EQ Update #76

Site Updates

In this update, more new comments were updated until last night.

Also pre kunark research only spells were given an expansion tag along with the classes set via their recipes.

A missing SoD tradeskill quest in Crescent Reach was added and the tradeskill items associated with it tagged. 

Edit 6-9-2018: Item collector has been patched.

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Updated Items: Simple Arrow Shaft MoldSmall Block of Scrap ClaySimple DyeFlask of Salty WaterAbstruse Remnant of FearMystical SpyglassWeight of the GodsFae PauldronsCalcified RibcageDagger of the Craft KeeperArx-Aegelium Praetocarius

New Quests: Simple Arrow Shaft for Crescent Reach

Updated Quests: Craft Keeper Final Task

Updated Recipes: Spell: Paralyzing Earth ;  Spell: Banshee Aura ;  Spell: Hungry Earth ;  Spell: Voice Graft ;  Spell: Harmshield ;  Spell: Cast Force ;  Spell: Renew Bones ;  Spell: Strip Enchantment ;  Spell: Color Skew ;  Spell: Fire Spiral of Al'Kabor ;  Spell: Pillage Enchantment ;  Spell: Allure ;  Spell: Mesmerization ; Spell: Pillar of Fire ;  Spell: Bond of Death ;  Spell: Everfount ;  Spell: Haunting Corpse ;  Spell: Thunderclap ;  Spell: Summoning: Fire ;  Spell: Minor Conjuration: Fire ;  Spell: Shock Spiral of Al'Kabor ;  Spell: Column of Lightning ;  Spell: Supernova ;  Spell: Call of Bones ;  Spell: Dead Man Floating ;  Spell: Intensify Death ; Spell: Invoke Shadow ;  Spell: Greater Conjuration: Fire ;  Spell: Greater Conjuration: Air ;  Spell: Conjuration: Air ;  Spell: Minor Conjuration: Air ;  Spell: Summoning: Air ;  Spell: Mana Sieve ;  Spell: Feedback ;  Spell: Tepid Deeds ;  Spell: Color Shift ;  Spell: Berserker Strength ;  Spell: Lava Storm ;  Spell: Wrath of Al'Kabor;  Spell: Cackling Bones ;  Spell: Conjuration: Earth ;  Spell: Conjuration: Water ;  Spell: Greater Conjuration: Water ;  Spell: Greater Summoning: Earth ;  Spell: Greater Summoning: Water ;  Spell: Invoke Death ;  Spell: Lich ;  Spell: Summoning: Water ;  Spell: Surge of Enfeeblement ;  Spell: Project Lightning ;  Spell: Energy Storm ;  Spell: Shiftless Deeds  ; Spell: Spirit QuickeningUnfired Simple Arrow ShaftSimple Arrow Shaft

Bestiary Updates: Potter Safiya Eye of VeeshanChef GokigPotter SafiyaFearhowlera warleader follower


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