EQ Update #102 and TBL Beta

Site Updates

In this update, many things were updated.

Beta officially opened for The Burning Lands yesterday during the live stream. We've been hard at work gathering info and entering it into the site. Here is what we know so far about the beta.

For participating in the beta, you will recieve a Djinn hat ornamentation.

The following info is from the beta forums.

  • A new luck stat was added that will randomly increase the amount of coin in your split, the amount of ciritical damage you do, your chance to succedd at a tradeskill combine. This new stat will only be on gear from TBL on later expansions and will be random when you loot it. You can also merge two of the same item with the luck stat and it will take the highest luck amount and add +1 to the highest stat if it's not already maxed out.
  • There are 6 new zones and 1 instance of Plane of Fire.
  • Access to these other zones requires completing progression. Progression starts in Stratos which is located in a rift near the Plane of Air entrance (CTRL F in PoT to find).
  • 3 tiers of group items (last tier is tradeskill), 2 tiers of raid items. Tier 1 group items can be found in Stratos and Plane of Smoke. Group items can also be found within missions in Trials of Smoke (Plane of Smoke), Aalishai, and Empyr.
  • Tier 2 items can be found on rare creatures in Mearatas, Aalishai, and Empyr. They can also be found in missions in Esianti, Plane of Fire, Chamber of Tears, and Mearatas.
  • Tier 3 items are the tradeskill items which require rare components.
  • Tier 1 raid items will be available through all of the raids. Tier 2 will be based on tradeskills and like the tier 3 group items, components will be rare.
  • New item flag, Lore Equipped. This will allow you own more than one of an item but you can only equip one of them. Rings and earrings are set to Lore Equipped.
  • 4 new evolving rare items that also have augmentations that are only specifically for it.
  • 2 new shared bank slots.
  • New merc AA's with new merc skins, new player AA's.
  • New player spells.

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New Items: Mearatas Rock Garden

Updated Items: Trillion Cut ToolScalerShimmering Steel BowstringRunic Sortilege SheetRound Cut ToolOval Cut ToolMarquise Cut ToolPear Cut ToolJewelers GlassFine Runic Sortilege SheetHalf-Moon Cut ToolEtching ToolsDuo Setting ToolDiamondCrushed Diamond DustAmorphous Selrach's WristguardStringy Banshee HairSkull Head OrnamentRaw Supple Runic HideRaw Supple Runic HideFine Steel Great StaffBlackjackDwarven SapFallen Dry Treant BranchDi`Zok Cloth Arms OrnamentConflagrant DiamondConflagrant OreLesser Clawed Tablet of the Ring of ScaleQeynosian Warder's ChestplateQeynosian Scout's BroadswordQeynosian Reject's TargeQeynosian Reject's HaloQeynosian Mediator's RobeQeynosian Reject's CoatQeynosian Mediator's CrownQeynosian Lancer's TabardQeynosian Lancer's CrestQeynosian Junkhauler's VestQeynosian Junkhauler's HeadbandQeynosian Forager's TiaraQeynosian Forager's HatchetQeynosian Forager's GuardQeynosian Fool's ShieldQeynosian Fool's HelmQeynosian Fool's ChestplateQeynosian Focuser's ShieldQeynosian Focuser's DressQeynosian Focuser's CoifQeynosian Explorer's WardQeynosian Focuser's CaneQeynosian Explorer's VestQeynosian Explorer's HatQeynosian Commander's VestQeynosian Commander's HelmQeynosian Commander's BucklerQeynosian Bannerman's AegisQeynos Warder ShieldQeynos Warder MailQeynos Warder CoifQeynos Wanderer VestmentsQeynos Wanderer HatQeynos Savage HauberkQeynos Stalwart ShieldQeynos Savage CoifQeynos Rejuvenater ShieldQeynos Rejuvenater CircletQeynos Rejuvenater ActonQeynos Ravager CoifQeynos Evoker ShieldQeynos Evoker CircletQeynos Courageous HelmQeynos Courageous BevorQeynos Champion ShieldQeynos Champion HelmQeynos Champion BreastplateQeynos Arcanist TunicFaded Qeynosian Warder's HelmQeynos Arcanist ShieldFaded Qeynosian Spellward's WandFaded Qeynosian Spellward's RobeFaded Qeynosian Spellward's CapFaded Qeynosian Soother's ShieldFaded Qeynosian Soother's PrayerbookFaded Qeynosian Soother's HeadbandFaded Qeynosian Soother's ChestplateFaded Qeynosian Mediator's AegisFaded Qeynosian Lancer's PikeFaded Qeynosian Illuminator's GavelFaded Qeynosian Junkhauler's ShieldFaded Qeynosian Illuminator's ChestplateFaded Qeynosian Illuminator's CapFaded Qeynosian Illuminator's BulwarkFaded Qeynosian Guardian's MailFaded Qeynosian Guardian's EscutcheonFaded Qeynosian Forager's MailFaded Qeynosian Flamewielder's Walking StickFaded Qeynosian Flamewielder's RobeFaded Qeynosian Flamewielder's RampartFaded Qeynosian Flamewielder's HatFaded Qeynosian Brawler's TunicFaded Qeynosian Brawler's CapFaded Qeynosian Bannerman's HelmetFaded Qeynosian Bannerman's CoatFaded Qeynos Wanderer ShieldFaded Qeynos Templar ShieldFaded Qeynos Templar ScepterFaded Qeynos Templar HelmFaded Qeynos Templar BrigandineFaded Qeynos Stalwart BroadswordFaded Qeynos Stalwart BreastplateFaded Qeynos Stalwart ArmetFaded Qeynos Savage ClawsFaded Qeynos Resolute ShieldFaded Qeynos Resolute CuirassFaded Qeynos Resolute BarbuteFaded Qeynos Ravager HauberkFaded Qeynos Ravager AxeFaded Qeynos Preserver TunicFaded Qeynos Preserver ShieldFaded Qeynos Preserver CalotFaded Qeynos Myrmidon HelmFaded Qeynos Myrmidon ShieldFaded Qeynos Myrmidon BreastplateFaded Qeynos Heartseeker BladeFaded Qeynos Evoker ActonFaded Qeynos Courageous ShieldFaded Qeynos Conjuror TunicFaded Qeynos Conjuror ShieldFaded Qeynos Conjuror RodFaded Qeynos Channeler VestmentsFaded Qeynos Conjuror CalotFaded Qeynos Channeler ShieldFaded Qeynos Channeler CapFaded Qeynos Champion BladeFaded Qeynos Blackguard MailFaded Qeynos Blackguard CoifFaded Qeynos Arcanist RodFaded Qeynos Arcanist CalotJungle Raptor SaddleSilver Blade of Thunder

