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This page lists information on familiars and their various sources.


This is not a complete list.

Familiar Source
An Unfamiliar Peace
Attendant Jalia Familiar
Attendant Kandus Familiar
Cliknar Worker Familiar
Dark Prince Marionette Familiar
Decaysprite Familiar
Familiar Ring
Familiar of Hulcror
Familiar of King Gelaqua
Familiar of Lady Vox
Familiar of Lightningcaller Vhalek
Familiar of Lord Nagafen
Familiar of Nexona
Familiar of Phara Dar
Familiar of Queen Eletyl
Familiar of Queen Pyrilonis
Familiar of Severilous
Familiar of Thankful Days
Familiar of Trakanon
Familiar of Valik the Cruel
Familiar of Warden Hanvar
Familiar of Zi-Thuuli, the Granite Claw
Familiar of the Armored Worg Legends of Norrath loot card
Familiar of the Bitter Brownie Legends of Norrath loot card
Familiar of the Emerald Jungle Claimed
Familiar of the Girplan Guardian Legends of Norrath loot card
Familiar of the Gorged Eye Legends of Norrath loot card
Familiar of the Hooded Scrykin Claimed
Familiar of the Kobold King
Familiar of the Phased Scrykin
Familiar of the Runebound Goblin
Familiar of the Spiroc Roostmaster
Familiar of the Stone Hive
Familiar of the Zombie Doorman
Firesprite Familiar
Forgotten King Hethkan Familiar
Frostfell Goblin Familiar
Happy Noble Marionette Familiar
Healsprite Familiar
Icesprite Familiar
Lightningsprite Familiar
Maraca Familiar
Melancholy Jester Marionette Familiar
Moody Harlequin Marionette Familiar
Oashim Familiar
Santug Claugg Familiar
Scribe Daror Familiar
Scribe Glyssel Familiar
Snow Spider Familiar
Soul Reaper Familiar
Treant familiar
Venomous Raptor Familiar
White Queen Marionette Familiar
Witchlight Familiar

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