EQ:SOFG Tier Three  

Tier 3 of Secrets of Faydwer has three zones, the S.H.I.P. Workshop, The Steam Factory, and Meldrath's Majestic Mansion.

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Difficulty Info

These zones are tuned with people in T2 SOF gear demi/DK level raid gear in mind, and are thus a considerable step above any previous group content.


T3 Armor is based off of T2 armor. Combining a T2 armor piece in a Steamcore Embedder (sold in Dragonscale) with a class-specific steam core from any T3 named will create T3 armor.


Name Proc Drop Info Ratio Type
Troopleader's Sword Fiery Strike III Placeholder 31/22 Generic 1hs
Lifegutter AppendageChaotic Strike IV Placeholder 59+2/33 Knight-only 1hs
Experimental Clockwork Blade Chaotic Strike IV Placeholder 28+8/23 War-only 1hs
Massive Steam-Powered Axe Fiery Strike IV Placeholder 71/34 Generic 2hs
Enhanced Arcsteel MaceLife Sap II Head Scientist Wripple 34+2/25 Generic 1hb
Steam Forged Iron RodNone Placeholder 22+2/23 Caster-only 1hb
Wire Wrapped SceptreHand of Holy Vengeance V Placeholder 43+1/26 Priest-only 1hb
2HB PlaceholderHere Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder
Mechanomagical Grinder DrillFreezing Strike III Placeholder 29/21 Generic 1hp
RipperFreezing Strike III Placeholder 29/21 Secondary-only 1hp
2HP PlaceholderHere Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder
Stub-nosed PliersFiery Strike III Placeholder 28/19 HtH
Bound Torsion SpringImproved Dodge III Fuelmaster XI 34+2/23 Bow

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