EQ Update #70

Site Updates

In this update, various new ornamentation items that were originally container ornamentations have been uploaded.

Some new jewelry recipes have been entered in with various info tagged to it.

We'll be working on making some of the changes included in the test patch.

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New Items: Slashing Emerald Dragon OrnamentSword of Truth Template ; Hammer of Repudiation

Updated Items: BottleNurgan Herbal AleShort AleCapt. Orlin's Spiced AleRed WineWhite WineBrandyShotglassPacket of Kiola SapMt. Death Mineral SaltsEpidemiologist's Poultice ; ; Electrum Nihilite Earring ; Glittering RingRobe of the Whistling FistsAyonae's Crimson ShawlRaw Shimmering NihiliteVelium Shimmering PendantVelium Shimmering PendantSilver Shimmering RingPlatinum Shimmering PendantGold Shimmering Earring

New Quests: Nurga's Finest

Updated Quests: The Telescope ; Access to Agnarr's Tower ; Enchanter Epic 1.5: Oculus of PersuasionZakariv's Shattered SwordLost Lumpling

New Recipes: Gold Shimmering EarringVelium Shimmering PendantPlatinum Shimmering PendantSilver Shimmering Ring

Updated Recipes: Electrum Amethyst Ring ; Electrum Amethyst RingElectrum Nihilite EarringElectrum Shimmering EarringElectrum Shimmering Earring (non-enchanted) ; Drake-SpikesGold Shimmering Earring (non-enchanted)Silver Shimmering Ring (non-enchanted)Electrum Shimmering EarringElectrum Shimmering Earring (non-enchanted)Platinum Shimmering Pendant (non-enchanted)Velium Shimmering Pendant (non-enchanted)Large Sandblasted Steel Bracer

Bestiary Updates: a drachnid widowDronan bodyshield ; Zusuu the MineralistPoguu the HerbalistSagaag [Bartender] ; Grenix MucktailThe Fabled Solusek Ro ; Brother BalatinThrak RiftwingShera BannethKlaren DunnCaptain KrasnokThe Crypt KeeperHateful Mist




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