EQ Update #101

Site Updates

In this update, new comments were caught up to yesterday.

All zone page headers across all expansions have been corrected to so the text doesn't scroll off the right of the page for non premium users viewing from mobile devices.

Item pages on lucy and allakhazam have been fixed to where they will display solvents for augmentations regardless if they have been updated by the item collector. Type 3 augments should now show their solvents because of this fix.

Also the item page on allakhazam was updated to show when an item was last updated by the item collector. Other information was edited on the item pages for both allakhazam and lucy to make it more clear what the information is for. Lucy's item page CSS was slightly changed to auto fit tables and center them, this is just a small part of a bigger project to make the information a little easier to read instead of stretching the page across the whole browser.

A bug causing Microsoft Edge browsers to freeze when clicking on input boxes on the advanced item search page has been fixed.

I will be adding in code and database changes for The Burning Lands expansion this week.

As far as the site migration goes, we'll give an update on that sometime this week. We're trying to organize the best date and time to do this.

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Updated Items: Eternal Grove Plate Wrist OrnamentEternal Grove Leather Helm OrnamentTempest Guard's StoneSong: Lullaby of the Forlorn Rk. IISong: Lullaby of the ForlornPegasus Feather CloakShawl of the ScribeShifter's BurnoffMountiain SeashellHoop of the HatchlingNoble SceptreShark FinV'Deers' Seer's SneerGyrospire Zeka Gyroscope 104'333'209'Gnawfang's ToothFresh MeatSaltweedBullet AntDesiccated PrivitJaded Velium RingPlatinum Geode NecklaceIrae Faycite Shard: Rimefall BiteBig Soul DevourerFrightening WritIntricately Tattooed SkinEdmund's ShovelCombine Smithy HammerStale LarkspurWilted CaladiumLemming Fur

Updated Quests: Halloween: The Hunt for Tattooed FleshThe Mystic CloakCrown of the Tempest GuardFalrazim's Waggin TongueVrald's Lost BrotherLDoN Raid: Takish-Hiz: The Palace GroundsRise of the MachinesHalloween: Digging Their GravesHalloween: Under Your SkinFate Rewards the BoldBad HorsesThe Last GroveTome of Dark PowerCleric Epic 2.0: Aegis of Superior DivinityWe Make Our Own RewardsDithgar's DefenderExpert Jeweler TestPlanar Progression

New Recipes: Song: Lullaby of the Forlorn Rk. IITempest Guard's Stone

Updated Recipes: Scaleborn Loremaster BootsScaleborn Loremaster BracerScaleborn Loremaster BreastplateScaleborn Loremaster GauntletsScaleborn Loremaster GreavesScaleborn Loremaster HelmScaleborn Loremaster VambracesScaleborn Natureward BootsScaleborn Natureward CoatPumpkin ShakeIce Cream ChurnPumpkin ShakeScroll: Polyarcanic Rune Rk. II

Bestiary Updates: XicotlKeldovan the HarrierOshirukGooey OozeGrom Shives [Nights of the Dead Quests]Kar`Zok Warleader Hegrona Legion pacifistAncient Destroyer [Guardian of Strength]a dukea Sandshift scouta hammerhead sharka great white sharkElladrialDeath Knight Sharrisa Legion pacifistAncient Destroyer [Guardian of Strength]a tatterback apea tatterback gorillaGnawfangQuillmanea darkwater snapjawan unruly nightmareHigh Priestess SercemaCulturist Devari [Cultural Merchant]

