EQ Update #78

Site Updates

In this updatre, many ornamentations that are replacements for the old container ornamentations were uploaded thanks to Byren.

Also a bunch of recipes were updated with various info by Grizabelle.

Also Monk, Necromancer, Paladin, and Ranger tomes/spells were given an expansion tag for level 91 through 95 via the spell search tool.

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New Items: Palm of Quellious OrnamentationForgeborn Spear OrnamentForgeborn Knuckles OrnamentForgeborn Shield OrnamentForgeborn Bow OrnamentTunare Bow OrnamentationBristlebane Rod OrnamentationInnoruuk Dagger OrnamentationForgeborn Mace OrnamentForgeborn Stave OrnamentForgeborn Blade OrnamentForgeborn Great Blade OrnamentForgeborn Dagger OrnamentVampire Blade OrnamentVampire Great Blade OrnamentVampire Dagger OrnamentVampire Spear OrnamentVampire Spikefist OrnamentVampire Shield OrnamentArmy of Light Hammer OrnamentationArmy of Light Staff OrnamentationArmy of Light Blade OrnamentationArmy of Light Great Blade OrnamentationArmy of Light Dagger OrnamentationArmy of Light Spear OrnamentationArmy of Light Shield OrnamentationVampire Mace OrnamentVampire Great Hammer OrnamentObliteration Shield OrnamentationObliteration Blade Fist OrnamentationObliteration Spear OrnamentationObliteration Dagger OrnamentationObliteration Great Blade OrnamentationArmy of Light Blade Fist OrnamentationShield of Flowing BloodObliteration Blade OrnamentationObliteration Hammer OrnamentationObliteration Staff OrnamentationClaws of Flowing BloodBow of Flowing BloodBroadsword of Flowing BloodAxe of Rallos Zek OrnamentationPrexus StaffSolusek Ro MaceRavager's Great Sword OrnamentationRavager's Mace OrnamentationRavager's Rapier OrnamentationRavager's Bow OrnamentationStillmoon Katana OrnamentationRavager's Shield OrnamentationRavager's Maul OrnamentationMithaniel Marr Longsword OrnamentationRavager's Lance OrnamentationRavager's Sword Ornamentation

Updated Items: Bite of the Shissar XIXEbon Drake ScalesScroll: Provocation for Blood Rk. IIScroll: Call Skeleton HostScroll: Sphere of WitheringScroll: Bonemeld Fetish

Updated Quests: Other's Things

New Recipes: Velium Conversion Battle AxeVelium Conversion ScimitarEbon Drake ScalesVelium Conversion Morning StarVelium Conversion WarhammerVelium Conversion DaggerVelium Conversion Spear

Updated Recipes: Metal BitsForged Bastard SwordForged Morning StarForged Two Handed SwordBread TinBlock of Medium Quality OreMetal RingsMuffin TinGnome Shaped Cookie CutterMedium Quality Folded Sheet MetalCake RoundFolded Sheet MetalFileBlock of OreLarge Brick of Ore (Small Brick of Ore)Large Brick of Medium Quality OreSmall Piece of VeliumBucketMedium Quality Sheet MetalPale Green Fine Plate GauntletsGreen Fine Plate GauntletsLarge LanternGreen Fine Plate HelmGreen Fine Plate BreastplateGreen Fine Plate VambracesGeerlok Hypermodulating ToolGeerlok Hypermodulating ToolGeerlok Hypermodulating ToolGeerlok Hypermodulating ToolGeerlok Hypermodulating ToolGeerlok Hypermodulating ToolGreen Fine Plate BootsDark Green Fine Plate BracerPale Green Fine Plate BracerPale Green Fine Plate BootsPale Green Fine Plate GreavesPale Green Fine Plate HelmPale Green Fine Plate BreastplatePale Green Fine Plate VambracesDark Green Fine Plate HelmGreen Small Fine Plate BracerGreen Small Fine Plate BootsGreen Small Fine Steel BreastplateGreen Small Fine Plate GreavesGreen Small Fine Plate HelmGreen Small Fine Plate VambracesGreen Small Fine Plate GauntletsGreen Large Fine Steel BreastplateGreen Fine Plate GreavesGreen Large Fine Plate HelmGreen Large Fine Plate VambracesVelium Conversion RapierVelium Conversion Great StaffVelium Conversion Two Handed SwordVelium Conversion Long SwordVelium Conversion Short SwordOverlord's Phlogiston BootsOverlord's Phlogiston BracerOverlord's Phlogiston BreastplateOverlord's Phlogiston GauntletsOverlord's Phlogiston GreavesOverlord's Phlogiston HelmOverlord's Phlogiston VambracesArchon's Phlogiston BootsArchon's Phlogiston BracerArchon's Phlogiston BreastplateArchon's Phlogiston GauntletsArchon's Phlogiston GreavesArchon's Phlogiston HelmArchon's Phlogiston VambracesMaestro's Phlogiston BootsMaestro's Phlogiston BracerMaestro's Phlogiston BreastplateMaestro's Phlogiston GauntletsMaestro's Phlogiston GreavesMaestro's Phlogiston HelmMaestro's Phlogiston VambracesDread Suzerain's Phlogiston BootsDread Suzerain's Phlogiston BracerDread Suzerain's Phlogiston BreastplateDread Suzerain's Phlogiston GauntletsDread Suzerain's Phlogiston GreavesDread Suzerain's Phlogiston HelmDread Suzerain's Phlogiston VambracesSuzerain Protector's Phlogiston BootsSuzerain Protector's Phlogiston BracerSuzerain Protector's Phlogiston BreastplateSuzerain Protector's Phlogiston GauntletsSuzerain Protector's Phlogiston GreavesSuzerain Protector's Phlogiston HelmSuzerain Protector's Phlogiston VambracesDeceiver's Phlogiston BootsDeceiver's Phlogiston CoatDeceiver's Phlogiston GauntletsDeceiver's Phlogiston LeggingsDeceiver's Phlogiston SleevesDeceiver's Phlogiston WristguardForest Stalker's Phlogiston BootsForest Stalker's Phlogiston CoatForest Stalker's Phlogiston CoifForest Stalker's Phlogiston GauntletsForest Stalker's Phlogiston LeggingsForest Stalker's Phlogiston SleevesForest Stalker's Phlogiston WristguardFury's Phlogiston BootsFury's Phlogiston CoatFury's Phlogiston CoifFury's Phlogiston GauntletsFury's Phlogiston LeggingsFury's Phlogiston SleevesFury's Phlogiston WristguardProphet's Phlogiston BootsProphet's Phlogiston GauntletsProphet's Phlogiston CoatProphet's Phlogiston CoifProphet's Phlogiston LeggingsProphet's Phlogiston SleevesProphet's Phlogiston WristguardPhlogiston SwordPhlogiston AxePhlogiston War SwordPhlogiston Bastard SwordPhlogiston ClawsPhlogiston RapierPhlogiston SaberPhlogiston AthamePhlogiston BodkinPhlogiston Great AxePhlogiston SpearPhlogiston Great SwordPhlogiston StilettoJeweled Hoarded Worker SledgemalletJeweled Hoarded Blood Orchid KatanaJeweled Sarnak Focus of the Elemental DeathseakerJeweled Apothic Dragon Spine HammerJeweled Skull of Null

Bestiary Updates: Mercator Acello [Poison Merchant]skeletal harbingerHierophant Prime Grekala Kar`Zok lacerator

Zone Updates: Chardok: Other's Things


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