EQ Update #71

Site Updates

In this update, new comments were updated until last night.

Some PoK library merchants were updated with information. Also the inventory for those merchants during Planes of Power on progression servers was posted on their pages.

Also some spells that were originally tagged as DoN are now tagged as PoP. These spells are being given as rewards from the PoP spell quests on progression servers now.

The May patch is coming this morning, I'll post the update notes once they finish patching.

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New Items: Depowered Jeweled Skull of Null

Updated Items:  Scale Touched Cap FacetScale Touched Shoes FacetScale Touched Gloves FacetScale Touched Sleeve FacetScale Touched Pants FacetScale Touched Tunic FacetScale Touched Bracer FacetSoggy SandalsWeeping ShardGnoll PartsAdan's ReachRaw Crypt-Hunter's GlovesRaw Crypt-Hunter's CapRaw Crypt-Hunter's ChestpieceRaw Crypt-Hunter's BootsRaw Crypt-Hunter's LeggingsRaw Crypt-Hunter's SleevesRaw Crypt-Hunter's WristguardSculptured Poison VialSpoiled TongueDefender's Extravagant EarringDefender's Extravagant NecklaceDefender's Extravagant PauldronsDefender's Extravagant BeltTerrible ToesPutrid LiverMoldy SkinRotting EyeDecomposing HeadGross GutsCavitied ToothGlob of OozeGlowing SlimeBlack SlimeBlood SlimeGobbet of SlimeBottle of Toxic SlimeHardened SlimeRime SlimePerfect Acrylia OreScalded Rat SkinMoss Covered TwineHead of Jardor DarkpawDragon EggBlackened HeartBloodmetal Inlaid Gnollish TotemBulwark of Many PortalsBlack SapphireGold-flecked OreEssence LensTrophy of TalendorForgotten Crypt KeyShadow Wolf PeltMist Wolf PeltSpell: Ward SummonedSpell: Dance of the FirefliesSpell: Invoke LightningLeather Cloak
; Spell: Shadow BellowSpell: Shadow BellowSpell: Unholy BellowSpell: Unholy BellowSpell: Eidolon BellowSpell: Eidolon BellowSpell: JitterskinSpell: JitterskinSpell: Deistic BellowSpell: Deistic BellowSpell: Death's DespairSpell: Death's DespairSpell: Angstlich's Echo of TerrorSong: Angstlich's Echo of Terror ; Bloodmetal Earring of EngagementVelium Practice EarringPalladium Practice EarringPlatinum Geode NecklaceGold Polished Quartz RingGold Polished Quartz RingHypericumStaff of the Observers

New Quests: Gathering of Slime (Crypt of Decay)Rotting Remnants (Crypt of Decay)

Updated Quests: The Nitrates and the AssassinThe TelescopeRogue RedemptionBeastlord Epic: Claw of the Savage SpiritCleric Epic 1.5: Harmony of the SoulWarrior Epic 1.5: Champion's Sword of Eternal PowerCleric Epic 2.0: Aegis of Superior DivinityRogue Epic 1.5: FatestealerWar of JaggedpineA Widow's Last MemorySoF Tradeskill Quest #5: Counting ShadowsHavoc in the HatcheryTower of Rot #4: Narius' PlanTDS Progression #4a: The Pellarus SatumAnniversary Shared Task: Liquid CourageDead WrongTask of Trust: Culling the UnreasonableThe Head of the SnakeCollection: An Ounce of Fetid Flesh (Crypt of Sul) ; Innoruuk DiscipleInnoruuk Regent ; Master Jeweler TestExpert Jeweler TestJourneyman Jeweler Test

New Recipes: Bazu BreastplateLarge Brick of Opal High Quality Steel ; Grandmaster's Medicine Bag

Updated Recipes: Bazu BreastplateOntogenic Planar Energy ; Grandmaster's Medicine BagDistillate of Immunization XDistillate of Antidote XDistillate of Regeneration XRepeating Crossbow

Bestiary Updates: Borxxa murkglider spiritsipperEthruncil DraitiaMalon Lailius [Baking Supplies]a mist wolfa shadow wolfa sewer ratCraftkeeper Irus Tindlefoot [Tradeskill Components]a bloodthirsty citizenKarth PunoxThe PerforatorFountainheadTarris Ellarna relifed hulkXhut Adana bubonian war ratThe Stone DoveZusuu the Mineralista rabid revelera relifed hulkTalendorrotting small ravenan evil eyea dracolicha relifed hulka faithblind hulkJardor Darkpawa grumlinga wandering merchant ; Illusionist Acored [Enchanter Spells 61-70]Illusionist Sevat [Enchanter Spells 26-50]Illusionist Lobaen [Enchanter Spells 51-60]Channeler Olaemos [Wizard Spells 1-25]Channeler Alyrianne [Wizard Spells 61-70]Channeler Cerakoth [Wizard Spells 51-60]Channeler Lariland [Wizard Spells 26-50]Illusionist Jerup [Enchanter Spells 1-25]Minstrel Joet [Bard Songs 26-50]Minstrel Silnon [Bard Songs 61-70]Minstrel Gwiar [Bard Songs 51-60]Minstrel Eoweril [Bard Songs 1-25]Heretic Drahur [Necormancer Spells 1-25]Heretic Elirev [Necromancer Spells 26-50]Heretic Edalith [Necormancer Spells 51-60]Heretic Ceikon [Necromancer Spells 61-70]Reaver Nydlil [Shadow Knight Spells 1-25]Reaver Muron [Shadow Knight Spells 61-70]Reaver Uledrith [Shadow Knight Spells 26-50]Reaver Thirlan [Shadow Knight Spells 51-60]Elementalist Somat [Magician Spells 1-25]Elementalist Kaeob [Magician Spells 26-50]Elementalist Padan [Magician Spells 51-60]Elementalist Siewth [Magician Spells 61-70]Vicar Thiran [Cleric Spells 26-50]Vicar Delin [Cleric Spells 51-60]Vicar Diarin [Cleric Spells 61-70]Vicar Ceraen [Cleric Spells 1-25]Mystic Goharkor [Shaman Spells 26-50]Mystic Ryrin [Shaman Spells 51-60]Mystic Pikor [Shaman Spells 61-70]Wanderer Qenda [Druid Spells 26-50]Wanderer Kedrisan [Druid Spells 61-70]Wanderer Frardok [Druid Spells 51-60]Wanderer Astobin [Druid Spells 1-25]Heldin Swordbreaker [Warrior Tomes]Mystic Abomin [Shaman Spells 1-25]Zhao V`karin [Shadow Knight Tomes]Beorobin Amondson [Monk Tomes]Keshyk Wardorn [Ranger Tomes]Blane Darkblade [Rogue Tomes]Tana Clawguard [Beastlord Tomes]Larquin Julinok [Bard Tomes]Ulin Velnik [Paladin Tomes] ; ZarchoomiDread Overseer Akalodrotting small ravenRoyal Guard Kakator


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