EQ Update #69

Site Updates

In this update, new comments have been caught up to this post.

Also a bunch of recipes were created and updated by Grizabelle and Drewinette. Some GoD recipes were corrected and created by me thanks to Tobynn for pointed the needed changes.

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Updated Items: Scroll: Telanama Rk. IIScroll: Thricewoven Potential Rk. IIScroll: Rime Cascade Rk. IISpell: Crystallizing Circle Rk. IIDew CloverFlake of Lodestone

Updated Items: Robe of the Whistling Fists ;  Ayonae's Crimson Shawl ;  Raw Shimmering Nihilite ;  Velium Shimmering Pendant ;  Velium Shimmering Pendant ;  Silver Shimmering Ring ;  Platinum Shimmering Pendant ;  Gold Shimmering Earring ;  Shimmering Nihilite ;  Shimmering Nihilite ;  Dew Clover ;  Flake of Lodestone ;  Rubicite Vambraces ;  Decayed Right Gauntlet ;  Decayed Chainmail ;  Decayed Left Bracer ;  Decayed Right Vambrace ;  Decayed Right Legplate ;  Decayed Visor ;  Decayed Left Boot ;  Decayed Right Bracer ;  Decayed Left Gauntlet ;  Decayed Right Boot ;  Decayed Left Vambrace ;  Decayed Left Legplate ;  Decayed Helm ;  Decayed Breastplate ;  Grimy Lance ;  Tradeskill Basics : Volume II ;  Tradeskill Basics : Volume I ;  Enormous Seascale ;  Seascale Talisman ;  Abalone Earring ;  Putrid Chunk of Moss ;  Ornate Coral Armguards ;  Sharkbone Earring ;  Amulet of the Starfish ;  Spectral Parchment ; Monstrous Zombie Heart ;  Pulsating Hyacinth Telesm ;  Emerald Ring ;  Shimmering Kylong Buckler ;  V'Deers' Rod of the Dragoon ;  Magma Stone ;  Greater Clawed Tablet of the Ring of Scale ;  Cursed Flames Staff ;  Kylong War Knife ;  Glowing Kylong Orb ;  Scorpikis Worry Stone ;  Oversized Horn ;  Oversized Shovel ;  Oversized Pickaxe ;  Oversized Throwing Hammer ;  Oversized Torch ;  Oversized Greatsword ;  Oversized Greataxe ;  Oversized Fist Spikes ;  Nightmare Saddle ;  Satchel of the Combine Hero ;  Amorphous Cohort's Leggings ;  Amorphous Cohort's Gauntlets ;  Amorphous Cohort's Helm ;  Amorphous Cohort's Breastplate ;  Velvet Choker

Updated Quests: The Etched Stone ;  Scouts Leggings ;  Jagged Pine Crook Staff ;  Enchanter Epic 1.5: Oculus of Persuasion ;  Zakariv's Shattered Sword ;  Fishlord Ring Event ;  Lost Lumpling ;  Anniversary Group Task: Summoning the Master ;  For My Information  ; Achievement: Nature's Corrupted Candy

