Typing the phrase below causes a message to appear as stated. Animated emotes are listed in blue text.

You can do an emote and also add your own text by combining the emote with "say". The emote will also work with targetted NPC's and Mobs as well as players. Thus, if you typs "/point say points at a gnoll, indicating that he is ready to kill it"your character will execute the /point animation, and the text output will be: "Character Name points at a gnoll, indicating that he is ready to kill it.". Also, you can make complex emotes into hot keys using the % features below.

%T - Returns the current target. (for example if you hotkey "/g I am heading in with a %T in hot pursuit" the Mob you have targetted will be filled in for the %T)
%S - Returns the subjective gender-specific pronoun for the target (He, She, It).
%O - Returns the objective gender-specific pronoun for the target (Him, Her, It).
%P - Returns the posessive gender-specific pronoun for the target (His, Her, Its).
%R - Returns the race of the target (only works on Player characters).

This needs to be updated to the latest emote list.

/agreeyou agree with the targeted person
/amazeAmazed, you asp at targeted person, or you are amazed
/apologizeYou apologize to targetted person whole heartedly or apologize to everyone in the room
/applaudyou applaud the performance of the targeted person or give a round of applause
/birdyou make a rude gesture
/biteyou bite the targeted person on the leg, or you look around for someone to bite
/bleedyou bleed quietly, or all over the targeted person
/blinkyou blink in disbelief
/blushyou blush at the targeted person or your cheeks are burning
/boggleyou boggle at the target, shaking your head in disbelief.
/bonkyou bonk the targeted person on the head
/boredyou express that you are bored
/bounceyou bounce around the targeted person, or just in place if no target.
/bow You bow to the targeted person.
/brbyou say that you will be right back
/burpyou burp loudly
/byeyou say goodbye
/cackleyou cackle gleefully
/calmyou try to calm the targeted person or you feel peaceful and calm
/cheerYour character cheers. An animated emote.
/chuckle You chuckle
/clapyou clap happily. Hurray.
/comfortyou comfort the targeted person
/congratulateyou congratulate the targeted person on a job well done
/coughyou cough
/cringeyou cringe away from the targeted person
/cry your character cries.
/curiousyou look at the targeted person curiously, or look around curiously
/danceyou stand on your tip toes and dance, or you grab the targeted person and dance with him
/disbeliefyou shake your head in disbelief. may be broken
/droolyou drool. Something must have gotten you excited, or you drool all over the targeted person.
/duckyou duck
/emote(text) or /em or : (text) or /e - emotes the text. This is used to add fun to the game. For example, after a big battle, you can type /emote cleans the gore off his sword. Everyone around you will see "AllaKhazam cleans the gore off his sword." More people should use this command.
/eyeyou raise and eyebrow inquiringly (at the targeted person)
/fingerYou make a rude gesture at the targeted individual.
/flipoff You make a rude gesture at the targeted individual.
/frownYou frown.
/gaspyou gasp in astonishment
/gesture You make a rude gesture at the targeted individual.
/giggleyou giggle
/glareyou turn an icy glare at the targeted person, or you glare at nothing in particular
/grinyou grin evilly
/groanyou groan
/grovelyou grovel before the targeted person
/happyyou say you are very happy with the targeted person, or are so happy
/hungryyou say you need food badly
/hugYou hug the targeted person.
/introduceyou introduce the targeted person or introduce yourself to everyone
/jkyou say you are just kidding
/kneelyou kneel down, or you kneel before the targeted person in humility and reverence.
/laughYou laugh (at targeted person).
/lostyou say you are completely lost
/massageyou massage the targeted person's shoulders, or look around for someone to massage
/moanyou moan
/mournyou lower your head and mourn the targeted person, or the dead
/nod You nod to the highlighted person
/panic You scream in panic.
/peeryou peer at the targeted person intently, looking him up and down, or you peer around intently
/plead you plead desperately with the targeted person
/pointyou point at the targeted creature/person or straight ahead
/pokeYou poke the highlighted person.
/ponderyou ponder the targeted person, what is going on with him.
/puzzledyou look puzzled
/raiseyou raise your hand
/readyyou let everyone (or targeted person) know you are ready
/roarYou emit a low rumble and roar like a lion
/rofl or /rof You roll on the floor laughing (at targeted person).
/rudeYou make a rude gesture at the targeted person.
/saluteyou salute the targeted person or the gods in pure admiration
/shiveryou shiver.. brrr.
/shrugyou shrug
/sighyou sigh at the targeted person, or you sigh, clearly disappointed
/smileYou beam a smile at the targeted person.
/smirkyou smirk mischieviously
/snarlyou snarl at the targeted person, or you bare your teeth in a terrible snarl
/snickeryou snicker softly
/stareyou stare dreamily at the targeted person, completely lost in her eyes, or you stare at the ground
/tapyou tap your foot impatiently
/teaseyou tease the targeted person mercilessly, or you look around for someone to tease
/thanksyou thank the targeted person
/thirstyyou state that you are thirsty
/shiveryou shiver ... brrr. Or you shiver at the thought of messing with the targetted person.
/vetoyou veto the (targeted person's) idea
/wave Your character waves.
/welcomeyou welcome the targeted person
/whineyou whine pitifully
/whistlesyou whistle at the targeted person appreciatively, or you whistle a little tune
/yawnyou yawn rudely in targeted person's face, or you open your mouth wide and yawn
/yell (or /y)You yell for help. People around you will hear "XXX yelled for help from your direction. This is a very useful emote/command which you may want to consider hot keying.

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