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  • Link: EQ Advanced Item Search
  • It's a Premium Only feature!
  • You can choose multiple expansions to include or exclude. You can select more than one with SHIFT for a range, or CTRL to select individual expansions.
  • 'Unattainable Items' means items that are no longer available in-game.
  • Clicking a header, such as 'Name' or 'Level', sorts by that column without reloading the page
  • The form hides itself on results, so it doesn't take up the entire screen when you just want to see the list! Just click on 'Show Form' to get it to show up again
  • 'Level' searches against required level. If the item you want doesn't have a required level defined leave this blank.
  • To filter items that have no information at all, you can omit Item Stubs (right-hand side of the search form).
  • Type: field in search uses the Item Type: field you see on the item pages.
  • Bards


  • Weapon Augments

    • Slot: Primary or Secondary.
    • Type: Augmentation
    • Augmentation Type: Type that you want or choose any.


Type: Container

Then set all your other filters such as expansion and so forth.

Bard Instruments

When searching for instruments, set your instrument type under the Type: field and leave Bard Instrument: set to -- None --.

Class: Bard
Race: -- Any --
Slot: Range
Type: Percussion Instrument
Bard Instrument: -- None --

Mana Regeneration

If you are looking for Mana Regeneration items, set the search options the following way.

Effect: -- Any Mana Regeneration Effect --
Additional Bonus: Mana Regeneration

And then you can set the Primary sorter by Mana Regen if you want to see mana regen stat descend on items.

If you have any tips or tricks you've found, feel free to add them to this page!


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