EQ Update #88

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In this update, hot zone items introduced in the December 5, 2006 patch had their expansion tags corrected. Those hot zones were Kurns Tower, Unrest, Tower of Frozen Shadow, Lower Guk, The Hole, Chardok, Old Seb, Grieg's End, Cazic Thule, and Infected Paw.

Drewinette corrected some Legends server only items.

Also more items were added to Marcia Attamilgad.

All achievements for EoK have been entered now and most should be linked with related achievements as well.

Some early Iksar cultural armor had their expansion tags corrected along with their recipes.

Some miscellanous items expansion tags were set as well while going through zones.

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Updated Items: Poisoned WineWater Mephit Hide SleevesStone of Twilight's GraceStone of LightRing of Infinite GloryRing of Elemental PowerMask of the DefeatedMace of Glacial SuperiorityAching BloodGloves of the Whispering WindFlute of the IshvaFallen Splitpaw RingElemental RingElemental FacemaskEarring of Elemental PowerCloak of Living StoneCloak of Blind RageWailing Bone ShieldUnadorned TotemUnadorned Bone Woven RobeUnadorned Bone Leather GuardUnadorned Bone ChopperUnadorned Bone ChestguardUnadorned Bone Chain ChestguardTotem of FearStone of GreatnessEmblem of FearEarring of Silent ScreamsWaistwrap of Grieg's FaithfulLeather Leggings of LunacyEarring of Grieg's FaithfulChain Pants of LunacySilk Pants of LunacyBelt of LunacyTaelosian Alloy Blood AxeSebilite Silk SleevesSebilite Plate ArmguardsSebilite MaskSebilite Chain ArmsSebilisian LongswordPickled Froglok EyeMud Covered Shoulder PadsLuteAncient Sathir StaffAncient Sathir SkullAncient Sathir ChaliceDragon Touched RingAncient Sathir NecklaceMisty Energeian Poison OrbGlowing DreadmoteGreater DreadmoteMedian DreadmoteLesser DreadmoteMinor DreadmoteShard of DarknessPearly Sarnak BaubleLesser Stone of MightIncarnadine BracersGreater Stone of MightDi`Zok Warrior TotemDi`Zok Warrior EmblemDi`Zok Plate ChestguardDi`Zok NecklaceDi`Zok Leather ChestguardDi`Zok Chain ChestguardDi`Zok Ceremonial TotemDi`Zok Ceremonial RobeMinor Stone of MightCracked Leather BeltCracked Ancient EarringIvory BraceletEye of KorEye of JinSwamp Stained RingSwamp Stained Plate ArmsSwamp Stained MaskSwamp Stained Leather ArmsMoss Covered Chain ArmsMinotaur Battle AxeMesh ArmbandsLost ring of GukLost mask of GukTotem of the ScholarFrozen TotemFrozen Shadow RobeFrozen Shadow NecklaceFrozen Shadow Leather ChestguardFrozen Shadow Guardian NecklaceFrozen Shadow Chain ChestguardFrozen Shadow BreastplateHaunted Stone EarringHaunted Soul's BeltGreaves of the HauntedEarring of the DeadChain Leggings of the HauntedBelt of the DeadImbued Cabilis Scale SleevesImbued Cabilis Scale MaskImbued Cabilis Scale MantleImbued Cabilis Scale LeggingsImbued Cabilis Scale GorgetImbued Cabilis Scale GlovesImbued Cabilis Scale CoatImbued Cabilis Scale CapeImbued Cabilis Scale CapImbued Cabilis Scale BraceletImbued Cabilis Scale BootsIksar BloodScale TemperImbued Cabilis Scale BeltSeer's Orb of PowerIron OreHuman BloodRusty Shortened SpearGiant Rat PeltGiant Rat WhiskersCrude Defiant Plate VambracesRat EarsPlague Rat TailRat FootRat WhiskersPiece of Rat FurScalded Rat SkinSilvril OreGwaddry's TrinketRusty SpearWeak Choresine SampleGrade C Nigriventer VenomCrude Adept's Cord ; Seer's Orb of PowerIron OreHuman BloodRusty Shortened SpearGiant Rat PeltGiant Rat WhiskersCrude Defiant Plate VambracesRat EarsPlague Rat TailRat FootRat WhiskersPiece of Rat FurScalded Rat SkinSilvril OreGwaddry's TrinketRusty SpearWeak Choresine SampleGrade C Nigriventer VenomCrude Adept's CordSmall Ringmail SleevesSmall Ringmail PantsSmall Ringmail NeckguardSmall Ringmail GlovesSmall Ringmail CoifSmall Ringmail CoatSmall Ringmail CapeSmall Ringmail BraceletSmall Ringmail BootsSmall Ringmail BeltSilk Leggings of the HauntedLesser Stone of PowerLeather Leggings of the HauntedScale Covered Plate ArmsThe Skull of TortureSalt MinnowScale Covered RingScale Woven Silk ArmsScale Covered MaskMold Covered Scale BandScale Link Chain ArmsMold Covered Scale MaskScale Patterned Leather Arms ; Obulus Burial ShroudLegendary StrongboxKanaad's Supplies ; Kanaad's SuppliesGrade C Larkspur ExtractFulginate OreSimple Embossed RuneJadeRough Combatant's StakeElementary Binding PowderRune of the HelixThick SilkIndium OreJade EarringRaw Runic HideFlame AgateNobleman's Earring of FealtyAggressionDelicacies Purse ; Indium OreDi`Zok Courier's PouchBrittle MuscimolComplex Platinum Gem Dusted RuneZraxthrilMiner's PickBreath of RoSkirmisher's ShoulderguardsSharp Luggald ClawGrade A Caladium ExtractFlawed Animal Pelt ; The House of Thule ; The Eye of DespairGrimling Bone BowThe House of ThuleEmerald of Precision

