Lore: Report from the Wilds #4

From EQLive: ============================== To Ciric Azilebane, High Priest of Quellious, Dearest Friend, War has found the Faydark. We always knew the shadow of Crushbone's jagged axe lay north of the elven nations but not until the past few nights did we truly know the danger. For centuries the elves have used Crushbone as a trial by blade and by blood of the merits of those sent into the wilds. We had no idea of the forces the orcs had built up in the caves under the citadel of Crushbone. Until last night. I received word from the criers of Tanaan that elven rangers had spotted powerful orcs and even an orc warlord north of Felwithe. I returned to the Greater Faydark to learn the truth of these reports. The elves had mobilized. Rangers, paladins, and spellcasters prepared under the guidance of the battlemasters of Kelethin and Felwithe. All bureaucracy was tossed aside. They were ready for battle. They wore suits of shining steel armor and white silk embroidered with the ancient elven glyphs. For three days these armies waited and prepared. Mercenaries from all over Norrath traveled to the lands. Some waited with grim determination on their faces, their hands gripping the leather-wrapped hilts of their enchanted blades. Others treated it like a celebration on the beaches of North Ro, drinking and singing bawdy tavern songs. I traveled with a scouting party to hunt down the orcish warlord. In the north east of the forest we spotted him and two of his elite guards. He was huge, scarred from a hundred wounds and eyes blazing red as hellfire. He wore a cloak of soft elf-hair and a boiled leather chestguard of thick dwarvish skin. His eyes burned with the fury of centuries of oppression under the elvish cities but they also spoke of calm and logical strategy. He would not rush into the hail of elven arrows as the other orc warlords had. He knew his enemy and we did not. On the evening of the third day, war finally began. The ground opened up. The armies of Crushbone poured forth from the hidden entrances to underground caverns. They rushed in waves, too close for the elvish archers to thin them out with steel barbed arrows. Scouts and messengers cried out as heavy axes hewed into their backs. The lines of the elves broke quickly into smaller units of elvish spellcasters and blademasters. I saw an elvish general cleave down five orcs in five strokes of his jeweled greatsword. I watched a beautiful elvish enchanter command one dominated orc to cut open another with his jagged sword. Chaos filled the forest. Mercenaries began to turn sides, splitting the armies into threes and fours. Bands of dark elves, ogres, Iksar, and the traitors of the elflands turned their own weapons and magic upon the elf commanders. Others were crushed between the armies of Felwithe and those of Crushbone. My mind reeled in horror. The worst had yet to come. I felt a burning flair across my back as a blade pierced through my armor and sunk into my side. I turned to defend myself, my hammer held high. I met the burning green eyes of a young paladin of Felwithe. His mouth had turned into a snarl and my own blood dripped down the keen edge of his sword. Illusions of dark domination or deception flew away; this elf knew who I was and planned to kill me. I was in shock. All of the prejudice of the elvish nations, all of the ill-favored looks and street-side whispering manifested itself into murder in this inferno of battle. What had been a joke among the young paladins of Norrath now became a killing stroke of a sword. He would have succeeded. Instead, an arrow exploded out of his throat in a shower of red blood. The green-eyed paladin fell into the mud next to me. The arrow's owner, a half elf in dark chainmail, wrenched the jeweled sword from the paladin's dead hand and tore two rings off his fingers. He winked at me before running off into the woods to continue his plunder of the dead. Healing warmth filled the deep wound in my back. Juror, the barbarian mystic and my greatest friend, picked me up on his massive shoulder and rushed me south. A camp of mercenaries loyal to the elves had formed near the ancient Combine spires. There, half a league from the bloody battles of the north, our spells healed the wounded and recovered their strength. A report came in that Warlord Mish, the leader of the orcish forces, had been slain. The mercenaries cheered into the night. I did not cheer. The vision of the murderous glare of the elven paladin made my heart cry. Tears filled my eyes. I would not remember this day as the day the orcs and the elves met in battle. I would remember it as the day the elves battled each other. May the Mother guide our hand, Loral Ciriclight High Priest of Tunare On the Fourteenth Day of the Month of the Silver Moon, 3201 PD


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Funny to read something that contains my friends Juror and Loral
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I like these
# Jul 18 2005 at 6:35 PM Rating: Decent
Guys to be honest I like the events like this. Why ? Well it makes some of th eold content fun to go back into again. I wish it was justa tad bit easier to break the groups up though lol!

Biut honestly anyone of the LOWER level that is complaining aboput this go to the KARANAS....or go to BB ( for those of u that grew up on the moon thats Blackburrow with the GNolls!!)

For the veterans i know you guys aren't really complaining ? I mean common what other way does the casual player get the oppurtunity to make out with some damned nice loots. I mean a belt with 45% haste and a Range itme that just rocks completely.

Now tie in the fact that SOE is actually trying to incorparate some sort of stroyline into this game again is rather exciting if you ask me. I like this fact and Honestly waiting for the next expeansion so I can play epic battles like being Lady Vox trying to defend her lair and whatnot. Anyways this kind of gamestyle rocks and everyone knows it tis why more and more people are comming back from WoW and EQ2!
WTF??? YOU mean I am suppose to TANK???

