EQ Update #91

Site Updates

In this update, many things were updated by Drewinette.

ZAM has fixed our code push issues so I can continue to work on code and will be pushing some out soon.

The test community will be hosting the Carnival of Tears event on September 8th, 2018. If you are interested in participating in this event, please check out this thread.

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Updated Items: Great Sword of the GruntShort Sword of the GruntFine SilkSpell: Nature's RecoveryBone Mask of the EnslavedDrained Cipher of VeeshanPeran's OrdersWedding BandCopy of NotesOld Enchanted BoxOoze-Laden Chain LeggingsMolted Drachnid Chitin BootsBlood Rage MaskRepellant RingOrder ReceiptCase of Guard UniformsClothing CaseGolden Wurm SaddleArmored Sessiloid SaddleRecruiter's MountHoneyed Qeynos Afternoon TeaExquisite Elven WineSpicy Wolf SandwichPlump Sylvan BerriesRefreshing MilkPacked Picnic BasketMaraca FamiliarSealed Stomples BasketSealed Decorative Egg PackageSealed Stomple PackageGift: Steadfast Cherry TreeGift: Cherry Blossom NimbusWell Balanced Throwing KnifeRadiant Stone FragmentDecayed Stone FragmentAtleris' Jade BraceletAtleris' Ridged EarhoopAtleris' Gold RingAtleris' Linked BraceletAtleris' Woven ShawlAtleris' Satin ChokerRod of Arcane TransvergenceRiftseeker Great Blade OrnamentationQuiver of KalkekFolded Quiver of KalkekEnergetic Steel ShardFolded Pack of Atleris' HeirloomsEnergized Steel Shardbox of craet sprigsArm CannonBattle OrbAirship Safety Suppression DeviceScroll: Arctender's EchoScroll: Necrotizing WoundsOathbound HammerUnfamiliar PeaceCurious Creature ArrowsCraet ScytheJack-O-Lantern of PlentyClosed Sample ClothRavager's Bow OrnamentationConcentrated Chalandria's Bite IConcentrated Chalandria's Bite IIConcentrated Chalandria's Bite IIIConcentrated Chalandria's Bite IVConcentrated Chalandria's Bite VConcentrated Chalandria's Bite VIConcentrated Chalandria's Bite VIIConcentrated Chalandria's Bite VIIIConcentrated Chalandria's Bite IXConcentrated Chalandria's Bite XConcentrated Chalandria's Bite XIConcentrated Chalandria's Bite XIIConcentrated Chalandria's Bite XIIIConcentrated Chalandria's Bite XIVConcentrated Chalandria's Bite XVIConcentrated Chalandria's Bite XVIIConcentrated Chalandria's Bite XVIIISummoned: Frostrift FragmentHedge Maze PackageSummoned: Wind Tamer ArrowMark of the GodsSummoned: Exigent MinionHarmonic DisruptorHarmonic DisruptorHarmonic DisruptorHarmonic DisruptorHarmonic DisruptorHarmonic DisruptorHarmonic DisruptorHarmonic DisruptorSummoned: Frostrift SliverAxe of the SundererPotion Maker KitMastering Tinkering Mastery IIIMastering Tinkering Mastery IIMastering Tinkering Mastery IRestorative PotionExplosive PotionEnhancement PotionAlcoholic PotionWatery PotionRough Soldier's FacemaskRough Soldier's CloakRough Scryer's CloakMedium-Sized CageSylvan Leather Helm OrnamentCrude Defiant Chain GauntletsRaw Rough HideCatman SkinChunk of MeatSullied SilkSong: Denon's Dirge of Disruption Rk. IIDusty Guktan Pastwatch EyeDa Old Oogly Stick ; Subterranean Rabbit CageCrocus NimbusFestive Fortunate TreatsCardboard Tube OrnamentationChild's Play Cardboard TubeGift: Child's Play Cardboard TubeSummoned: Frightforged MindbladeSummoned: Frightforged RageswordSummoned: Frightforged IcebladeSummoned: Frightforged FirebladeDusky OrbLined KnapsackDelectable Dragon PateFolded Pack of Frightforged ArmamentsWand of Phantasmal TransvergenceSummoned: Icebound SliverMinotaur HornMysterious TomeScroll: Ring of Flame Rk. IIScroll: Thoughtfreeze Rk. IIScroll: Placid Harvest Rk. II ; Shimmering DustMeaty Rodent BonesPiranha MeatGloomingdeep Kobold Leather CapGloomingdeep Kobold Plate HelmGloomingdeep Kobold Chain CoifTan Rope BridleAutomated Barding Oscillator Users ManualAutomated Barding OscillatorWhite Silken BridleWhite Chain BridleTan Silken BridleTan Chain BridleBrown Silken BridleBrown Chain BridleBlack Silken BridleBlack Chain BridleWhite Rope BridleWhite Leather BridleTan Rope BridleTan Leather BridleBrown Rope BridleBrown Leather BridleBlack Rope BridleBlack Leather BridleMature Drake SalivaMundane MaskHunting Spear of the TranquilsongWind Spirits Bonehandled SwordDelicate Icespun PantaloonsFine CaladiumElaborate Combatant's CrystalCracked Stone BraceletChipped Owlbear BeakOwlbear MeatClaw of the Royal OwlbearNew Energy SourceWand of Casual Blessings