New Quests: Tsaph's Champion (50 Points)Master of The Empires of Kunark (100 Points)Conqueror of The Empires of Kunark (40 Points)The Empires of Kunark Slayer (60 Points)Protector of House Katta (Group) (10 Points)Guardian (Group) (10 Points)You Be The Hero (Group) (10 Points)Challenger of The Empires of Kunark (60 Points) ; Explorer of The Empires of Kunark (10 Points)Empires of Kunark Master Scavenger (10 Points) ; Everything Reborn (Group) (10 Points)Fire Control (Group) (10 Points)Hunter of Chardok [EoK] (10 Points)Hunter of Gates of Kor-Sha (10 Points)Hunter of Kor-Sha Laboratory (10 Points)Veteran Hunter of The Empires of Kunark (10 Points)Reunification (10 Points)Where the Obulus Once Stood (10 Points)Trailblazing (10 Points)Underground Frontier (10 Points)Di`Zok Keepsakes (10 Points)Sathir's Court (10 Points)The Divided Empires (10 Points)The Combine's Return (10 Points) ; Summer Appreciation Bonus '18 (Temporary) (0 Points)Totem Go Wild (Group) (10 Points)No Ghosts, No Bones (10 Points)Savior of Gates of Kor-Sha (40 Points)Savior of Kor-Sha Laboratory (40 Points)No Return (Group) (10 Points)

Updated Quests: Gwaddry's ProblemPoisoning BrendarROF Rank II Level 96 Spells: Minor DreadmoteROF Rank II Level 97 Spells: Lesser DreadmoteROF Rank II Level 98 Spells: Median DreadmoteROF Rank II Level 99 Spells: Greater DreadmoteROF Rank II Level 100 Spells: Glowing DreadmoteCrypt Robbers (Raid) ; Conqueror of The Temple of Droga (10 Points)Behari is MissingConqueror of Lceanium (10 Points)Paragon of the Empires of Kunark (40 Points)They Grow Restless (10 Points)Conqueror of Chardok (10 Points) ; Protector of House Katta (Raid)Guardian (Raid)You Be The Hero (Raid)Vanquisher of Doorstep of WarBehari is MissingVanquisher of The Empires of Kunark (10 Points)Vanquisher of the Summoning of Droga (10 Points)No Priests for YouDeath of the LoftyLife of the Lofty (10 Points)Never Give UpMaximum AngerLight in the Proper DarknessVanquisher of Prince Selrach Di`ZokCharmingDoomlessTake OneVanquisher of Queen Velazul Di`ZokNo More CoresJump Through All The Rings (Raid)Totem Goes Wild (Raid)Vanquisher of Atrebe's Vault ; Mysteries of Kor-Sha ; Achievement: Death, Death, Death!: Decimator (5 Points)Achievement: Stone Cold Summer Mission (10 Points)Achievement: Stone Cold Summer Tasks (10 Points)

Updated Recipes: Cabilis Scale CapCabilis Scale MaskCabilis Scale BeltCabilis Scale BraceletCabilis Scale GorgetCabilis Scale MantleCabilis Scale BootsCabilis Scale GlovesCabilis Scale SleevesCabilis Scale CoatCabilis Scale CapeCabilis Scale LeggingsImbued Cabilis Scale MaskImbued Cabilis Scale GorgetImbued Cabilis Scale MantleImbued Cabilis Scale BeltImbued Cabilis Scale BraceletImbued Cabilis Scale GlovesImbued Cabilis Scale BootsImbued Cabilis Scale SleevesImbued Cabilis Scale CoatImbued Cabilis Scale CapeImbued Cabilis Scale LeggingsImbued Cabilis Scale Cap ; Kurn's Jerky Delight

Bestiary Updates: a mercenarya gelatinous cubean injured brigandArgyn Shieldstanan injured rata shady mercenaryCuburta nesting ratZyle Bensmillan undead knightGwaddry AethadocDegynn Droa large ratLebounde ab Dolmen [Artisan] ; DunndryllaSpiritist Ragnar [Alchemy Supplies] ; a Blackhand lieutenantHigh Priest Anaancia shrouded fareyesa Broken Skull Propheta human recruita luggald assassinthe Corrupted Half Elf Minera shrouded cave lurkerHarbinger Stimikathe Broken Skull DefenderMarcia Attamilgad [Rare Items]Queen Velazul's AideOkara KlyseerDeathfangFractured ShardRoyal Guard KakatorDread Overseer AkalodDry RotCrackjawFlight Master Hak`ouzGrand Advisor Zum`uulGrand Herbalist Mak`haKennel Master Al`eleObserver Aq`touzOverseer Dal`guurWatch Captain Hir`roulThe Sokokar MatronBattle Master Ska`tuShai'din Warmaster Roh`kiChokidai WardogCorpsestalkerOverboss KaznakSpiritmaster Tala'TakDarknessDeathgazerCutterRogue MonstrosityMad ResearcherFiredowser UglabargThe PossessedGlart FinkBonescaleKar`Zok OverlordThe Bridge KeeperSelrach's RegentScreaming TormentorVakazon Viz`DaronOverlord DralganStonespiked GuardianHunter Gwainex IVSelpulcher Curator


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