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Fixes On Production

- The character edit tool now has the current list of servers.
- The recipe search tool now alpha sorts classes.
- Expected token not present error message on the lucy site is fixed.
- Changed ordering of currency in code which will make it easier for me to sort through all the different currency in the future when I need to add a new currency. No changes will be noticed on the site because of this change.
- Changed Orum currency to Orux, will need to update vendors that use this currency for items to use Orux.
- Removed sites from the admin panel that are no longer around which includes the FFXIV site even though the site is still here. However none of the admin tools even worked for that site.
- Changed the description for items where it shows what zone the item is found in. That description also sometimes is for foraged items only and it can be confusing if the item is dropped and foraged in the same zone as well. So now it will say "Foraged in or Found in:"
- Changed up the vendor edit page. The tradeskill column was so wide that it was scrolling the page. I changed the drop down option that was causing that and also shortened one of the column headers. Everything should fit better on the page now.
- Fixed item type for Illusions (Unknown #69) on allakhazam site.
- Fixed the edit NPC spell section to where the box contains both NPC and player spells.
- Added a bunch more NPC types.
- Fixed LoN items from showing "LoN: This item is is a reward from Legends of Norrath." Now it will be "LoN: This item is a reward from Legends of Norrath."
- Changed how the expansion tag for Legends server items display. Instead of the old "Required: Yes", it is now "Server Only Item" to show it is a server only item.
- Changed the max amount of posts on any forum (actual forums, items, quests, zones, etc..) to 25 per page.
- Cleaned up the EQ admin panel of dead links and organized it a bit better.
- Spell SPA slots from 13 to 32 now show on spells.
- Fixed item types for illusion items. This will get rid of the Unknown #69 for item type on lucy and allakhazam. (Will require the spell parser to be ran again)
- Added Sarnak Skeleton as an illusion type for spells. This will fix the new illusion item from showing Illusion: Unknown(155) as the SPA slot 1 info. (Will require the spell parser to be ran again)
- Added missing lore groups for many items.
- Added a bunch of proc spells for all classes to the exclusion list for the spell search tool so people see only spells they can put in a spell book.
- Added SPA 464, 465, 466, 467, 468, 472 and 473. (Will require running the spell parser again to add these)
- Fixed persistent effects mapping for Aura of the Artist spells.
- Added more procs to the exclusion list for the spell search tool.
- Added SPA 461, 462, 463, 478, 479, 481, 482, 484. (Will require running the spell parser again to add these)
- Spells listed on a NPC page will now show all 32 SPA slots instead of 12 if the spell has SPA's > than 12.
- Fixed a bunch of persistent effects, mapping them to their right spells.
- Fixed a bunch more persistent effects thanks to Barudin314.
- Changed up SPA 478 "Move to Bottom of Hatelist (%)" and corrected the chance to actually be a percentage instead of a number.
- Fixed allakhazam item page to actually show all 32 SPA slots on spells.
- Added Ring of Scale to multiple files and requested allakhazam items table add the column for the expansion.
- Added a few stat options for the advanced item search tool.
- Added some missing item loregroups for the allakhazam site.
- Correctly mapped a bunch more persistent effects.
10-15-2017 - Added SPA 471, 475, 480, 481, 483, 486.
10-17-2017 - Changed SPA 450 from DoT Guard (numberhere) to Absorb Dot Damage (percent).
10-18-2017 - Changed up the spell parser script to use low priority when running.
11-6-2017 - Added item type Familiar to Lucy and Allakhazam. Illusion item type is showing Unknown#69 on Lucy for some reason even though code was released to fix that.
11-6-2017 - Changed max level to 110 in spells and other areas.
11-14-2017 - Submitted code to fix all the unknowns on the Spell tables and fix all the data types for all of them as well.
11-16-2017 - Pushed code to exclude level 101 Shaman spell Unity of Doomscale from showing all it's sub spells on a spell search for shaman's.
11-16-2017 - Changed max level on item display for Lucy to 110. This is where you can change the level and the item stats change.
11-19-2017 - Added new currency for RoS, Ancient Draconic Coin and Bathezid Trade Gem.
11-21-2017 - Corrected several persistent effects for Ring of Scale spells.
11-22-2017 - New SPA's (498-510) posted today by Prathun have been added to the Lucy spells file but commented out until I can work on the code for them.
12-31-2017 - Filtered out all the non song/scroll/tome spells from the spell search tool for Ring of Scale. Such as procs of other spells and such.
1-16-2018 - Fixed a few things on the spell page for allakhazam that weren't showing endurance costs correctly or showing timers for abilities and such. Also bolded the different effects to stand out from the values. Also took out the indention of info in the small info box on the right of the page to allow for more info without wrapping information. I also added a bunch of Seeds of Destruction spells that aren't scribeable to the spell filter for the spell search tool.
1-26-2018 - Added 3 features to the recipe system. Admin tools to set recipes by expansion, if it counts toward 350 skill and to set the daybreak recipe id. This will show on the recipe page as well if any of those items are set. Added those options to the recipe search tool as well. Also added more spells to the spell filter for the spell search tool.
2-3-2018 - Corrected SPA 331 to show Tradeskill Item Recovery instead of Alchemy Item Recovery. This will be updated on the next full EQ patch when we run a spell update.
2-7-2018 - Fixed some issues with the advanced recipe search not pulling up records.
2-21-2018 - Added a missing item type for perfected augment distiller.
3-3-2018 - Added Tiger Claw to the advanced item search tool under Damage Plus Type.
3-24-2018 - Added Hraquis Hunter to list of illusions for illusion type 261.