Updated Quests: Enchanter Epic: Staff of the SerpentZelniak MeatBroker Fahaar's Tailoring QuestAchievement: Hunter of Trakanon's TeethRanger Epic 1.5 Pre-QuestArgath #1: This Is ArgathReclaiming ArgathIlldaera's VengeanceRaid Expedition: Illdaera's VengeanceSecrets of the StonesRaid Expedition: The Herald of OratoryThe Sound of SilenceAchievement: Job OffersAchievement: Stemming the ThreatAnniversary Shared Task: Ferocious FeralingsAid Grimel No. 7 - BakingFalmonius #1: This Can't Be Good!Delectable Dragon PateTheseus' Job
; Necro SpellsThe Summoning of TerrorDanger to the NorthThe Automated Barding OscillatorArachnophobia (Group)Anniversary Shared Task: Ferocious Feralings

New Recipes: Case of Guard UniformsSong: Denon's Dirge of Disruption Rk. IIClosed Sample ClothScroll: Placid Harvest Rk. IIScroll: Thoughtfreeze Rk. IIScroll: Ring of Flame Rk. II

Updated Recipes: Potion Maker Kit

Bestiary Updates: BrenonBloodeyeDoomHierophant IxylOracle FroskilStofo OlanKnight DragolFlayhteThrukeThe Itraer ViusStonebeakThe ProtectorTalorial D`EstalianElder Hymnist Hortitosh [Bard Guildmaster]Spirit of TawroTawro IcequakeKeeper SepsisBroker Fahaar [General Supplies]Praem SoftbreezeFfroaakThrokkokVessel FrynMaster FasliwHarbinger JoskCommander SilsSpiritmaster UgrethAvisirisBurgekDreadlord DekirEnrid EbonclawLegionnaire DelarenGnawPhloatin Highbrowa kerran ghulamRaarrk [Bartender]Thalith Mamlukwharf ratAlrik PasdarOverseer DylaAkesli TemloHauler DinaloMizzenblasta golem splintera decayed sentry stonea radiant sentry stonea golem splinterchest of the godsGibbledon CogboggleSam Napth [13th Anniversary Quests]Guardian Roger MacholethGaruf OdenburghHurble [Quest]Asupi Muksap [Quests] ; Lord SyrklSollari Bekines [Bard Guildmaster]a large piranhaMiadera Shadowfyre [Cleric Guildmaster]Stable Hand BrackStable Hand KayePox SothAdel`ekSeisma Nest templarKamiSilverwingA Guardian of SilverwingXygozan ancient silver wurmHatchery Guard PipLavawalkera fae drakea rata piranhaAk'Anon Shipment Chesta expert goblin sentrySkriat`ChetDefender TyothilMilyex ViorenA Guardian of Xygozan ancient golden wurm


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