Updated Recipes: Prophet's Conflagrant CoatPrismatic DyeSpell: Focus Elementary Spellcaster's EssencePrismatic DyeFury's Conflagrant BootsCombine Etching KitDinner Gift BasketDinner FeastSkeletal Parrot's HeadIncomplete Crestra 's EarringFury's Conflagrant CoifArcanist's Phlogiston CapArcanist's Phlogiston GlovesArcanist's Phlogiston RobeArcanist's Phlogiston SleevesArch Convoker's Phlogiston CapArch Convoker's Phlogiston GlovesArch Convoker's Phlogiston PantsArch Convoker's Phlogiston RobeArch Convoker's Phlogiston SandalsArch Convoker's Phlogiston SleevesArch Convoker's Phlogiston WristguardArch Lich's Phlogiston CapArch Lich's Phlogiston GlovesArch Lich's Phlogiston PantsArch Lich's Phlogiston RobeArch Lich's Phlogiston SandalsArch Lich's Phlogiston SleevesArch Lich's Phlogiston WristguardScaleborn Dragonbrood BootsScaleborn Dragonbrood WristguardScaleborn Dragonbrood TunicScaleborn Dragonbrood GlovesScaleborn Dragonbrood LeggingsScaleborn Dragonbrood CowlScaleborn Dragonbrood ArmwrapsScaleborn Warmonger BootsScaleborn Warmonger WristguardScaleborn Warmonger CoatScaleborn Warmonger GauntletsScaleborn Warmonger LeggingsScaleborn Warmonger CoifScaleborn Warmonger SleevesScaleborn Illuminator BootsScaleborn Illuminator BracerScaleborn Illuminator BreastplateScaleborn Illuminator GauntletsScaleborn Illuminator GreavesScaleborn Illuminator HelmScaleborn Illuminator VambracesScaleborn Lifewalker BootsScaleborn Lifewalker WristguardScaleborn Lifewalker TunicScaleborn Lifewalker GlovesScaleborn Lifewalker LeggingsScaleborn Lifewalker CowlScaleborn Lifewalker ArmwrapsScaleborn Mindlock SandalsScaleborn Mindlock WristguardScaleborn Mindlock RobeScaleborn Mindlock GlovesScaleborn Mindlock PantsScaleborn Mindlock CapScaleborn Mindlock SleevesScaleborn Flameweaver WristguardScaleborn Flameweaver SandalsScaleborn Flameweaver RobeScaleborn Flameweaver GlovesScaleborn Flameweaver PantsScaleborn Flameweaver CapScroll: Magmatic Outburst Rk. IIScroll: Rime Cascade Rk. II