New Recipes: Electrum Trio Earring ;  Electrum Solo Veil ;  Shimmering Nihilite Short Haft Kit ;  Shimmering Nihilite Small Head Kit ;  Shimmering Nihilite Claws Kit ;  Shimmering Nihilite Short Blade Kit ;  Shimmering Nihilite Short Hilt Kit ;  Shimmering Nihilite Long Hilt Kit ;  Shimmering Nihilite Long Blade Kit ; Shimmering Nihilite Long Haft Kit ;  Shimmering Nihilite Large Head Kit ;  Shimmering Nihilite Cestus Kit ;  Shimmering Nihilite Small Hilt Kit ;  Shimmering Nihilite Small Blade Kit ;  Shimmering Nihilite Spear Blade Kit ;  Drake-Spikes ;  Shimmering Nihilite Spear Haft Kit ;  Gold Shimmering Earring (non-enchanted) ; Silver Shimmering Ring (non-enchanted) ;  Electrum Shimmering Earring ;  Electrum Shimmering Earring (non-enchanted) ;  Electrum Practice Bracelet ;  Platinum Shimmering Pendant (non-enchanted) ;  Gold Trio Veil ;  Gold Trio Bracelet ;  Faceted Hyacinth ;  Electrum Trio Ring ;  Trilion Cut Shimmering Nihilite ; Velium Shimmering Pendant (non-enchanted) ;  Gold Duo Ring ;  Gold Duo Pendant ;  Gold Duo Veil ;  Gold Duo Bracelet ;  Electrum Duo Bracelet ;  Electrum Duo Ring ;  Compartmented Gold Trio Ring ;  Gold Practice Bracelet ;  Electrum Duo Earring ;  Gold Duo Earring ;  Compartmented Feymetal Trio Ring ; Compartmented Feymetal Trio Veil ;  Compartmented Feymetal Trio Bracelet ;  Compartmented Feymetal Trio Pendant ;  Compartmented Feymetal Trio Earring ;  Feymetal Solo Bracelet ;  Feymetal Solo Earring ;  Feymetal Solo Pendant ;  Feymetal Solo Ring ;  Feymetal Solo Veil ;  Feymetal Duo Bracelet ; Feymetal Duo Earring ;  Feymetal Duo Pendant ;  Feymetal Duo Ring ;  Feymetal Duo Veil ;  Electrum Practice Veil ;  Electrum Duo Veil ;  Gold Practice Ring ;  Electrum Solo Earring ;  Electrum Trio Veil ;  Compartmented Gold Trio Bracelet ;  Compartmented Gold Trio Earring ;  Compartmented Gold Trio Veil ; Compartmented Gold Trio Pendant ;  Electrum Duo Pendant ;  Gold Trio Ring ;  Gold Trio Earring ;  Gold Trio Pendant ;  Gold Practice Earring ;  Gold Practice Pendant ;  Gold Practice Veil ;  Electrum Trio Pendant ;  Electrum Trio Bracelet ;  Electrum Solo Bracelet ;  Electrum Solo Pendant ;  Electrum Solo Ring ; Compartmented Alaran Metal Trio Veil ;  Compartmented Alaran Metal Trio Earring ;  Compartmented Alaran Metal Trio Bracelet ;  Compartmented Alaran Metal Trio Pendant ;  Compartmented Alaran Metal Trio Ring ;  Electrum Practice Earring ;  Electrum Practice Pendant ;  Electrum Practice Ring ;  Large Sandblasted Steel Bracer  ; Tonic of Distance Affinity V (Versluierd Fungus)Tonic of Efficiency Affinity V (Versluierd Fungus)Tonic of Magic Affinity V (Versluierd Fungus)Tonic of Heat Affinity V (Versluierd Fungus)Tonic of Regeneration Affinity V (Versluierd Fungus)Tonic of Contagion Affinity V (Versluierd Fungus)Tonic of Gelid Affinity V (Versluierd Fungus)Tonic of Chromatic Affinity V (Versluierd Fungus)Tonic of Toxin Affinity V (Versluierd Fungus)Spell: Crystallizing Circle Rk. IIScroll: Rime Cascade Rk. IIScroll: Thricewoven Potential Rk. IIScroll: Telanama Rk. II

Updated Recipes: Lodestone Scribed SwatchRobe of LodestoneDew Clover Etched SwatchRobe of Dew

Bestiary Updates: Xenyari Lisariel ;  Splintered Claw ;  Brother Balatin ;  A Lizard Ritualist ;  Korta Archpriest Bhotea ;  a neuralgic huntress ;  Captain Krasnok ;  Orechomper ;  a forest giant madcutter ;  a forest giant verdant ;  a forest giant clearcutter ;  a forest giant fury ;  a forest giant keep guard ;  a forest giant laborer ;  a forest giant axe-rager ;  a forest giant militant ;  a forest giant carpenter ;  a forest giant elite ;  a forest giant lookout ;  a forest giant madaxe ;  a forest giant ancient ;  an arisen convert ;  The Arisen Dragoon T`Vex ;  Nureya Arisen ;  General V`Deers, the Arisen ;  The Crypt Keeper ;  Hateful Mist


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