EQ Update #85

Site Updates

In this update, new comments were caught up just a few minutes ago.

Also Grizabelle updated a bunch of baking recipes with various info.

Ranger and Rogue spells/tomes level 96 through 104 had their expansions set via the spell search tool. Also scrolls/tomes were corrected with expansion tags, linked to their spell quests etc..

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Updated Items: The EndlessForever's TaleLetters from ForeverPages of the PresentMother's MemoriesTemporal TomePassage of the PastShapely VegetationMissing MolarPristine Supple Runic Hide TomePristine Runic Hide TomeMislaid UlnaLost FemurFound FragmentsHandmaiden's OpusBottle of Clarity PackMisplaced JawboneCitizen's Ribs ; Mummy MaracasAncient Sarnak BonesRib of the FaithfulFallen FingerboneLarge King Snake SkinKorshan Sarnak ScaleBlessed Shield of IronSebilisian SatchelAmorphous Cohort's SleevesAmorphous Cohort's BreastplateAmorphous Cohort's HelmAmorphous Cohort's Boots ; Turtle SkullDistilled Grade AA Nigriventer VenomSimple Work of the Sarnak HeroLesser Clawed Tablet of the Ring of ScaleMedian Clawed Tablet of the Ring of ScaleGreater Clawed Tablet of the Ring of ScaleGlowing Clawed Tablet of the Ring of ScalePristine Supple Runic Hide TomePristine Runic Hide TomeRusty Spiked ShoulderpadsTome: Blinding Burst Rk. IITome: Blinding BurstTome: Barrage Rk. IITome: BarrageTome: Arcwork Discipline Rk. IIITome: Audacious Escape Rk. IITome: Audacious Escape Rk. IIITome: Audacious EscapeTome: Arcwork Discipline Rk. IITome: Arcwork DisciplineTome: Jugular Hack Rk. IIITome: Blinding Burst Rk. IIITome: Smokecloud Rk. IIITome: Daring Escape Rk. IIITome: Daggerthrust Rk. IIITome: Incursion Rk. IIITome: Pinpoint Deficiencies Rk. IIITome: Deceit Rk. IIITome: Agile-Footed Discipline Rk. IIITome: Gash Rk. IIITome: Energetic Dagger-Throw Rk. IIITome: Indiscernible DisciplineTome: Jugular Lacerate Rk. IIITome: Indiscernible Discipline Rk. IIITome: Gullible Mark Rk. IIITome: Blinding Blaze Rk. IIITome: Beset Rk. III

Updated Quests: Shard's #5: Conquering Your Fears ; Bard Epic 1.5: Prismatic Dragon BladeBard Epic 1.5 Pre-QuestGates of Discord Progression #4b: Temple of the DamnedCreepfeet ThieveryCollection: Texts of Eternity (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life)To the Brave, Go the Spoils!Lost Koada`Dal ForceCollection: Unliving Relics (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life)Collection: Deadman's Dinner (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life)Achievement: Hunter of The Stonebrunt Mountains (Original)

New Recipes: Pristine Supple Runic Hide TomePristine Runic Hide Tome

Updated Recipes: Skull with II ; Buttered Timeless Hunter SausageCandied Tae EwCaynar Nut Stuffed Trout (frogwater trout)Centi SteaksCenti Toe StewBristlebane's Challenge MeatsBristlebane's Challenge CheesesCheesy Anaconda CasseroleCheesy Griffon CasseroleCheesy Vegetable CasseroleCandied CockroachButtered CrawdadBreaded Storm SalmonBreaded Giant HalibutBreaded Giant SnapperBucket of Crab LegsBristlebanes Party PlatterCheesy Potato SoupButtered Cragbeast MeatButtered Crab MeatCaesar SaladBrell's Bounty Steamed SteaksButtered Hynid MeatCave Catfish SandwichCherry FillingBristlebane's Challenge SaucesBristlebane's Challenge VegetablesBristlebane's ChallengeCavediver SaladButtered Tuna MeatButtered Horse MeatButtered Treant VegetablesButtered Darkhollow Basilisk MeatPrepared Shark Fin MeatButtered PorridgeCaynar Nut Stuffed Trout (Cauldron Trout)Caynar Nut Stuffed Trout (Frosty Cave)Buttered Minotaur MeatBrell's Bounty RoundsCaynar Nut Ice Cream (Ice of Velious)Cheesy Dream Meat PiesBrell's Bounty Covered Mammoth SteaksButtered Brell's BountyButtered Dream MeatCherry Caynar Ice Cream (Ice of Velious)Cherry Caynar Ice Cream (Ice)Buttered Freshwater FishCaynar Nut Ice Cream CrunchCherry Caynar Ice Cream CrunchButtered Al-MetesBroiled Raxil FishButtered Planar GooCaynar Nut Ice Cream (Ice)Burning Salad

Bestiary Updates: a froglok scryerOverking BathezidSocho DarkpawThe Bridge KeeperObserver Aq`touzGrave Master Zo`lunKennel Master Al`eleWeaponsmith Ko`zirrWarlock GuragCouncilman Buzdarloan IIICouncilman Noloriel IIIFangan octopusKing DronanOld RustyShaman JorgGrigoranUnderboss Myli`kiArch Inspector Nibi`zi ; Queen Velazul Di`zokPrince Selrach Di`zokMad Mary-Annea large snakeBlooddrinker Furaszaa guardian aruspex ; Captain KlegorStrangaculXalgoz the Arisen ; Observer Aq`touzKennel Master Al`ele

Zone Updates: Ocean of Tears


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