New Quests: Soldier of AirStratos: Zephyr's Flight Traveler (10 Points)The Plane of Smoke Traveler (10 Points)Empyr: Realms of Ash Traveler (10 Points)Aalishai: Palace of Embers Traveler (10 Points)Esianati: Palace of the Winds Traveler (10 Points)Mearatas: The Stone Demesne Traveler (10 Points)The Chamber of Tears Traveler (10 Points)Mercenary of Stratos: Zephyr's Flight (10 Points)Partisan of Stratos: Zephyr's Flight (10 Points)Mercenary of The Plane of Smoke (10 Points)Partisan of The Plane of Smoke (10 Points)Mercenary of Empyr: Realms of Ash (10 Points)Partisan of Empyr: Realms of Ash (10 Points)Mercenary of Aalishai: Palace of Embers (10 Points)Partisan of Aalishai: Palace of Embers (10 Points)Mercenary of Esianti: Palace of the Winds (10 Points)Partisan of Esianti: Palace of the Winds (10 Points)Mercenary of Mearatas: The Stone Demesne (10 Points)Partisan of Mearatas: The Stone Demesne (10 Points)Hero of Stratos: Zephyr's Flight (10 Points)Hero of The Plane of Smoke (10 Points)Hero of Empyr: Realms of Ash (10 Points)Hero of Doomfire, the Burning Lands (10 Points)Hero of Esianti: Palace of the Winds (10 Points)Hero of Mearatas: The Stone Demesne (10 Points)Hero of Aalishai: Palace of Embers (10 Points)Hero of The Chamber of Tears (10 Points)Master of The Burning Lands (100 Points)Burninator (50 Points)Champion of The Burning Lands (30 Points)Paragon of The Burning Lands (40 Points)Explorer of The Burning Lands (10 Points)Do Unto ThemA Petitioner's Plight

Updated Quests: Darkforge HelmLost TicketsThe Blightfire WitchesThe Perfect OmeletteHalloween: Digging Their GravesInformal DiplomacyPure SuccessRebellion of the PureBard Epic 1.5 Pre-QuestDemiplane Access #2: Check Out a Library BookGetting to Know You: 'The City Charter'One of Our OwnPurging the CorruptionHalloween: Terror of Illis TaberishBlack Thumb (10 Points)Argin-Hiz #2: The Reclusive CollectorThe Bokon High Council

