EQ Update #74

Site Updates

In this update, new comments have been caught up to this afternoon.

I am currently working on some spell history database table updates and other code fixes.

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Updated Items:  Victor's WreathTiny TopazTorn Page of Mastery FireCloak of Greater PernicityDrogan ToesRevultant WhipScaled Shoes FacetScaled Sleeve FacetScaled Tunic FacetScaled Gloves FacetScaled Bracer FacetScaled Pants FacetScaled Cap FacetCliff StoneChokidai EggTreant HeartCrystallized SulfurWing of XegonyScale Touched Pants FacetScale Touched Tunic FacetScale Touched Cap FacetScale Touched Shoes FacetScale Touched Gloves FacetScale Touched Sleeve FacetScale Touched Bracer FacetMagma StoneMedicinal HerbsSteel IngotDiamondMinor Writ of the CombineBlue DiamondDi'Zok Leather Arms OrnamentDi'Zok Plate Wrist OrnamentDi`Zok Plate Legs OrnamentDi`Zok Plate Helm OrnamentDi`Zok Plate Hands OrnamentDi`Zok Plate Feet OrnamentDi`Zok Plate Chest OrnamentDi`Zok Plate Arms OrnamentDi`Zok Leather Wrist OrnamentDi`Zok Leather Legs OrnamentDi`Zok Leather Helm OrnamentDi`Zok Leather Hands OrnamentDi`Zok Leather Feet OrnamentDi`Zok Leather Chest OrnamentDi`Zok Cloth Wrist OrnamentDi`Zok Cloth Robe OrnamentDi`Zok Cloth Legs OrnamentDi`Zok Cloth Helm OrnamentDi`Zok Cloth Hands OrnamentDi`Zok Cloth Feet OrnamentDi`Zok Cloth Chest OrnamentDi`Zok Chain Wrist OrnamentDi`Zok Chain Legs OrnamentDi`Zok Chain Helm OrnamentDi`Zok Chain Hands OrnamentDi`Zok Chain Chest OrnamentDi`Zok Chain Feet OrnamentDi`Zok Chain Arms OrnamentTarnished Scimitar of DecayShattered Longsword of DecayRusted Claymore of DecayOxidized Kris of DecayDull Broadsword of DecayDiscarded Cutlass of DecayBroken Saber of DecayCorroded Dirk of DecayAmorphous Cohort's LeggingsAmorphous Cohort's HelmAmorphous Cohort's SleevesAmorphous Cohort's BreastplateSimple Secrets of the Combine HeroAmorphous Cohort's BootsAmorphous Cohort's WristguardAmorphous Cohort's GauntletsDefender's Extravagant NecklaceDefender's Extravagant PauldronsDefender's Extravagant BeltPlain-Looking ScrollBoots of the MuckrakerGolden SpoonSealed Letter from MuadaGilded Resonating ClayDirewind Ritualist's MaskJewelers GlassIvory Imbued Collar ; Spider SilkPottery Glaze Samples

Updated Quests: Summoning BiestiesPaladin POP SpellsDruid Epic 1.5: Staff of Living BramblesPaladin Epic 2.0: Nightbane, Sword of the ValiantBeastlord Epic 2.0: Spiritcaller Totem of the FeralWood Elf Cultural Armor (DoN)Raid Expedition: Razorthorn, Tower of Sullon ZekElite's InsigniaFergarin #1: Intercepted CorrespondenceSolteris Access #8: Stop the RitualBloodmoon Raid #2: Crazok MoonfangBloodmoon Raid #1: The Fanged MoonSublime ImpressionsThe Trouble With LichenDeadly ConstructsKraklest #1: Endless WarDefenders of the FaithCollection: Ruins of Decay (Plane of Health)Clearing Loose FodderRaid Expedition: Atrebe SathirStop the SupportChokidai Unbound ; Planar ProgressionSummoning BiestiesPaladin POP SpellsDruid Epic 1.5: Staff of Living BramblesPaladin Epic 2.0: Nightbane, Sword of the ValiantRaid Expedition: Atrebe Sathir

Updated Recipes: Clump of Refined Taelosian Clay ; Spell: Dominating Aura Rk. II

Bestiary Updates: Overseer Dal`guurAn Envenomed RockhopperA Swift RockhopperElisha DirtyshoesA Smothering NemesisJerg OakenfistSullon Zek, Mistress of RageVinelord MolderWendel DeeppocketsOozorozea gleaming guardianRotbotherPlaguebringerZakijaa frontier brutea goblin slavea reanimated dragoona reanimated championa reanimated partisana reanimated berserkera revultant ratThe Crimson SentinelHead Boiler AkettOverlord TevikThe Great SentinelThe Underlorda merchant [Raid Merchant]Infiltrator Ynoxi  ; a heart spidera large heart spidera giant heart spiderElisha DirtyshoesA Smothering NemesisOozoroze


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