4-13-2018 - Fixed spell parser from wiping out expansions when updating spells.
4-14-2018 - Added Skull of Null item loregroup.
4-14-2018 - Fixed spell search tool. It was not allowing name searches for effects that were greater than 12 slots.
4-14-2018 - Fixed some HTML elements on the spell search page such as spacing between cells and alignment of text. Also changed the expansion drop down box to capitalize expansions with any --Any-- option.
4-20-2018 - Fixed advanced recipe search tool not pulling up certain recipes. Also added more search options and added those options to the actual recipe page and the admin tool.
4-22-2018 - Changed the item page for allakhazam to show "Zone(s) Found In:" instead of "Foraged or Found In:" to clear up some confusion.
4-22-2018 - Fixed SPA 368 to show how much faction is adjusted. This requires the spell parser to be ran again to update.
4-30-2018 - Made some cosmetic changes to the advanced item search page so it's easier to look at. Also added in some input limitations that were missing.
4-30-2018 - Fixed advanced recipe search tool being limited to 4 digits, it will now allow up to 99999 to be entered.
5-3-2018 - Fixed Physical and Corruption resist spell info missing in the spell table and spell history on lucy. This requires database tables changes and the spell parser ran again so will be corrected on the next eq patch.
5-19-2018 - Category column for spells was removed from the spells file in the May 2018 patch. I have fixed this in code and the spell database tables as well. We'll be running the spell update again sometime early next week.
5-23-2018 - Fixed SPA 148 and identified some other issues regarding calcs. Identified many more calcs we never had added.
5-23-2018 - Fixed spell search tool not allowing certain characters. Changed regex pattern on input to allow 3 to 75 characters.
5-23-2018 - Fixed spell.html on allakhazam and lucy from not showing spells that can be dispellable. Also added Blockable, Focusable and Reflectable info to spells.
5-23-2018 - Added targettypes, 48 (Caster Next on Hatelist), 39 (No Pets), 35 (Special Muramites) and 21 (Undead) to spells.
5-24-2018 - Fixed lucy not showing Endurance Cost on the spell page for tomes.
6-2-2018 - Fixed spell info from showing wrong values for Blockable, Reflectable, Focusable, and Dispellable.
6-5-2018 - Fixed SPA 457 to show correctly as life tap percentages. Adjusted Blockable on spell info to include non-player beneficial casted spells. The SPA update will be fixed when we run the spell parser again with the next eq patch.
8-13-18 - Added Support link at the top of the site for logged in users.
8-13-18 - Corrected premium sign up link at the bottom of the lucy site for non premium logged in users.
8-18-18 - Added a limit of 100 records for a name search only on the spell search tool. Also added in a limit to pick a class when searching by expansion only.
8-21-18 - Added an expansion section on the infobox that is attached on the spell.html page for spells.
8-25-18 - Added an expansion section on the recipe info on the item page if the item has a recipe for it and if an expansion is set for that recipe.
8-27-18 - Fixed augmentations not showing the distiller they require in order to remove them since items are now storing the numerical value of the solvent instead of the itemid in that particular field. Certain augments might need to be ran through the item collector if they still don't show their distiller as they haven't been updated yet.
8-28-18 - The same issue above was fixed for lucy augments.
9-6-18 - Released some database table changes for the recipe search that fixes some search issues.
9-9-18 - Added color to heroic stats when viewing items with stats via the advanced item search.
9-9-18 - Added expendable and artifact to the search options for the advanced item search.
9-9-18 - Fixed searching for Legends server only items via advanced item search.
9-20-18 - Fixed SPA 457 to parse for all 7 different variations.
10-15-18 - Fixed issue with MS Edge freezing on the advanced item search page by clicking on some of the input boxes. This is a bug with MS Edge and its saved form entries feature.
10-15-18 - Made several changes to the allakhazam item page. Converted old HTML to HTML5 and added some inline CSS. Also added in titles to information under the item stats, to show more information if you mouse over the bolded text to most entries.
10-17-18 - Fixed augdistill value -1 to point to Perfected Augmentation Distiller on the item pages for alla and lucy.
10-18-18 - Fixed augments to show their correct augment solvents regardless if their augdistill value is the old item id or the new solvent tier value.
10-21-18 - Fixed SPA 64 for all spells that use it. (Will be fixed when we run the spell parser after next patch)
10-24-18 - Added the ability for admins to set expansions on NPC's and for expansions to show on the NPC pages if one is set.
10-24-18 - Changed the way adventure items are sold on NPC's by putting it in a table on the NPC page. Same with spells.
10-24-18 - Added an expansion column to the recipe search tool and added a edit link for admins.
10-24-18 - Added The Burning Lands to code and item db table.
10-24-18 - Fixed a bunch of missing code in the character tools such as missing expansions and updated the db table for the character tool as well.
10-29-18 - Added a expansion column to the NPC listing on zone pages, we'll get NPC's set to their expansions over time.
10-29-18 - Added in admin NPC edit page the timestamps of when a NPC was added and when it was last updated. The same thing has been added to NPC pages for all to view.
10-29-18 - Worked on CSS changes for the different tabs on the zone page. Tables will auto size to the information instead of spreading all the way across. Background texture image was removed from those tabs to make it easier to read the text.
10-30-18 - Fixed bug in the advanced item search script not showing intelligence and heroic intelligence stats on items. Also shortened up some stat names, put the stats right up against the stat names, changed the color of the stats in order to better distinguish between stats and shorted up how much space the stats are taking up. Also attached descriptions to the stats if you mouse over them.

