There are twentyfive various languages spread throughout Norrath and Luclin. Aside from the humans, all races start their careers speaking Common Tongue and at least one other language. There is at least one language that can appear as Unknown Language when a character transfers off a special server to a standard server where the language does not exist.

With the release of VOA two new languages were introduced Alaran and Hadal. You needed to complete various tasks/quests in VOA to improve Alaran and to unlock spells armour etc (although with the relase of ROF there is now a very quick and easy quest to do that will raise your Alaran to 100). Hadal is only gained if you are the task leader for various tasks in Rubak

While not technically a tradeskill, certain languages were required for quests (especially in Velious) or spell research at one point. Players were able to make a fair amount of money teaching languages to others. Now, the ability is more reserved for those who enjoy role playing.

Languages can be learned or improved by two methods. Players can improve by going to their class trainers and spending training points. Alternatively, a player sit in a group with someone who already speaks the desired language. The teacher simply needs to create a macro that speaks in the group in the language. The student's speed of learning is dependent on intelligence or wisdom, whichever is higher. The teacher and the student must be in the same zone for this to work.

Also of note, the teacher does not need to be fully fluent to teach. A teacher can spam a group up to one skill point higher than his ability. For example, if Ranger Bob wants to teach Gnoll and only speaks with an ability of 13, he can teach is group up to a skill level of 14. To reach fluency, both Ranger Bob and the members of his group can group spam each other until full fluency is achieved.

Chat windows can maintain separate active languages. For example, someone can have Common Tongue in the Main Chat window, and use Barbarian in a window to which group and guild chat is filtered. The language being used is dependent on the window from which the player is typing.

The Languages of EverQuest
Language # Language Name Spoken Fluently By
1 Common Tongue All players
2 Barbarian Barbarians
3 Erudian Erudites
4 Elvish High Elves, Wood Elves, Half-Elves
5 Dark Elvish Dark Elves
6 Dwarvish Dwarves
7 Troll Trolls
8 Ogre Ogres
9 Gnomish Gnomes
10 Halfling Halflings
11 Thieves' Cant Rogues
12 Old Erudian This language is learned.
13 Elder Elvish High Elves start with some skill.
14 Froglok Frogloks
15 Goblin This language is learned.
16 Gnoll This language is learned.
17 Combine Tongue Vah Shirs
18 Elder Teir'Dal This language is learned.
19 Lizardman Iksars
20 Orcish This language is learned.
21 Faerie This language is learned.
22 Dragon Drakkin
23 Elder Dragon Drakkin
24 Dark Speech All evil races speak this.
25 Vah Shir Vah Shirs
26 Alaran This language is learned.
27 Hadal This language is learned.

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