# Jul 18 2005 at 7:42 AM Rating: Good
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Wow. I mean wow. To actually take the events that unfolded on the servers and work them into the story. Bravo SOE, Bravo.
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Warlord Ykesha in Neriak
# Jul 16 2005 at 9:58 PM Rating: Decent
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On Fennin Ro Server this eve Warlord Ykesha gave a speech to the Trolls and gave this able Troll a quest of upmost importance.

[Sat Jul 16 21:01:39 2005] Grallvek shouts 'Meeting very soon! Be dere at Market View or you miss speech by da Warlord. Jooz don wanna miss it.'
[Sat Jul 16 21:01:43 2005] Warlord Ykesha regards you indifferently -- what would you like your tombstone to say?
[Sat Jul 16 21:01:44 2005] You say, 'Hail, Warlord Ykesha'
[Sat Jul 16 21:01:44 2005] Warlord Ykesha says 'Jooz might be good enuff to to dis [job].'
[Sat Jul 16 21:02:02 2005] You say, 'I can do the job.'
[Sat Jul 16 21:02:02 2005] Warlord Ykesha says, in Troll, 'Me only want tough Trolls. You not tough Troll, so me not talk to you.'
[Sat Jul 16 21:06:49 2005] Warlord Ykesha shouts, in Troll, 'Me name Ykesha. Me once ruler of all Trolls. Dat long time ago. Many Trolls forget Ykesha. Me change dat! First ting me do is give clan back proper name! Clan Grobb be Clan Ykesha again!'
[Sat Jul 16 21:07:04 2005] Warlord Ykesha shouts, in Troll, 'Me not forgotten now! Me defeat all rivals! Me show jooz dat me still have power! Jooz all know dat me greatest Troll ever live!'
[Sat Jul 16 21:07:09 2005] Exterminator Filrog says, in Troll, 'Me know dat! See Warlord fight!'
[Sat Jul 16 21:07:19 2005] Warlord Ykesha shouts, in Troll, 'Pazt tell us dat dere one day come Troll more powerful den all others and dat dis Troll be called Grozmok. Now jooz all know da truth, me is da Grozmok!'
[Sat Jul 16 21:07:24 2005] Zignal Luk shouts, in Troll, 'Ykesha! Grozmok! Grozmok!'
[Sat Jul 16 21:07:24 2005] Ootok shouts, in Troll, 'Ykesha! Grozmok! Grozmok!'
[Sat Jul 16 21:07:34 2005] Warlord Ykesha shouts, in Troll, 'Jooz all follow da Grozmok now! Jooz no forget dat!'
[Sat Jul 16 21:07:39 2005] Carver Cagrek shouts, in Troll, 'Ykesha! Grozmok! Grozmok!'
[Sat Jul 16 21:07:39 2005] Wista shouts, in Troll, 'Ykesha! Grozmok! Grozmok!'
[Sat Jul 16 21:07:44 2005] Warlord Ykesha shouts, in Troll, 'Me have important job for some tough Troll. Only Troll want do job bother me. Me crush others dat bother me. Now go back to work.'
[Sat Jul 16 21:08:01 2005] You say, 'Hail, Warlord Ykesha'
[Sat Jul 16 21:08:02 2005] Warlord Ykesha says 'Jooz might be good enuff to to dis [job].'
[Sat Jul 16 21:08:04 2005] You say, 'i do job'
[Sat Jul 16 21:08:05 2005] Warlord Ykesha says, in Troll, 'Jooz take dis note to Nadox. Take it to Nadox, not give to anyone else. Bring back note from Nadox to me, not anyone else. Hurry up! Why you still stand here?'
[Sat Jul 16 21:08:05 2005] You have been assigned the task 'Deliver the Grozmok's Demands'.

[Sat Jul 16 21:22:40 2005] Spiritseeker Nadox regards you indifferently -- it appears to be quite formidable.
[Sat Jul 16 21:23:02 2005] You say, 'Hail, Spiritseeker Nadox'
[Sat Jul 16 21:23:03 2005] Spiritseeker Nadox says 'I only tolerate your presence because you might be the emissary that I am waiting for. If you are then deliver your message and get out. If you are not, then I shall consider devouring your soul.'
[Sat Jul 16 21:23:03 2005] Your task 'Deliver the Grozmok's Demands' has been updated.

[Sat Jul 16 21:23:25 2005] Spiritseeker Nadox opens the message and reads it, hesitating at times to decipher the words written by the Grozmok in an outdated dialect. 'So, he believes that he is the one of prophecy. He claims the title Grozmok. Certainly others have done so before him and others will once he has passed on again. He's even calling his people Clan Ykesha again. He's a relic of a time that should be forgotten. However, certain personages have come here before you and we have discussed the future in some detail. These personages have convinced me, in ways that your revived leader could never do, that Warlord Ykesha may indeed be the Grozmok. Take this letter back to Ykesha, if you can get past my servants in one piece. You can tell him that he will have the support of Broken Skull in his claim as Grozmok.
[Sat Jul 16 21:23:25 2005] Your task 'Deliver the Grozmok's Demands' has been updated.