  • 10-12-19 - Increased spell search results to 300 on the spell search tool and added SPA slots from 34 to 41.
  • 10-13-19 - Fixed quest edit to allow for a minimum group size of up to 72 players.

Current Bugs

  • The advanced item search is not picking up the level fields when people search for items that are not required. The level search needs to be redesigned to offer more options. Such as putting reclevel and reqlevel options in the bottom right flags.

  • Missing gem_255b.png for a spell icon. Example

  • Character information page at http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/chartools.html shows expansions beyond what you have set and might be more bugs.

  • The pages at http://everquest.allakhazam.com/dyn/items/ which are built with the cron script eq-itemlists.pl, some items are missing and some items with expansion tags added to them don't show those expansion tags next to their names on the pages.

  • On the zone page that lists all NPC's for the zone http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/npclist.html, selecting Any Type from the NPC Type box doesn't pull up any results.

  • None of the expansion icons are showing up for the recipes on this item even though expansions are set on the recipes.
    • http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=134267

  • The vendor parsing script doesn't accept any other coin types than platinum, gold, silver and copper.

  • The item tooltip popup that people can put on their websites will not work if their site is using SSL. This has been sent off to someone at ZAM to fix.

  • Deities from spells are not being parsed out correctly from the spell parser. This is because Spells.pm needs the deity section to be rewritten.

  • Target Type 39 in the Spells.pm file needs code to add target restrict types.

  • Collection items are showing a clickable link in the lore information that leads to a browser error due to the fact the link is actually a link from within the eq client in game to show the achievement for that item.

  • Bug with sorting on the advanced item search. Once you sort it changes the background and everything to the old way since I changed it. This will require ZAM sending me the CSS files from the server where they are stored.

  • Using the advanced item search in firefox, the drop down for effects opens real slow. This is an issue with how firefox processes drop down box information. The advanced item search for effects needs to be rewritten to only list the top 4 selections and then let people search for an effect instead of listing 50k+ spells.

  • Signing up for premium, you have to log out and back in in order to be considered premium. Many customers don't know this as it doesn't tell them. We need to either add a message they need to log out and back in or make it where it auto logs them out to have them log back in again.

  • Equipment upgrader doesn't work. http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/chartools.html?char=

  • 1H piercing is missing from advanced search under Type:

  • When searching for bard instruments, the field Bard Instrument will return nothing. Setting it to none however will return bard instruments if Type is set to whatever instrument.

  • When editing the items that a vendor sells, if the vendor has many items to sell, it takes a long time to even get one item updated as the script runs so slow. If the NPC vendor edit page has more than 25 results, it needs to show multiple links to pages with more results and remember which page you were on when editing. Also when adding items with a apostrophe in their name, it will bug out when adding and you have to go back and resubmit it.

  • The link on the admin panel for EQ, Link (multiple) mobs to (multiple) items has no way of searching for the right NPC's and Items.

  • The link on the admin panel for EQ, Edit skill spell (related to AA stuff) doesn't work. Just gives an error of "You must select something first!".

  • Open up any NPC page, click on i2v entry down at the bottom. Look up an item to enter. Once it finds it and loads it down below, add that item. You will get an error "You must enter an item=itemid or bymob=mobid!" every time you add an item. It will add the item however. The page should refresh back to the items instead of giving the error.

Future Changes Planned

Fix more spell SPA issues.
Add more features to the advanced item search.


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