Zone Updates: Resplendent Temple: Raid InstanceResplendent Temple: Piq`a Throne RoomResplendent TemplePillars of Alra: The TruthPillars of Alra: The Growing ThreatPillars of Alra: Raid InstancePillars of AlraErillion: The Traitor RevealedErillion: The Order of ThreeErillion: Raid InstanceErillion, City of BronzeBeasts' Domain: Raid InstanceBeasts' Domain: Pups of WarBeasts' Domain: King of the BeastsBeasts' DomainArgath: Reclaiming ArgathArgath: Raid InstanceArgath: Illdaera's VengeanceArgath, Bastion of IlldaeraAsylum of AnguishCastle Mistmoore: Summoning the MasterSnarlstone Dens: Under Your SkinThe Well: What Lies BelowThe Well: Terror in the DarkThe Well: No Freedom in DeathThe WellThe Library: The Stuff of DreamsThe Library: The Librarian's NightmareThe Library: A Moment of ClarityThe LibraryThe Grounds: The Roots of EvilThe Grounds: The GardenerThe Grounds: Mashing PumpkinsThe GroundsSunrise HillsSanctum Somnium: Raid InstanceSanctum Somnium: Morell's ChallengeSanctum Somnium: Morell AscendantSanctum SomniumMorell's Castle: The AwakeningMorell's Castle: Hippity Hoppity KillMorell's Castle: Gouzah SafariMorell's CastleMiragul's PhylacteryMiragul's Nightmare: Miragul's VendettaMiragul's NightmareHouse of Thule: Welcome to My NightmareHouse of Thule: Tick TockHouse of Thule, Upper FloorsHouse of Thule, Lower FloorsHouse of Thule Upper: RedemptionHouse of Thule Upper: Guardian of the HouseFeerrott, the Dream: Ritual of TerrorFeerrott, the Dream: Fall of the Tae EwFeerrott, the Dream: A Tearable FearFeerrott, the DreamFear Itself: Cazic's Final StandFear Itself: An Offering to ThuleFear ItselfErudin Burning: The Torches of TruthErudin Burning: The Pit of All FearsErudin Burning: The Illuminating TruthErudin BurningAl'Kabor's Nightmare: Catastrophic PowerAl'Kabor's Nightmare: At World's EndAl'Kabor's NightmareVolska's Husk: Kill the HatchlingsVolska's HuskThe Underquarry: The Wrath of BrathThe Underquarry: Scent of a WomanThe UnderquarryThe Foundation: The Search for SaunkThe Foundation: Masked InvadersThe FoundationPellucid Grotto: The UnburrowingPellucid Grotto: Seeding FrenzyPellucid GrottoLichen Creep: Bonfire of the AdherentsLichen Creep: A Cunning PlanLichen CreepKernagir: The Silent SchismKernagir, the Shining CityFungal Forest: The Fungal CorruptionFungal Forest: The Fungal BloomFungal ForestCooling Chamber: The Beast BelowCooling Chamber: Tasnise UnderbellyCooling ChamberConvorteum: To Thine Own Creator Be TrueConvorteum: To Thine Own Creator Be FalseConvorteum: The First CorruptionConvorteum: Raid InstanceConvorteumBrell's Temple: Fire in the HoleBrell's Temple: Brell's TrialsBrell's Temple: An Audience with Brell SerilisBrell's TempleBrell's Rest: Fippy's RevengeBrell's Rest: Don't Fear the DestroyerBrell's RestBrell's ArenaArthicrex: To Serve SporaliArthicrex: Raid InstanceArthicrexToskirakk: The Fall of ToskirakkToskirakk: Spies, Lies, and Prison CellsToskirakk: Hiding in Plain SightToskirakk: Cruel OverseersToskirakkThe Void (G)The Void (F)The Void (E)The Void (D)The Void (C)The Void (B)The Void (A)The Precipice of WarTemple of Bertoxxulous: The Bubonians are Coming!Temple