EQ Update #96

Site Updates

In this update, new comments were updated and many other stuff and things were updated as well.

Items with stats will now show color for their heroic stats on the advanced item search tool. Expendable and artifact item search options have been added to the lower right section of the advanced item search as well. I also fixed it where you can actually search for Legends server only items by choosing Legends as the expansion from the expansion section on the advanced item search tool.

Some fixes were made to the recipe search tool database table. There currently is a bug with recipes showing it requires being human. Ignore that, I'll get that fixed soon.

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Updated Items:  Tan Ornate Silken BridleScorched Meteorite ChunkBlade of DefenseShimmering Kylong BucklerThe Calm ; Shining StoneGlyphed Rune WordSpectral ParchmentSkinning RockScroll: Worag's Covenant Rk. IIForged Firebrand Two Handed SwordForged Firebrand Morning StarForged Firebrand PickForged Firebrand Short SwordForged Firebrand ScimitarForged Firebrand DaggerForged Firebrand MaceForged Firebrand Battle AxeForged Firebrand Bastard SwordForged Firebrand WarhammerForged Firebrand SpearForged Firebrand RapierForged Firebrand Long SwordForged Firebrand HalberdFiery Sheet of MetalCord of the CunningSpell: Illusion: Iron-Toothed EarthdiggerGuise of the Iron-Toothed EarthdiggerPale Velium Inlaid Dagger BladeSaltpeterShimmering ShellScorched Meteorite ChunkGem-Inlaid SpearDragen's BoxNote to WilsTalisman of MoistureRuned Ring of AirOcher GemMiniature ArmbandMark of DestructionHope OnyxFiery SandBook of SorceryAncient FossilVelium Delivery NoteScorched IdolSack of Purified SoilIridescent CrystalEtched Sapphire of NatureEtched Emerald of NatureEmbedded Copper FigurineEmbedded Brass FigurineOrnate Defiant Cloth WristwrapWolf PeltTethered LeashSpirit Marked OrnamentPouch of False GemsMark of CunningLined TowelLightning DustDread HiltSun JewelRough Defiant Plate GauntletsRough Defiant Spiked StaffEssence of ShadowShining StoneShadowed ScythePatch of ShadowMask of ShadowShadowed HalberdShadowed EssenceShadowed ScimitarEye of ShadowGlowing GlovesRough Defiant Chain BracerShadowed SpearShadowed Morning StarHand of ShadowShadowed Two Handed SwordShadowed Two Handed HammerShadowed MaceShadowed Long SwordShadowed Battle Axe

Updated Quests:  Necromancer Test of PowerBrain Bite (Firiona Vie)The Gnoll SlayerShaman POP SpellsExterminate the Vermin (Freeport West)Exterminate the Vermin (Rathe Mountains)GoD Freebie Tinkering: Help SkelontorimSoF Tradeskill Quest #5: Counting ShadowsS.H.I.P. #5: Administrative AssassinationOther's ThingsInfiltration of Kor-ShaAchievement: Hunter of The Lesser FaydarkVelium RetrievalForged Firebrand WeaponsBreakdown in Communication #0: Pre-FlagDemiplane Access #3: Eyes Wide OpenBreath of Draton'ra #7: Strengthening the BloodRetrieving the Lost KnowledgeLegendary Enchanter IllusionsOnly The Blind Will See (Level 35)An Epic Request (Bard)Crest of the FaunsWolf SlayerBreath of Draton'ra #12: Strengthening the BloodOther's ThingsShadowbound GlovesLocate Zheren

New Recipes: Scroll: Worag's Covenant Rk. IIGem-Inlaid Spear

Updated Recipes: Fiery Sheet of MetalForged Firebrand Long SwordForged Firebrand Two Handed SwordForged Firebrand DaggerForged Firebrand HalberdForged Firebrand MaceForged Firebrand RapierForged Firebrand ScimitarForged Firebrand SpearForged Firebrand PickForged Firebrand WarhammerForged Firebrand Morning StarForged Firebrand Short SwordForged Firebrand Bastard SwordLongflight Javelin ShaftsPale Velium Dagger

Bestiary Updates: Keeper of SoulsCommander ZazuzhExterminator Qalantirelder spearguarda frontier wolfExterminator Galuban ashenbone broodmasterCalris Bristlebrancha chesta storm giant architecta rabid wolfa bloodthirsty wolfa rabid beastan enraged beastDragen FauxCarre Hargera burynai cenobitea hungry beetlea frantic beetleSentry Kalea stalking wolfa glade wolfa sturdy wolfa shadowed manSelay the Cascade [Quests]an ebonfang wolfan icebeak matriarch




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