Bestiary Updates: Celanie XtoriaCloud Alemaker [General Supplies]Elisi NasinFelisity StarbrightCaskin MarsheartDrona WhystlethinDriana PoxsbourneFabianan elite ikaav detainerEnnuard Yetaius [Merchant]Ethruncil DraitiaDaria Smith [Smithing Supplies]Ennenmol TienyiusEnnrion StriesiusEriel SkelytiaEroncil RellyusEthrrian DrowiusEyasie DyriusEyunon StoriusFarihon NastuiusFarista EniatiaEndoc CronSunset's MoueSagacious Great Jade [Merchant]Warm Cloud AugerUnraveling Consciousness BlueGrieving Soul Scenta tempest gusta gusty mephita tempestuous gustSoaring Moona dusty mephita voluminous galeIron Lightning Spirita wind phoenixa galea djinn championRianar Gadliuna grand djinna petitionera brume armoran upset dervisha windweaver phoenixa patrician djinnan easterly mephitMisery GleamCold Cloud Blossoman abundant galeStill Orean ondine wavefronta surging tidea hidden mephita brumebreeze armora languishing courierGreat Sky Oceana whirlweaver phoenixDour Eighth GuardianUdex Ivory Wind TyrantElexandra Wenta dignified djinnan efreeti knight [Brass Phoenix Brigade]an inferno flare [Brass Phoenix Brigade]a wildfire phoenix [Brass Phoenix Brigade]a jopal soldiera flameling [Brass Pheonix Brigade]a glorious djinna noble efreeti [Brass Phoenix Brigade]Ashen Wandering Horizona pyre armor [Brass Phoenix Brigade]All Dream's Weavera tempest gust [Contingent of the Alabaster Owl]a gusty mephit [Contingent of the Alabaster Owl]a storm mephitDusky Iron Meditationa living ramparta duende vanguardIgnacia TindletwineBloomEruptBurstEastern Radiant GlanceWild Blossom StarGlassbeak StormbreakerDaring Cloud SpearTriumphal Still SkyUdex Sword of Slicing WindCanlan TalespinnerBrek StolrusAinla Yurimar [Necromancer Supplies]Brutol Rhaksen [Warrior Guildmaster]a prisonerBrena DonyldBrina FoxtripperArmorer DellinBrother JentryCaptain HazranCain Darkmoorea zol ghoul knightA Kor Ghoul WizardLord Gorelikspectral championspectral keeperskeletal guardianAn Elemental Channelerfroglok bok shamanfroglok bok knightthehole 1.0 - an elemental wizardfroglok dar knightfroglok kor shamana siren seductressan elder holgreshCara OmicaBranis Noolrighta grubby roguea defiled dreamweaverMurkglider Breedera Town CrierArdrian Zhusius [Merchant]Quanan Mahius [Common Spells]Quelolista Samautia [Merchant]a siren enchantressa Horsea Militia Enforcera strange black catBouncer ClaudeCarris Vanden [Black Market Dealer]Agent of Change (East Freeport) [ The Plane of Sky Expedition]a merchant [Group and Parcel Merchant]Deralin the Dread Arisena goblin stonechanterVenril SathirSpectral Curatea rolling plains steeda sylvan protectora protector of growthMelalafenCompact Keeper RosareWarden Avelynan elite isle goblinan elite isle goblin shamanan elite isle goblin wizarda wild lootera bluff golema forsaken revenant - femalea merchant [Raid Merchant]TrakanonMayor Salvador West [Mayor and Quest Giver]Tomekeeper DanlMercenary Morloro [Mercenary Equipment]an adept goblin backbitera goblin whip lorda stalwart goblin stalagknightan adept goblin whipcrackeran adept goblin sentrya blightcaller bloodtendera bluff golemTomekeeper Danla phantasmal fragmentan adept goblin backbitera goblin whip lorda stalwart goblin stalagknightan adept goblin whipcrackeran adept goblin sentrya blightcaller bloodtenderSavage Lord HunterFlittle Kookittlea kiraikueia forsaken revenant - malea repulsive rata scorn bansheean abhorrentan ire ghasta cleric of hatea loathling licha spite goleman ashenbone drakeMaestro of Rancor (Plane of Hate)Innoruuka haunted chestthought destroyerHand of the MaestroLord of IreMaster of Spitean elite dragoonan ashenbone broodmasterMistress of ScornCoercer T`valaLord of LoathingMagi P`TasaAvatar of AbhorrenceGrandmaster R`Tala gorilla scholarVinny D`VicciHall Monitor WillyBristlebane the King of Thievesa hedge wizardInnoruuk's ChosenThe Deathrot Knighta forlorn revenantan Agent of InnoruukThe Deathrot Knight petNahas the Treasure Huntera buried treasure chesta dastardly rascalBzzibuzzanaa fetid skunkAn Exasperating Mushrooma malodorous skunka mirthful mushroom mana merry mushroom mana puckish mushrooma buzzing bixiea droning bixiea lost handa phony treasure chestA Bothersome Charlatana shrewd sphinxa misplaced handA Gorilla SageA Method ActorA Mischievous Performera comical actora theatre patrona comical rata ratman prankstera ratman trickstera false treasure chesta ratman buffoona clever sphinxA Savvy Sphinxa troublesome charlatana theatre fanaticthe Bunny Behemotha funky skunka fraudulent chesta white jestera black jestera craven rascalan obsessed patrona barmy burglarA Maddened Mushroom Mana gorilla professora witty sphinxAn Irritating Mushrooma gifted sphinxRonald Brumplefootan ample apeThe Grand Gardenera gorilla prodigyan asinine apea paradoxical sphinxa wicked performera hedge soldierAn Astray HandThe Master of Mayhemthe Mischievous Jestera bouncing bunnyA Frolicking PerformerThe Hidden Jestera backwards sphinxa harebrained burglarA Tiny Bunnya giant mischief makera theatre aficionadoA Hilarious ActorAn Impish Performera black pawna black knighta black queena white castlea white bishopa white queenLeea Brumplefoota miniature monkeyA Little Mischief Makera massive monkeya giant bunnya giddy gorillaa detached handA Hedge WarriorA Bogus Treasure Chesta forsaken handa hedge magusClukker The Crazy [Spontaneous Generator]a black castlea black bishopAll-Seeing Eyea chest (All-Seeing Eye)the White KingJilian Florantine [Halloween Quests]the Black Kingthe Black QueenJaxoa Hrussina crazed black jestera mad black jesteran insane black jesterCleric of Innoruuka revultant rata Knight of InnoruukHigh Priest M`karia Disciple of Innoruuka Sage of InnoruukAFLthe White Queena forsaken revenant - female

New Zones: Doomfire, the Burning LandsThe Chamber of TearsMearatas: The Stone DemesneEsianti: Palace of the WindsEmpyr: Realms of AshAalishai: Palace of EmbersStratos: Zephyr's FlightPlane of Smoke

Zone Updates: Doomfire, the Burning LandsStratos: Zephyr's FlightThe Chamber of TearsMearatas: The Stone DemesneEsianti: Palace of the WindsEmpyr: Realms of AshAalishai: Palace of EmbersPlane of SmokePlane of Mischief 2.0


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