of Bertoxxulous: Remove the HeadTemple of Bertoxxulous: Queen MalarianTemple of Bertoxxulous: A Corrupted Arch PriestTemple of BertoxxulousRathe Council Chambers: Rallos ReturnsRathe Council Chambers: Eriak's DownfallRathe Council ChambersOld Commonlands: Safe PassageOld Commonlands: Bitter VictualsOld CommonlandsOld Bloodfields: Holding the FortOld BloodfieldsOld Blackburrow: Stop the AscensionOld Blackburrow: Freedom!Old Blackburrow: Disrupting the RitualOld Blackburrow: Beat the Blackburrow BossOld Blackburrow (SoD)Oceangreen Village: Stop the ContaminationOceangreen Village: A Dread ChallengerOceangreen VillageOceangreen HillsKurn's Stronghold: Raid InstanceKurn's Stronghold: Defeat the Dragonbane PhalanxKurn's Stronghold: Audience with the WarmasterKurn's StrongholdKorascian Warrens: The Crystal BloomKorascian Warrens: Showdown at the Crystal CoreKorascian Warrens: Murdunk's Final StandKorascian WarrensKorafax: StardouserKorafax: Raid InstanceKorafax: Meeting AdjournedKorafax: Kill the ShearspawnKorafax: Inside InformationKorafax, Home of the RidersKaesora Library: The Price of KnowledgeKaesora Library: Raid InstanceKaesora LibraryKaesora Hatchery: The Brood of an EmperorKaesora Hatchery: An Impenetrable ShieldKaesora HatcheryField of Scale: Raid Instance (Post-Event)Field of Scale: Raid Instance (Final Confrontation)Field of ScaleCity of DranikCitadel of the WorldslayerBloody Kithicor: Safe PassageBloody Kithicor: Raid InstanceBloody KithicorTinmizer's WunderwerksSteam Factory: Raid InstanceSteam FactorySandkeep Endurance RaidS.H.I.P. WorkshopMeldrath's Mansion: Raid InstanceMeldrath's Majestic MansionMechamatic GuardianLoping PlainsHills of ShadeGyrospire ZekaGyrospire BezaFortress MechanotusDragonscale HillsDeepscar's DenCrystallos: Raid InstanceCrystallos, Lair of the AwakenedCrypt of ShadeBloodmoon Keep: Walking Into Spider WebsBloodmoon Keep: The Fanged MoonBloodmoon Keep: The DepartedBloodmoon Keep: The Dark CrystalsBloodmoon Keep: The BloodmoonBloodmoon Keep: Ralkor's CrystalsBloodmoon Keep: MoonfangBloodmoon Keep: Crazok MoonfangBloodmoon Keep: Bronzebeard's FateBloodmoon KeepZhisza: The Snakes are Hiding SomethingZhisza: The Domes Are CrackingZhisza: Leave No Stone UnturnedZhisza: Counter-AttackZhisza: Confront Emperor VaakiszhZhisza, the Shissar SanctuaryThe Open Sea (Undead vs Undead)The Open Sea (Pirate vs Undead)The Open Sea (Merchant vs Undead)The Open Sea (Merchant vs Pirate)The Open Sea (Merchant vs Merchant)The Buried SeaThalassius: The HydromancerThalassius: Sea SerpentsThalassius: Locating the StatueThalassius: Evidence of UnityThalassius: Coral DivingThalassius, the Coral KeepSuncrest Isle: The Tidewater Clan Goblins (Repayment)Suncrest Isle: The Tidewater Clan GoblinsSuncrest Isle: The Secret of Suncrest RidgeSuncrest Isle: Sunstone SavagesSuncrest Isle: Altar CallSolteris, the Throne of RoSilyssar: Where There's a WillSilyssar: The Source of Shissar PowerSilyssar: Stop the RitualSilyssar: Slay the SerpentSilyssar: Immortal CoilsSilyssar, New ChelsithRedfeather Isle: The Windsong Compels YouRedfeather Isle: The Mystery of Aviak IslandRedfeather Isle: The Final LyricRedfeather Isle: Finding the Windsong FluteRedfeather Isle: Finding a Way to UnderstandMonkey Rock: The Wild IslandMonkey Rock: Long AbandonedMonkey Rock: Cleansing the IslandMonkey Rock: An Experiment Gone WrongMonkey Rock: A Volatile DiseaseMaiden's Grave: The Grim NewsMaiden's Grave: Piecing Things TogetherMaiden's Grave: Never Trust a SirenMaiden's Grave: Mer's Lost LoveMaiden's Grave: If You Can't Beat EmKatta CastrumJewel of Atiiki: The Great InvasionJewel of Atiiki: Stone Tongue of AtelekaJewel of Atiiki: Knowledge for PowerJewel of Atiiki: Gorillas in the GardenJewel of Atiiki: Fate of the CombineJewel of AtiikiJardel's Hook: Jardel's Hidden CoveDeadbone Reef: The Drowned DeadDeadbone Reef: Soothing the RestlessDeadbone Reef: Shipping LanesDeadbone Reef: Pirate StewDeadbone Reef: Attract the DeadBlacksail Folly: Sharpeye's DemiseBlacksail Folly: Running RumBlacksail Folly: Reduce His NumbersBlacksail Folly: Buried TreasureBlacksail Folly: A Spy Among ThemBarren CoastVergalid Mines: Vergalid's EndVergalid Mines: Into the Leviathan's LairVergalid MinesValdeholm: Udengar the TraitorValdeholm: Speak with the KingValdeholm: Kill KangurValdeholmThe SteppesSunderock SpringsStone HiveIcefall GlacierGoru`kar MesaFrostcrypt: Raid Instance #2Frostcrypt: Raid Instance #1Frostcrypt, Throne of the Shade KingDirewind CliffsCrescent ReachBlightfire MoorsBlackfeather RoostAshengate, Reliquary of the ScaleAshengate West (Raid)Ashengate North (Raid)Ashengate East (Raid)Tunare's Shrine: The Corruption of RoTunare's Shrine: Investigating the ElddarTheater of the TranquilTheater of BloodThe Seething WallThe DevastationSverag, Stronghold of RageSkylance: The OublietteSkylance: The LibrarySkylance: The LaboratorySkylance: Daosheen the FirstbornRuins of Takish-Hiz: The Burning PrinceRuins of Takish-HizRoot of Ro: The Key to the PastRoot of Ro: Lair of SuchunRivervale: Zombie InvasionRelic, the Artifact CityRazorthorn: Samples of CorruptionRazorthorn: Hero's ChallengeRazorthorn, Tower of Sullon ZekKael Drakkel: A Daring RaidGreat Divide: The Founding of ThurgadinGreat Divide: The Defense of ThurgadinFrontier Mountains: One Shall Rule Them AllFreeport SewersFreeport ArenaEverfrost Peaks: Battle for PermafrostElddar ForestEastern Wastes: Cage KerafyrmDulak's Harbor: The Grozmok StoneDeathknell, Tower of DissonanceCity Hall: Drachnid SpiesArcstone, Isle of SpiritsAcademy of Arcane SciencesUndershore: Trailing LongshadowUndershoreThe Overthere: The Fall of the ShissarThe Liberation of RunnyeyeThe Liberated Citadel of RunnyeyeThe Hive: The Orb of SubversionThe Hive: The Lost NotebookThe Hive: The Accursed BookThe Hive: Infiltrating the HiveThe Hive: Freeing an ElderThe HiveTemple of the Korlach: The KorlachTemple of the Korlach: The Council of NineTemple of the Korlach: Shiliskin SubterfugeTemple of the Korlach: Praetorian GuardStoneroot Falls: Scouting the CityStoneroot Falls: Building the DisguiseStoneroot Falls: A Rogue's TrustStoneroot FallsStonebrunt Mountains: The Kejek TrialsSporali Caverns: Way of the FreemindSporali Caverns: Sporali Mind MeldSporali Caverns: Defending the