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September 2018 Patch

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All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at 4:00 AM PT* for an update. Downtime is expected to last approximately 8 hours.

Patch notes for this update can be found in the Game Update Notes section of the forums once they are available.

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September 19, 2018

*** Highlights ***

- Made a number of improvements to the way spells are processed in an effort to improve zone responsiveness.
- Changed the icon for several blue diamond items to help differentiate them from regular diamonds.
- The commands /targetgroupbuff and /tgb have been removed and the behavior is now enabled by default.

*** Items ***

- It is no longer possible to use the Fellowship Registration Insignia while invulnerable.
- Changed the icon of the Metamorph Totem: Summer Murkglider.
- Changed the icon for several blue diamond items to help differentiate them from regular diamonds.
- Fixed a bug that could prevent you from recovering deleted lore items. Obtaining another item in the same lore group will still cause deleted items from that lore group to be removed from the recovery tab.
- Corrected several item text errors.

*** Quests And Events ***

- The Sathir Line - Reduced the health of Rile Sathir and Venril Sathir.
- Tirranun - Made the following changes to this event:
- - Fixed a bug that completed the raid early when the first stage of Tirranun was defeated. He will now go into a regenerative phase when his health is lowered below 5%.
- - Fixed a bug that was preventing the correct types of adds from spawning.
- - All text now uses the Event Messages color and filter.
- Queen Velazul Di`Zok - Made the following changes to this event:
- - Fixed a bug that could cause other NPCs in the zone to enrage instead of Queen Velazul Di`Zok.
- - Fixed a bug that was causing some of the Queen's enrage mechanics to occur early.
- The Captured Portal - Killing the Guardian of the Sword will again increase Astire, the Lunar Eclipse's slashing damage mitigation.
- Moved Talendor's Trophy from Talendor to a hero's satchel.
- Talendor should leave a corpse when he dies.
- Silverwing and Xygoz - Veeshan's Peak - PC corpses will now be gathered and a message will be given if the event resets.

*** Spells ***

- Made a number of improvements to the way spells are processed in an effort to improve zone responsiveness.
- All - Made data changes to all rain spells and updated their descriptions to be more accurate. The spells should behave the same way they did before, but the spell data will look different.
- Cleric - Changed the level 6 spell Sanctuary to be a free target spell.
- Enchanter - Changed the level 5 spell Sentinel to be a free target spell.
- Magician and Shaman - The Malaise line of debuffs now has a greater resist modifier so it will land more often.
- Paladin - The Challenge for Honor line of spells now has a base cast time of 0.5 seconds and a base recast time of 3.5 seconds.
- Paladin and Shadowknight - The Withstand line of combat abilities will now absorb spell damage in addition to melee damage at an increased cost in endurance.
- Shadowknight - The Challenge for Power line of spells now has a base cast time of 0.5 seconds and a base recast time of 3.5 seconds.
- Shaman - Corrected an error with Roar of the Lion that caused it to cast itself on the group an additional time for every group member it landed on.

*** AA ***

- All - Enhanced Reformation now increases your current endurance regeneration in addition to the maximum amount of endurance regeneration available from items.
- Multiple - Ingenuity and Empowered Ingenuity now affect damage-over-time spells in addition to direct damage spells.
- Multiple - Added ranks 6-10 of Innate Enlightenment for intelligence casters.
- Multiple - Passive abilities that add damage to each melee hit have been changed to scale the per-hit damage based on weapon delay. This impacts the following lines:
- - Berserker - Juggernaut's Weapon Mastery and Juggernaut's Mastery of Throwing
- - Monk - Disciple of the Tonfa and Disciple of the Katori
- - Paladin - Valiant Blade
- - Ranger - Close Combat Mastery and Bow Mastery
- - Rogue - Weighted Strikes
- - Shadowknight - Bloodthirsty Blade
- - Warrior - Merciless Grip
- Multiple - Changed buff stacking for spells and abilities that restore mana or endurance when applied (as opposed to restoring every tick) to not conflict with other buffs that do the same.
- - Ex: Swift Tail's Chant and Killing Spree will now coexist.
- Bard - Fixed a bug that prevented Glyph of Arcane Secrets from functioning for bards.
- Cleric - Consolidated Unfailing Divinity, Reaching Divine Intervention, and Hastened Divine Intervention into a single line, Improved Divine Intervention.
- Cleric - Consolidated Enhanced Forgetfulness and Hastened Atonement into a single line, Improved Atonement.
- Druid - Quickened Blessing of Ro has been replaced with a new ability line, Wildtender's Survival, which will trigger the highest rank spell you have scribed from the Survival of the Fittest line.
- Druid - Reduced the base cast time of ranks 4+ of Blessing of Ro and all ranks of Vortex of Ro from 1.5 seconds to 0.75 seconds to match the quickening previously offered by Quickened Blessing of Ro.
- Druid - Rank 2 of Flight of Eagles can now be activated on your own group without a target.
- Druid - Removed the mana and cast time restrictions from Wrath of the Forest Walker.
- Magician - Added a haste component to ranks 7-9 of Theft of Essence.
- Necromancer - Consolidated Willful Death to be ranks of Death Peace.
- Necromancer - Increased the chance for lifetap spells to trigger Reluctant Benevolence from 25 to 30% and added a 15% chance for damage-over-time spells to trigger this ability.
- Ranger - Fixed a bug where the damage-over-time component on all ranks of Flaming Arrows and Poison Arrows was dealing less damage than was intended and flagged Flames, Frost, and Poison of Kesh`yk to not twincast.
- Ranger - Fixed the descriptions on all ranks of Scout's Mastery of the Elements.
- Rogue - Increased the base damage modifier of ranks 5-7 of Improved Onslaught by 10%.
- Shadowknight - Consolidated Willful Death to be ranks of Death Peace.
- Shadowknight - Removed the 5 hit limit from Cascading Theft of Defense.
- Shadowknight - Changed Presence of Fear into a toggled-passive ability, replaced the mesmerization and fear components with an intimidation effect, and reduced the proc chance.
- Shaman - Activating Soothsayer's Intervention will no longer cause any memorized version of spells in the Ancestral Intervention spell line to inherit a recast timer.
- Shaman - Ranks 3 and 4 of Lupine Spirit can now be activated on your group without a target.
- Shaman - Fixed a bug where ranks 8-12 of Spirit Guardian were healing less than was intended and rank 7 had a lower reuse time than intended.
- Shaman - Changed the illusion component of Pact of the Wolf to prevent it from landing on NPCs and corrected a bug that caused it to overwrite other illusion spells.
- Wizard - Removed the mana and cast time restrictions from all ranks of Sorcerer's Vengeance.

