EQ Update #77

Site Updates

In this update, some new items have been coming in since our item collector is patched now.I've got those items tagged now.

We have plenty more missing items here on the site if you want to help out. If you already have the item collector installed, check out our Missing Items thread on the forums to see what we're missing.

Spells for Bards, Berserkers, Clerics, Druids, Enchanters and Magicians had their expansions set for level 91 through 95 via the spell search tool.

We'll be doing some database updates to the spell history table tomorrow night to fix some columns from limiting spell info, dropping columns that are no longer needed and partitioning the table since it is quite large.

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New Items: Simple Work of the Sarnak HeroUrn SketchGrave AleDi`Zok Cloth Arms Ornament

Updated Items: Glowing Sebilisian TunicGlowing Sebilisian LeggingsGlowing Sebilisian WristbandGlowing Sebilisian HatSediment Delver LegsFresh FishSpell: Vampiric CurseSpell: SteelskinSpell: Spirit TapSpell: Siphon LifeSpell: Rest the DeadSpell: Panic the DeadSpell: Nullify MagicSpell: Malignant DeadSpell: Expel UndeadSpell: Drain SpiritSpell: Cascading DarknessSpell: Cackling BonesSpell: Boil BloodSpell: Bobbing CorpseSpell: Banshee AuraSpell: AsystoleScroll: Surge of ArcanumScroll: Summon Exigent MinionScroll: Mass Arcane TransvergenceScroll: Grant Frostrift ParadoxScroll: Facet of EarthSummoned: Exigent Servant IIISummoned: Exigent Servant IISummoned: Exigent ServantScroll: Summon Exigent ServantScroll: Rain of Molten Steel Rk. IIScroll: Issuance of Mana RepercussionScroll: Echo of CoercionScroll: Illusion: DeadraiserScroll: Placid IssuanceScroll: Runic Glow AuraScroll: Governing AuraScroll: Arctender's AuraScroll: Myconid AssaultScroll: Frostcloak AuraScroll: Wildblaze Aura ; Scroll: Yahnoa's FeralgiaScroll: Scream at the Moon

Updated Quests: Blackfeather Roost #5 - Reach the royal throne ; Sir Morgan's ArmorMilea Clothspinner's RewardVampyre Ash & BloodVampyre FangsClearing the Vermin Nests

New Recipes: Grave Ale

Updated Recipes: CLASS 6 Dragorn Discord Tip Arrow (Small Groove)Carved Shadewood Recurve Bow (Sinew)Small Unfired Urn

Bestiary Updates:  WinoynJynsa SmithsonMerchant NildarSkoniKlok Grots [Pottery Supplies]Lord Vizaroth [Shadow Knight Spells]a glowing muck diggerLarkenElisha DirtyshoesGligo MuddypantsBemli TakothMarta ClaytoeAlladria Skyetcher [Pottery Supplies]a clockwork sketcherPetra D`DbthSculptor Radee [Pottery Merchant]froglok commanderThe Arisen Dragoon T`Vemsebilite guardian ; a fishermana fisherwomanBurah MucktailNre`Loxe Mucktaila druidGuard DianaGuard MercylGuard MirandaGanelorn Oasta brigandEmhu MucktailDark Elf CorruptorGuard PeterAltheleFangTholrisNre`Glega Mucktail




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