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List of some slash commands...

Auto Commands

  • /autosplit
  • toggles on or off automatic splitting of coin with your group

Chat Commands

  • /1 (/2, /3 etc. through /10)
  • use /# then space to talk in a given channel
  • /announce
  • Announces players joining and leaving chat channels.
  • /autojoin
  • sets channels for you to automatically join when you login. (Sidenote: entering only one /autojoin at a time will replace previous entries. Enter all at once separated by a comma (,). Eg) /autojoin chatchan1:password, chatchan2:password, chatchan3:password)
  • /chat
  • unsure of what it's for, game says "Usage: /chat "
  • /join
  • used to join channels, you can join multiple channels by placing a common between each channel name. (e.g. /join General, Moonland) for channels with a password you type /join channel name:channel password
  • /leave
  • used to leave channels.. similar to the above
  • /leaveall
  • leave all channels your in
  • /list
  • lists all the channels your in

Guild Commands

  • /fsay
  • used to talk to a fellowship
  • /getguildmotd
  • Repeats the guild message of the day
  • /guilddelete
  • Deletes the guild from the game (required to be leader to delete a guild)
  • /guildinvite
  • Invite a player to your guild (requires officer or leader)
  • /guildleader
  • set/change guild leader
  • /guildmotd
  • sets the Guild Message of the Day
  • /guildpeace
  • Removes the /guildwar flaggin
  • /guildremove
  • removes a member
  • /guildsay
  • used to talk to your guild
  • /guildstatus
  • Displays the Rank(Member/Officer/Leader) and Name of the guild that a player belongs to. This includes /anon players.*
  • /guildwar
  • sets your guild at war

General Commands

  • /toggleinspect on|off
  • toggles on or off right click inspect
  • /grouproles
  • Assign/Set/Load/Delete group roles

Voice Commands

  • /vplay
  • used to play voice macros locally, just type in the number after the slash command
  • /vtell
  • type in the appropriate player name and the #
  • /vgroup
  • same as above except for your group
/vraid:same as above, except for raid

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