Tribunal Offering Turns Ugly

Tribunal Offering Turns Ugly -- A Visual Report (links point to 26 images.) = = = = In light of the third anniversary of entrance to the Planes, it was thought to be appropriate to make an offering to the first god many of us encountered upon entering the Planes of Power: The Tribunal, who is of course found in the Plane of Justice. After scouting the halls, corridors, and prison cells within the north wing, a suitable candidate was found. Meet Kantao Darkwaters. Not much is known about this subdued othmir. He is clearly native to the chilly Cobalt Scar of Velious, and has found himself in some kind of trouble as indicated by his current situation. What is unclear, however, is why he was imprisoned here in the first place, and for that matter, how long he has spent away from his home camp. Kantao was untalkative and, save for a shout for the guards before being pursuaded into following, remained rather quiet. Perhaps one should not blame him for his lack of socialization given the circumstances. Better times were ahead for this othmir. Upon seeing Kantao's living quarters, it became clear that not only The Tribunal would benefit from this, but the othmir himself would as well. Between the shoddy bed and his questionnably unassuming prisonmate, Kantao surely needed a release. Next up was the effort in getting Kantao safely out of his prison cell and to The Tribunal. Not a simple task given the several patrolling guards roaming the narrow halls. For this reason, it was necessary to enlist some outside help in distracting some of the more powerful guards, who were very likely to intervene should they have witnessed one of their prisoners being escorted out of their cell. So, with the unsuspecting guards led in the opposite direction of Kantao's cell, the grab was made. Kantao was brought to the portal area which is typically teeming with high guardians. Fortunately, some well-planning made for a smooth stroll. With the guards distracted by other business, Kantao was ported up to The Tribunal area, which was somewhat busier than anticipated. Despite the large audience, the offering had to proceed. We had come too far to turn back. Kantao stood before The Tribunal and prepared for the offering. A third party attempted to talk the othmir out of it, but Kantao was well-beyond that at this point. It was time. And with that in mind, the offering began and continued on for a few moments before finishing. With Kantao Darkwaters gone, the offering was completed -- the anniversary of our entrance into the planes had been acknowledged to The Tribunal -- or so it was thought. The Tribunal, unfortunately, had other plans. The native of Cobalt Scar was not enough on this day. For reasons unknown, The Tribunal took up an additional (and uninvited) offering, and slaughtered the Erudite Enchanter behind the preceding events. As the offerer's corpse laid before The Tribunal, and an apparently unsympathetic crowd stood by, the Plane of Justice returned to a hint of normalcy while the offerer visited some of the more welcoming faces in the magnificent hall adjacent to the Plane of Knowledge. = = = = Do you remember Day One of the Planes of Power?


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Good story
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i loved that

Justice comes to all, in time
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I miss Planes of Power that was such an excellent expansion.
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Equal exchange...
In order to keep things set and orderly one must take note of what is to be exchanged.
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Hehe, that was our group staging for 7th Hammer when Ralius zoned in with Kantao. We were boggled at the spectacle.

Poor Kantao, poor Ralius.

Good show though!
well done
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justice comes to all, in time.
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this was a pretty story! ^.^
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True Form
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Hehe, best be in your true form before you stand before The Tribunal! Smiley: wink
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Good job!
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lol, that rox guys
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thats great what a post
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