[Sat Jul 16 21:34:29 2005] Warlord Ykesha regards you indifferently -- what would you like your tombstone to say?
[Sat Jul 16 21:34:31 2005] You kneel before Warlord Ykesha in humility and reverence.
[Sat Jul 16 21:34:37 2005] Your task 'Deliver the Grozmok's Demands' has been updated.
[Sat Jul 16 21:34:40 2005] You gain experience!!

Gangleri, Troll Battle-Smith of House Archon

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After reading many of these reports, I found my halfling instincts perk up, and curiosity got the best of me. I traveled to the ButcherBlock through the portals created by the Magi, and walked myself cautiously into the Faydark. Upon nearing the treetop city of the elves, I was surprised at the glares I recieved from the paladins, enchanters, even rangers whom I had fought beside long ago! In my youth, I spent many days hewing orcs in CrushBone, only to find that now it has gotten me nothing? The elves do not trust me, a herald of the Warlord, in the times of war? Pitiful fools... perhaps the darker elven beings will accept me, however slightly...
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Neriak on the Move
# Jul 16 2005 at 3:09 PM Rating: Decent
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In Prexus, the Army of Neriak is now in E. Commonlands, facing East, facing Freeport...

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it's a story
# Jul 16 2005 at 12:45 PM Rating: Decent
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it's a story guys... A STORY. :0) meant for good reading and to get you riled up to fight... just because charms didn't really work DOESN'T mean this story is altered lol.
Dominated Orc Indeed!
# Jul 16 2005 at 10:15 AM Rating: Good
I watched a beautiful elvish enchanter command one dominated orc to cut open another with his jagged sword.

I can say from experience that this is nothing more than lies. All orcs were uncharmable. I attempted to make use of "Command of Druzzil" on several orcs below 65th season and was completely unable to do so. I also tried "Dictate" which is unresistable by ANY creature who could possibly be charmed up to 58th. The response I recieved indicated that not only could *I* not perform this charm, but that it was impossible.

I suggest that at some point, this document has been altered; I cannot imagine a priest of Tunare offering us a personal account filled with lies....
RE: Dominated Orc Indeed!
# Jul 18 2005 at 10:41 AM Rating: Decent
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A little late, True Name worked on the dark blue to lvl 70. The even con and higher did not charm, so it's possible
RE: Dominated Orc Indeed!
# Jul 18 2005 at 9:53 AM Rating: Decent
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I saw MANY orcs charmed by the "an enchanter"-s and who were attacking their own troops. Just because YOU found them too hard to charm doesn't mean they weren't.

As matter of fact, I was trying to give sneaky assistance to the good elves and tried to DoT an Orc who, it turns out was charmed. Needless to say, this brought down the wrath of the entire force upon my head and I fled for my life. Thank the gods for Exodus.
RE: Dominated Orc Indeed!
# Jul 17 2005 at 1:20 AM Rating: Decent
i don't know what your talking about i used complell and charmed them easy the lesser orc elfslayers and such the warleader was only one immune to charm prob was that when you charmed one and sent it in the elven enchanter were using aoe spells causing you to get argo from the elves also. not pretty. the npc enchanter were charming many also which you would be attack an orc and all the sudden its the elven enchanter pet which mean you hit it you now have argo with elves again not pretty.
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RE: Dominated Orc Indeed!
# Jul 16 2005 at 2:31 PM Rating: Decent
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Actually, this is probably in reference to the NPC's charming each other. I saw many of the "an enchanter" NPC's with charmed Orc pets. :)
# Jul 16 2005 at 5:49 AM Rating: Decent
Illusions, or charms I would say. Or just plain crazy. No true high elven warrior would turn against the light of Felwithe.
shame and dishonour for those who tunr against the
# Jul 16 2005 at 5:19 AM Rating: Decent
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be cursed those who turn onto the elves of the fay
# Jul 16 2005 at 12:31 AM Rating: Decent
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Sony comes up with some pretty good stories, I might say. One question tho....why is it the elves had turned on eachother? Only just because they thought they had no chance, so they switch sides?
RE: Awesome
# Jul 16 2005 at 1:29 AM Rating: Decent
Because all the good loot was on the elves.
RE: Awesome
# Jul 20 2005 at 12:25 PM Rating: Decent
The elves "turned on each other" because part of the story line involves the Dark Elves using illusions to appear to be high or wood elves... or Frogloks or whatever. The story is just documenting what the effect (intended by the Dark elves) would be.
RE: Awesome
# Jul 24 2005 at 1:56 AM Rating: Decent
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Oh, duh...silly me, I should've been able to figure that on my own, lol.
RE: Awesome
# Jul 17 2005 at 1:22 AM Rating: Decent
well they fixed that and the last night the orcs started dropping good loot also the shoulders and face and some other item i forget now.
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