eq:Underfoot Achievements  

General Achievements

Achievement: Champion of the Underfoot
Achievement: Paragon of the Underfoot
Achievement: Vanquisher of the Underfoot
Achievement: Master of the Underfoot
Achievement: Underfoot Challenger
Achievement: Underfoot Explorer
Achievement: Savior of Brell's Rest
Achievement: Savior of Fungal Forest
Achievement: Savior of The Underquarry
Achievement: Savior of The Cooling Chamber
Achievement: Savior of Kernagir
Achievement: Savior of Arthricrex
Achievement: Savior of The Foundation
Achievement: Savior of Lichen Creep
Achievement: Savior of Pellucid Grotto
Achievement: Savior of Volska's Husk
Achievement: Savior of Brell's Temple
Achievement: Savior of Convorteum
Achievement: Vanquisher of the Convorteum

Exploration Achievements

Achievement: Brell's Rest Traveler
Achievement: Fungal Forest Traveler
Achievement: The Underquarry Traveler
Achievement: The Cooling Chamber Traveler
Achievement: Kernagir Traveler
Achievement: Arthricrex Traveler
Achievement: The Foundation Traveler
Achievement: Lichen Creep Traveler
Achievement: Pellucid Grotto Traveler
Achievement: Volska's Husk Traveler
Achievement: Brell's Temple Traveler
Achievement: Convorteum Traveler

Progression Achievements

Achievement: Underfoot Adept
Achievement: Underfoot Veteran
Achievement: Coin of Brell
Achievement: Emblem of Brell

Quests Achievements

Achievement: Mercenary of Brell's Rest
Achievement: Partisan of Brell's Rest
Achievement: Mercenary of Fungal Forest
Achievement: Partisan of Fungal Forest
Achievement: Mercenary of The Underquarry
Achievement: Partisan of The Underquarry
Achievement: Mercenary of The Cooling Chamber
Achievement: Partisan of The Cooling Chamber
Achievement: Mercenary of Kernagir
Achievement: Partisan of Kernagir
Achievement: Mercenary of Arthricrex
Achievement: Partisan of Arthricrex
Achievement: Mercenary of The Foundation
Achievement: Partisan of The Foundation
Achievement: Mercenary of Lichen Creep
Achievement: Partisan of Lichen Creep
Achievement: Mercenary of Pellucid Grotto
Achievement: Partisan of Pellucid Grotto
Achievement: Mercenary of Volska's Husk
Achievement: Partisan of Volska's Husk
Achievement: Mercenary of Brell's Temple
Achievement: Partisan of Brell's Temple
Achievement: Mercenary of Convorteum
Achievement: Partisan of Convorteum

Missions Achievements

Achievement: Appease the Gatekeeper (Mission)
Achievement: Unlock the Mystery (Mission)
Achievement: Hero of Brell's Rest
Achievement: Hero of Fungal Forest
Achievement: Hero of The Underquarry
Achievement: Hero of The Cooling Chamber
Achievement: Hero of Kernagir
Achievement: Hero of Arthricrex
Achievement: Hero of The Foundation
Achievement: Hero of Lichen Creep
Achievement: Hero of Pellucid Grotto
Achievement: Hero of Volska's Husk
Achievement: Hero of Brell's Temple
Achievement: Hero of Convorteum

Raids Achievements

Achievement: Appease the Gatekeeper (Raid)
Achievement: Unlock the Mystery (Raid)
Achievement: Conqueror of Brell's Rest
Achievement: Conqueror of Fungal Forest
Achievement: Conqueror of The Underquarry
Achievement: Conqueror of The Cooling Chamber
Achievement: Conqueror of Arthicrex
Achievement: Conqueror of The Foundation
Achievement: Conqueror of Lichen Creep
Achievement: Conqueror of Pellucid Grotto
Achievement: Conqueror of Brell's Temple
Achievement: Conqueror of Convorteum

Conquest Achievements

Achievement: Don't Fear the Destroyer Time Trial
Achievement: Don't Fear the Destroyer Challenge of Toughness
Achievement: No Mez For You!
Achievement: Fungal Bloom Time Trial
Achievement: Fungal Bloom Challenge of Toughness
Achievement: Dependable Ally
Achievement: Scent of a Woman Time Trial
Achievement: Scent of a Woman Challenge of Toughness
Achievement: Clockwork Apocalypse
Achievement: Tasnise Underbelly Time Trial
Achievement: Tasnise Underbelly Challenge of Toughness
Achievement: Alphabet Goop
Achievement: The Silent Schism Time Trial
Achievement: The Silent Schism Challenge of Toughness
Achievement: Burn the Heretics
Achievement: To Serve Sporali Time Trial
Achievement: To Serve Sporali Challenge of Toughness
Achievement: Tilling the Soil
Achievement: The Search for Saunk Time Trial
Achievement: The Search for Saunk Challenge of Toughness
Achievement: Shades of Extremism
Achievement: Bonfire of the Adherents Time Trial
Achievement: Bonfire of the Adherents Challenge of Toughness
Achievement: Celebrity Roast
Achievement: Seeding Frenzy Time Trial
Achievement: Seeding Frenzy Challenge of Toughness
Achievement: Gem Collector
Achievement: Kill the Hatchlings Time Trial
Achievement: Kill the Hatchlings Challenge of Toughness
Achievement: Golem Hooky
Achievement: Fire in the Hole Time Trial
Achievement: Fire in the Hole Challenge of Toughness
Achievement: Slaughter is as Slaughter Does
Achievement: The First Corruption Time Trial
Achievement: The First Corruption Challenge of Toughness
Achievement: We Interrupt the Following Spellcast
Achievement: I Am The Keymaster!
Achievement: Price of Perfection
Achievement: Army of One (Underfoot)
Achievement: Army of Two
Achievement: You and Whose Army?
Achievement: Resistance
Achievement: Suppression
Achievement: Crowd Control
Achievement: Lockdown
Achievement: Gatekeeper
Achievement: One Must Stand
Achievement: Two's a Party
Achievement: A Little Help From My Friends (Underfoot)
Achievement: Make Them Watch
Achievement: Half Sisters
Achievement: Slumber Party
Achievement: Take It To The Bridge
Achievement: A Bridge Two Far
Achievement: Fire Under The Bridge
Achievement: Grand Slam

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