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Alchemy Spell Research

The below spells are the research only spells I have come across while looking at spells here on the site.

Click on the spell names for the recipes.

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Spell Name Classes Confirmed Pre Kunark Info
Allure ENC/46 X
Banshee Aura SHD/54 NEC/15 X
Berserker Strength ENC/19 X
Bond of Death SHD/62 NEC/49 X
Cackling Bones SHD/58 NEC/44 X
Call of Bones NEC/31 X
Cast Force WIZ/24 X
Circle of Force WIZ/31 X
Color Shift ENC/20 X
Color Skew ENC/43 X
Column of Lightning WIZ/24 X
Conjuration Air MAG/43 X
Conjuration Earth MAG/44 X
Conjuration Water MAG/41 X
Dead Man Floating NEC/41 X
Energy Storm WIZ/26 X
Everfount MAG/22 X
Feedback ENC/25 X
Fire Spiral of Al'Kabor WIZ/18 X
Greater Conjuration Air MAG/48 X
Greater Conjuration Fire MAG/47 X
Greater Conjuration Water MAG/49 X
Greater Mass Enchant Electrum ENC/19 X
Greater Mass Enchant Gold ENC/28 X
Greater Mass Enchant Platinum ENC/38 X
Greater Mass Enchant Silver ENC/11 X
Greater Summoning Earth MAG/29 X
Greater Summoning Water MAG/26 X
Harmshield SHD/50 NEC/20 X
Haunting Corpse NEC/24 X
Hungry Earth NEC/16 X
Insipid Weakness ENC/34 X
Intensify Death NEC/23 X
Invoke Death SHD/64 NEC/48 X
Invoke Shadow NEC/33 X
Lava Storm WIZ/32 X
Lich NEC/48 X
Mana Sieve ENC/30 X
Mesmerization ENC/16 X
Minor Conjuration Air MAG/33 X
Minor Conjuration Fire MAG/32 X
Paralyzing Earth CLR/56 SHM/56 NEC/46 WIZ/48 ENC/45 X
Pillage Enchantment ENC/42 X
Pillar of Fire WIZ/15 X
Project Lightning WIZ/14 X
Radiant Visage ENC/31 X
Renew Bones NEC/26 X
Shiftless Deeds ENC/41 X
Shock Spiral of Al'Kabor WIZ/28 X
Strip Enchantment ENC/22 X
Summoning Air MAG/24 X
Summoning Fire MAG/23 X
Summoning Water MAG/22 X
Supernova WIZ/45 X
Surge of Enfeeblement NEC/32 X
Tepid Deeds ENC/23 X
Thunderclap WIZ/30 X
Voice Graft NEC/15 X
Wrath of Al'Kabor WIZ/48 X


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