*** NPCs ***

- Tunare will play female sounds instead of male.

*** Progression Servers ***

- Culturist Devari, a cultural smithing historian, a cultural tailoring historian, a cultural tinkering historian, and scribe Zikett will spawn when Dragons of Norrath unlocks.
- The Shadows of Luclin gate potions can now be created once Luclin unlocks.
- Quartermaster Grik will once again be available before Gates of Discord is open. He will not be a tribute master until Gates of Discord.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- The commands /alt buy and /alt buyall now use the same 'AA ability Group ID' that the command /alt activate uses, rather than an AA ability's individual ID.
- The commands /targetgroupbuff and /tgb have been removed and the behavior is now enabled by default.
- Fixed a bug with auto-hide afk that could cause some models to display as a default human instead of rendering them invisible.
- Adjusted various UI sounds (like bag opening and looting coin) to be more in line with the rest of the game's sound levels.
- Adjusted how re-leveling after death is processed in an effort to improve zone responsiveness.
- Fixed an error where you could not unpack your crate of eviction following server transfers.
- Fixed an error that was occasionally causing servers to crash.

*** UI ***

- Corrected an issue where loot messages displayed the quantity remaining on the corpse instead of the amount looted.
- Corrected an issue where hotbuttons that toggle between two states would not change their name.
- Corrected an issue that prevented the correct zone name from being displayed when loading into instanced zones.

*** Previously Updated ***

- Planes of Power Progression - Fixed a bug with Grand Librarian Maelin's "lore" dialogue.

- The EverQuest Team

**** Starting at Wed Sep 19 10:51:58 2018 with plug-in ****
008a-00:00:02:Checking game installation...
008a-00:00:22:Found 44 file(s) to update.
0098-00:00:23:Patching spells_us_str.txt
0097-00:00:23:Patching spells_us.txt
0098-00:00:23:Creating velious_chain_gnm.eqg
0092-00:00:23:Creating EnvEmitterEffects/
0092-00:00:23:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_CHAIN_GNF_IT.txt
0092-00:00:23:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_CHAIN_GNM_IT.txt
0092-00:00:23:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_CLOTH_GNF_IT.txt
0092-00:00:23:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_CLOTH_GNM_IT.txt
0096-00:00:23:Replacing eqlsnews.txt
0095-00:00:23:Patching EQGraphicsDX9.dll
0094-00:00:23:Replacing uifiles/default/
0093-00:00:23:Replacing Resources/SpellStackingGroups.txt
0097-00:00:23:Creating velious_chain_gnf.eqg
0092-00:00:23:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_LEATHER_GNF_IT.txt
0098-00:00:23:Creating velious_leather_gnm.eqg
0092-00:00:23:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_LEATHER_GNM_IT.txt
0094-00:00:23:Replacing uifiles/default/
0096-00:00:23:Patching eqmain.dll
0092-00:00:23:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_PLATE_GNF_IT.txt
0094-00:00:23:Replacing uifiles/default/
0095-00:00:23:Patching eqgame.exe
0092-00:00:23:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_PLATE_GNM_IT.txt
0093-00:00:23:Replacing Resources/NewArmorTagData.txt
0094-00:00:23:Patching dbstr_us.txt
0092-00:00:23:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_RING_GNF_IT.txt
0092-00:00:23:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_RING_GNM_IT.txt
0092-00:00:23:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_SCALE_GNM_IT.txt
0096-00:00:23:Replacing eqstr_us.txt
0092-00:00:23:Creating Resources/Layers/VELIOUS_SCALE_GNF_IT.txt
0092-00:00:23:Replacing Resources/actortaginfo.txt
0092-00:00:23:Creating velious_scale_gnm.eqg
0096-00:00:23:Replacing eqnews.txt
0096-00:00:23:Replacing fdr_chr.s3d
0093-00:00:23:Replacing Resources/requirements.txt
0096-00:00:23:Patching OptionsEditor.exe
0096-00:00:23:Replacing racedata.txt
0097-00:00:23:Creating velious_cloth_gnf.eqg
0098-00:00:23:Creating velious_plate_gnf.eqg
0098-00:00:24:Creating velious_ring_gnf.eqg
0097-00:00:24:Creating velious_cloth_gnm.eqg
0098-00:00:24:Creating velious_ring_gnm.eqg
0097-00:00:24:Creating velious_leather_gnf.eqg
0098-00:00:24:Creating velious_scale_gnf.eqg
0097-00:00:24:Creating velious_plate_gnm.eqg
Finished downloading 7,053,075 bytes in 2.357 seconds (2,992,394 bytes per second)
Saved 6,476,917 bytes with delta patches


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