GroveSporali Caverns: Cavern BotanySporali Caverns: Antraygus, the Sporali KingSouth Karana: The Gnolls KnowSolusek's Eye: War MachinesSnarlstone Dens: Shadowmane InvasionSnarlstone Dens: Confronting a TraitorSnarlstone Dens: BloodeyeSnarlstone Dens: A Plea for HelpShadowed Grove: The Rescue of VodrakShadowed Grove: Queen Nok Nok's TombShadow SpineRuins of IllsalinQueen Sendaii's LairPrince's Manor: The Search for IlsurasPrince's Manor: The Rage of KelliadNargilor Pits: Preemptive StrikeNargilor Pits: Emperor DraygunNargilor Pits: Deserting the RanksNagafen's Lair: Defending the LairLodge of the FangLiving Larder: The Search for CluesLiving Larder: Find Fibblebrap 3, The HiveLesser Faydark: Brownies of DoomLair of the Korlach: The Search for CoralLair of the Korlach: Taking ControlLair of the Korlach: Raid InstanceLair of the Korlach: Learning the PowerLair of the Korlach: Discovering the SecretIllsalin MarketplaceHigh Keep: Storming the KeepHigh Keep: Pickclaw's RevengeGrobb: Grobb Under SiegeEast Freeport: The Poisoned FlounderDreadspire Keep: Demi-Plane of BloodDreadspire KeepCoven of the Skinwalkers: Rescue CiceroCorathus Lair: The RescueCorathus Lair: The MinesCorathus CreepCommonlands: A Griffin's PlightCaverns of the LostTirranun's Delve: Storming the Goblin TempleTirranun's Delve: Have Note Will TravelTirranun's Delve: Fanning the FlamesTirranun's Delve: Children of GimblaxTirranun's Delve: A Goblin's EscortTirranun's DelveThundercrest Isles: Throes of ContagionThundercrest Isles: The Gilded ScrollThundercrest Isles: The CreatorThundercrest Isles: Splitting the StormThundercrest Isles: Simple TaskThundercrest Isles: Scions of ThundercrestThundercrest Isles: Plunder the HoardThundercrest Isles: Lair UnguardedThundercrest Isles: House of the Autumn RoseThundercrest Isles: History of the IsleThundercrest Isles: Goblin DojoThundercrest Isles: Behind Closed DoorsThundercrest Isles: An End to the StormsThundercrest IslesThe BroodlandsThe Ascent: Sudden TremorsThe Ascent: Storm Dragon ScalesThe Ascent: Signal FiresThe Ascent: Reflections of SilverThe Ascent: Kessdona's PerchThe Ascent: Drake EggsThe Ascent: Death Comes SwiftlyThe AscentStillmoon Temple: Trial of PerseveranceStillmoon Temple: Tracking the KirinStillmoon Temple: Tea for Thy MasterStillmoon Temple: Sickness of the SpiritStillmoon Temple: Scales of JusticeStillmoon Temple: Guardian of the SandsStillmoon Temple: Diseased PumasStillmoon Temple: Best Laid PlansStillmoon Temple: Animated Statue PlansStillmoon TempleLavaspinner's Lair: Volkara's BiteLavaspinner's Lair: The Drake MenaceLavaspinner's Lair: Lavaspinner's LocalsLavaspinner's Lair: Lavaspinner HuntingLavaspinner's Lair: InfestedLavaspinner's Lair: Halfling's Treasure MapLavaspinner's Lair: Grounding the DrakesLavaspinner's Lair: Forbin's ElixirLavaspinner's Lair: Diving for LavarocksLavaspinner's Lair: A Halfling's GreedLavaspinner's LairGuild LobbyGuild HallAccursed Nest: Web of LiesAccursed Nest: The Curse of Ju`rekAccursed Nest: Spider's EyeAccursed Nest: Scrap MetalAccursed Nest: RivalsAccursed Nest: Rival PartyAccursed Nest: Rampaging MonolithAccursed Nest: