer. Go thru the fashion charts here on Alla's. It is a great addition to this site. Look for some of the quest armors for the class you want to be and see how they look on each race. NEVER, under ANY circumstance, pick a race you do not like the look of. Some people claim that fashion doesn't matter, but those people are flat out lying to themselves and trying to be elitists. Fashion does matter. Even if you play in first person mode, if you scroll back to do something for a second or two and you think you look stupid, it will take away from your desire to play the class.

Outside of the no frontal Stun trait for Ogres, there is no major difference amongst classes. I would put how you like the look of the clas second, with primary stats and regen third. Depending on the class, the regen could be a bigger factor. Coming up the rear is good versus evil, unless you are a role-player, as these alignments are mostly frivolous or can be overcome. You could even role play against the basic racial alignments and be a real outcast if you wanted to.

Races do matter, though the dedicated players and twinks in the game are less likely to be affected than the casual gamer. It's unfortunate these boards are usually full of questions asked by casual gamers, but answered only for the more dedicated players.
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