EQ Update #81

Site Updates

In this update, I went through the Darkened Hardcore Heritage items and set some expansions that were missing. Also tagged items for their required level and tagged them as seasonal. Still not done with all those items yet.

The Barbarian Heritage Crate achievements are all entered in along with the quest entry for the crate itself. Once we get our item collector up and running we'll start getting the items on the site. We're looking for a C++ developer to help with our item collector. If you are interested in helping out, let me know.

I went through some of the new comments this morning. I'll go through the rest soon.

Spells/Tomes/Songs for Bards, Beastlords, Berserkers, and Clerics level 96 through 99 have been tagged for their expansions via the spell search tool. Those classes should now show expansions for all their spells.

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Updated Items: Witch's ReagentsTorn Eye PatchThe TalkScolding LetterNighthawk TalismanHoly WaterBroken Fang NecklaceBloody StakePlanar Energy ShardFright StoneBlue DiamondDiamondPlanar GooBone DustDracoliche SkullStone of MightDarkened FelhammerDarkened Fayguard BladecatcherDarkened Executioners HoodDarkened Executioners AxeDarkened Enameled Black ChestplateDarkened Enameled Black MaceDarkened Enameled Black ChestplateDarkened Embroidered Black SleevesDarkened Embroidered Black CapeDarkened Elder Spiritist's HelmDarkened Elder Spiritist's BreastplateDarkened Elder Spiritist's BracerDarkened Ebony Bladed SwordDarkened Ebon MaceDarkened Dragon Horn YkeshaDarkened Donal's Vambraces of MourningDarkened Donal's Helm of MourningDarkened Donal's Chestplate of MourningDarkened Donal's Bracer of MourningDarkened Deepwater VambracesDarkened Deepwater HelmDarkened Deepwater BreastplateDarkened Deepwater BracerDarkened Dark Scale GreavesDarkened Crystalline Short SwordDarkened Crown of the Froglok KingsDarkened Corrupted Orb of Living IceDarkened Cone of the MysticsDarkened Coif of WrathDarkened Cobalt VambracesDarkened Cobalt BreastplateDarkened Cobalt BracerDarkened Cloak of PietyDarkened Clay Guardian ShieldDarkened Chrysoberyl TalismanDarkened Burlap SackDarkened Brigandine TunicDarkened Carved Ivory MaskDarkened Cap of the InsubstantialDarkened Cane of the TranquilDarkened Brell's Keg PopperDarkened Breath of HarmonyDarkened Braided Cinch CordDarkened Bracer of WrathDarkened Cane of HarmonyDarkened Box of Nil SpaceDarkened Book of ObulusDarkened Bone Mask of the JarsathDarkened Blood Ember VambracesDarkened Blood Ember HelmDarkened Blood Ember BreastplateDarkened Blood Ember BracerDarkened Blackburrow TrinketDarkened Beetle StingerDarkened Arbitor's Combine GreatswordDarkened Adamantite Bo StickDarkened Blade of the Green Dragon EyeDarkened Bag of Sewn Evil-EyeDarkened Azure SleevesDarkened Amethyst BraceletDarkened Adamantite EpauletsDarkened Adamantite BandDarkened Singing Steel BracerDarkened Iksar Hide BootsDarkened Sebilite Scale BootsDarkened Sebilite Scale GlovesDarkened Sebilite Scale VambracesDarkened Tolan's Darkwood VambracesDarkened Mrylokar's VambracesDarkened Jaundiced Bone VambracesDarkened Mrylokar's HelmDarkened Sebilite Scale CapDarkened Tolan's Darkwood HelmDarkened Froglok Bonecaster's RobeDarkened Tolapumj's RobeDarkened Singing Steel VambracesDarkened Singing Steel HelmDarkened Sebilite Scale LeggingsDarkened Sebilite Scale CoatDarkened Robe of Living FungusDarkened Mana RobeDarkened Froglok Scale ChestplateDarkened Fungus Covered Scale TunicDarkened Wild Lord's TunicDarkened Jaundiced Bone BreastplateDarkened Tolan's Darkwood BreastplateDarkened Mrylokar's BreastplateDarkened Tunic of WrathDarkened Singing Steel BreastplateDarkened Sarnak WarhammerBlackburrow TrinketDarkened Stormwood Battle StaffShieldstormDarkened ShieldstormFelhammerDarkened Worn Cloth MantleDarkened Siblisian Berserker CloakDarkened Mrylokar's BracerDarkened Sleeves of WrathDarkened Wild Lord's CrownDarkened Green Jade Axe

New Quests: Hero's Forge - Wolfkin's Plate (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wolfkin's Chain (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wolfkin's Scalemail (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wolfkin's Ringmail (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wolfkin's Leather (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wolfkin's Cloth (10 Points)Northman Heritage Crate: Northman Critters (10 Points)Northman Heritage Crate: Northman Art Collector (10 Points)

Updated Quests: Achievement: The Silence of Daylight (Castle Mistmoore) ; Northman Heritage CrateHeros' Forge - McDaniel's Plate (10 Points)Heros' Forge - McDaniel's Scalemail (10 Points)Heros' Forge - McDaniel's Ringmail (10 Points)Heros' Forge - McDaniel's Leather (10 Points)Heros' Forge - McDaniel's Cloth (10 Points)

Bestiary Updates: a rescued spiritCarlin`s CoffinBrandt`s coffinSarah`s coffinElliot`s coffinLeeta`s coffinLarkin`s coffina Kirathas scouta decorative fetishLebanezer`s steeda soulbound wraith ; froglok dar knightfroglok jin shamanfroglok ilis wizardfroglok jin shamana dracolichBeltron the Shade Kingfroglok jin wizardfroglok bok knightfroglok bok wizarda sebilite golemfroglok kor shamanfroglok bok shamanfroglok ilis wizardfroglok ilis knightfroglok ilis shamanmyconid reavermyconid warriormyconid adeptfroglok reet knightskeletal championskeletal baronskeletal harbingermyconid priestan unmasked changelinga gangrenous scarabfroglok dar wizardfroglok cheffroglok bartenderFroggyfroglok krup shaman


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