EQ Mob:Groflah Steadirt (Merchant)  

  • This mob spawns at -1094, -1107, +9 inside the Seafarer's Roost.
  • Spawn Time: 9min 30sec

Shares a spawn with: Talym Shoontar, Sir Edwin Motte, and Imxil T'brow.

You say, 'Hail, Groflah Steadirt'

Groflah Steadirt says, 'Greetings, Gancodor! Join in the (celebration)! Have a few drinks. Alas, there are no (Tumpy Tonics).'

You say, 'celebration'

Groflah Steadirt says, 'The Freeport Militia now has a bar to themselves. Luckily, it is not this one. Ahh... I tell you, I just don't feel up to much right now. I have had so much grog, my great grandma could best me!'

You say, 'Tumpy Tonics'

Groflah Steadirt says, 'Tumpy Tonics are great! I used to drink them often in a bar in Kaladim. Kind of glad they don't serve it here. I could not stop drinking them and they would cause me to constantly drain the dragon. I get tired of running to the docks for that reason.'

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