Origins of the CurseAccursed Nest: Lost ComradesAccursed Nest: Lair of the BlackwingAccursed Nest: In the ShadowsAccursed Nest: Dragon's EggAccursed Nest: CluesAccursed Nest: Circle of DrakesAccursed NestWall of SlaughterThe BloodfieldsSewers of Dranik CSewers of Dranik BSewers of Dranik ARuined City of DranikRiftseekers' SanctumProving Grounds: The Mastery of SubversionProving Grounds: The Mastery of SpecializationProving Grounds: The Mastery of HateProving Grounds: The Mastery of ForesightProving Grounds: The Mastery of EfficiencyProving Grounds: The Mastery of CorruptionProving Grounds: The Mastery of AdaptationNobles' CausewayMuramite Proving GroundsHarbingers' SpireDranik's ScarDranik's Hollows C (Murkglider Hive)Dranik's Hollows B (Fire Pit)Dranik's Hollows A (Watering Hole)Catacombs of Dranik CCatacombs of Dranik BCatacombs of Dranik AAsylum of AnguishYxtta, Pulpit of ExilesVxed, the Crumbling CavernsUqua, the Ocean God ChantryTxevu, Lair of the EliteTipt, Treacherous CragsTacvi, Seat of the SlaverSewers of Nihilia, the CrematorySewers of Nihilia, Purifying PlantSewers of Nihilia, Pool of SludgeSewers of Nihilia, Lair of Trapped OnesRiwwi, Coliseum of GamesQvic, Prayer Grounds of CallingQinimi, Court of NihiliaNatimbi, the Broken ShoresKod'Taz, Broken Trial GroundsInktu`Ta, the Unmasked ChapelIkkinz: Trial of Twin StrugglesIkkinz: Trial of Tri-FatesIkkinz: Trial of Singular MightIkkinz, Chambers of TranscendenceIkkinz, Chambers of RighteousnessIkkinz, Chambers of GlorificationIkkinz, Chambers of DestructionFerubi, Forgotten Temple of TaelosiaBarindu, Hanging GardensAbysmal SeaTakish-HizRujarkian HillsMistmoore Catacombs: The Asylum of Invoked Stone (Raid)Mistmoore CatacombsMiragul's Menagerie: Frozen Nightmare (Raid)Miragul's MenagerieDeepest Guk: The Curse Reborn (Raid)Deepest Guk: Ritualist of Hate (Raid)Deepest GukTorgiran MinesHate's Fury, The Scorned MaidenGulf of GunthakDulak's HarborCrypt of NadoxVegarlson, the Earthen BadlandsTorden, the Bastion of ThunderTemple of MarrSolusek Ro's TowerRuins of Lxanvom (Crypt of Decay)Reef of CoirnavRagrax, Stronghold of the TwelvePlane of War: Raid InstancePlane of WarPlane of ValorPlane of TranquilityPlane of TormentPlane of Time APlane of StormsPlane of NightmarePlane of KnowledgePlane of JusticePlane of InnovationPlane of DiseaseLair of Terris ThuleHalls of HonorEryslai, the Kingdom of WindDrunder, Fortress of Zek (Plane of Tactics)Doomfire, the Burning LandsVex ThalUmbral PlainsTwilight SeaThe NexusThe GreyThe DeepThe BazaarTenebrous MountainsSsraeshza TempleShar VahlShadow HavenShadeweaver's ThicketScarlet DesertPaludal CavernsNetherbian LairMons LetalisMarus SeruMaiden's EyeKatta CastellumHollowshade MoorGrimling ForestGrieg's EndFungus GroveEcho CavernsDawnshroud PeaksAkheva RuinsAcrylia CavernsWestern WastesWakening LandVelketor's LabyrinthTower of Frozen ShadowThurgadinTemple of VeeshanSkyshrineSiren's GrottoKerafyrm's Lair (Sleeper's Tomb)Kael DrakkelIcewell KeepIceclad OceanGreat DivideEastern WastesDragon NecropolisHeart of Fear: The EpicenterCrystal CavernsCobalt Scar


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