a Shissar Stalker from EverQuest.
a Shissar Stalker from EverQuest.
The Shissar were once the rulers of Kunark and the masters of the Iksar. These powerful sorcerers, large snakes with arms, challenged the gods and for their hubris were struck down by the Greenmist. But before this calamity fell, they teleported their entire temple to The Grey, an airless region on the moon of Luclin.

Some believe the Shissar were the Builders, but this is not true. The Ulteran Spires already existed when the Shissar rose.

In EverQuest, one last outpost of the Shissar still exists on the moon of Luclin, in The Grey. Shissar are also found in the vicinity of the last refuge of the Combine Empire, in the areas surrounding Katta Castrum.

In EverQuest II, the Shissar were presumably destroyed when Luclin shattered. However, it has been revealed that "the Shissar knew their fate"[1] and it is highly possible that they once again moved their temple. Some believe that the new location is The Void, and that the Shissar are the Shadowed Men.

EverQuest II

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