Quick Facts

Type: Passive
Expansion: Veil of Alaris
Total AA: ??
Classes: Berserker



When wielding a 2-handed weapon or thrown weapon, this ability allows your skill attacks to strike enemies with incredible destructive power. At rank 1, this will affect NPCs level 90 and below with each rank increasing the maximum to one level below the required purchase level. At level 100, you will be able to hit level 99 enemies.

Rank Requirements

Rk AA Lvl ExpansionPrerequisites Mob Lvl Base Dmg
1 9? 91 Veil of Alaris

90 153514
2 9? 93 Veil of Alaris

92 165900
3 9? 95 Veil of Alaris

94 179200
4 5 96 Call of the Forsaken

95 ???
5 ? 98? Call of the Forsaken

97? ???
6 ? 100 Call of the Forsaken

99 ???

Additional Info:

- As of 2/19/2014, the rate of Decapitation firing has been dramatically reduced.

- Weapon delay does affect Decapitation rates; the faster the weapon, the more often Decapitation triggers.

- Haste does improve the rate of triggering Decapitation.

- The Decapitation effect is a spell, and may have no effect on spell-immune targets as a result.

- Decapitation is affected by AAs that increase critical spell blasts from weapon procs

- Twinproc does not affect Decapitation.

- Decapitation does not fire off of riposte.

- Decapitation no longer fires on multiple targets when using AE melee skills such as Rampage.

Hard data:

- Immediately prior to the 2/19/2014 patch, a 4.5 hour parse yielded 3,001 decapitation attacks. The same parse made with identical AAs, buffs, gear, etc. after the patch yielded 633 decapitation attacks, roughly an 80% reduction.

- With a 20 delay weapon and 210% haste (per inventory screen) resulted in 633 decapitation triggers on Combat Model Azia over the course of 4.5 hours. The same parse made with 100% haste (per inventory screen) and a 50 delay weapon of the same type resulted in only 91 decapitation triggers in the same 4.5 hour period.

- In neither of the above post-patch parses did Twinproc occur on a Decapitation cast.

- In both of the above parses, Decapitation scored both critical and non-critical blasts.

- Pulled 117 mobs in Plane of Innovation and killed everything with riposte damage only (Sarnak Ceremonial Sword, 8 dmg) without a single Decapitation.

- Repeatedly pulled all of the undead in Lower Guk and triggered Rampage AA with out-of-range NPC targeted, no Decapitation occurred.

As of 2/19/2014, the data below may no longer be valid, due to significant changes in the function of Decapitation. As the claims below are verified (or disproven), they will be added above and deleted.

Additional Info:

- Decapitation rates are comparable between weapons of the same delay, regardless of type (2HB / 2HS / 2HP).

- Additional ranks of Decapitation increase how frequently the effect triggers by approximately +70% and +42% over the previous rank for rank 2 and 3 respectively, resulting in a roughly +140% total improvement over rank 1.

Hard data:

- On independent 30-minute long parses with no worn or buff haste (100% haste, per inventory window), 21 Decapitation strikes were made with Hardened Bone Halberd (52 delay, 2HS), 63 with Ashen Blade of the Slayer (20 delay 2HS), and 76 with Crow Footed Lance (20 delay 2HP). No other changes between parses were made. Target for testing was Combat Model Azia in a Grand Guild Hall.

- The same three weapons used with max standard haste (200% per inventory window) produced 57, 140, and 136 Decapitation strikes in 30 minutes, respectively.

- Decapitation rank 2 provides approximately 70% increase in rate of decapitation strikes over Decapitation rank 1, based on two four-hour parses with the only change between being the purchase of the second rank (1091 and 1861 decaps, respectively).

- Decapitation rank 3 provides approximately 42% increase in rate of decapitation strikes over Decapitation rank 2, based on two five-hour parses with the only change between being the purchase of the third rank (2515 and 3556 decaps, respectively).

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