EQ Update #68

Site Updates

In this update, many new ornamentations have been uploaded that were old container ornamentations converted over to augs.

A few spell recipes were updated and some new spell scroll recipes were entered.

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New Items: Draconic Great Hammer OrnamentationDraconic Dagger OrnamentationDraconic Blade OrnamentationDraconic Spear OrnamentationDraconic Hammer OrnamentationDraconic Great Blade OrnamentationDraconic Fist OrnamentationRallosian Greatsword OrnamentationRallosian Dagger OrnamentationRallosian Club OrnamentationRallosian Claw OrnamentationRallosian Blade OrnamentationTunarian Staff OrnamentationTunarian Dagger OrnamentationTunarian Great Axe OrnamentationTunarian Great Staff OrnamentationTunarian Spear OrnamentationTunarian Blade Ornamentation ; Validus Custodus Longbow OrnamentationTransient Bow of Solar Winds OrnamentationVanazir, Dreamer's Despair OrnamentationWurmslayer OrnamentationTimeless Coral Greatsword OrnamentationVyledorinajirnak OrnamentationPlanar Scorched Greatbow OrnamentationThe Sword of Ssraeshza OrnamentationStaff of Transcendence OrnamentationSister's Opulent Backstabber OrnamentationShort Sword of the Ykesha OrnamentationSarnak Battle Shield OrnamentationObsidian Scale Wand OrnamentationObsidian Scale Katana OrnamentationPlanar Scorched Flail OrnamentationObsidian Scale Great Staff OrnamentationObsidian Scale Greatspear OrnamentationPlanar Scorched Glaive OrnamentationShinai of the Ancients OrnamentationObsidian Scale Longsword OrnamentationObsidian Scale Bulwark OrnamentationPlanar Scorched Cat Claws OrnamentationObsidian Scale Hammer OrnamentationObsidian Scale Skean OrnamentationPlanar Scorched Combat Staff OrnamentationObsidian Scale Wakizashi OrnamentationObsidian Scale Tonfa OrnamentationPlanar Scorched Dueling Blade OrnamentationShield of Bane Warding OrnamentationObsidian Scale Greatsword OrnamentationObsidian Scale Bow OrnamentationPlanar Scorched Buckler OrnamentationObsidian Scale Great Hammer OrnamentationObsidian Scale Curved Stiletto OrnamentationPlanar Scorched Bladed Mace OrnamentationSplit Blade of Destruction OrnamentationObsidian Scale Spiked Whip OrnamentationObsidian Scale Crescent Shield OrnamentationPlanar Scorched Ranseur OrnamentationRod of the Ruined OrnamentationSwiftcleave, the Flesh Carver OrnamentationRunic Bloodstained Maul OrnamentationBarrier of Black OrnamentationBrightwood Spear OrnamentationBow of the Whispering Wind OrnamentationDarkblade of the Warlord OrnamentationBulwark of the Firebringer OrnamentationGlowing Black Stone OrnamentationJagged Onyx Staff OrnamentationKranigan's Fist OrnamentationGreat Axe of Twin Flames OrnamentationBow of Doom OrnamentationBlack Handled Bonebreaker OrnamentationBlade of War OrnamentationBlack Acrylia Spear Ornament MoldEquifinis OrnamentationMindreaper Club OrnamentationBall of Sunlight OrnamentationKrattk the Lion Tamer OrnamentationArcane Maul of Celestial Destiny OrnamentationCauldron Minion Lance OrnamentationBloodied Berserker's Blade OrnamentationNaraithus OrnamentationGreatstaff of the Four Winds OrnamentationCenti Warspear OrnamentationCeramic Great Mace Ornament MoldBlack Acrylia Blade Ornament MoldCeramic Dagger Ornament MoldBlack Acrylia War Hammer Ornament MoldCeramic Blade Ornament MoldBlack Acrylia Halberd Ornament MoldCeramic Spear Ornament MoldCeramic Mace Ornament MoldBlack Acrylia Great Mace Ornament MoldCeramic Great Blade Ornament MoldBlack Acrylia Dagger Ornament MoldCeramic Spikefist Ornament MoldAegis of Blackscales OrnamentationAncient Prismatic Brawl Stick OrnamentationAligned Long Spear Ornamentation

Updated Items: Spell: Magmatic Downpour Rk. IIScroll: Magmatic Outburst Rk. II ; Scroll: Cloudburst Tempest Rk. IIScroll: Claw of the Abyss Rk. IISpell: Frozen Venom Rk. IISpell: Frozen Venin Rk. II

New Recipes: Scroll: Magmatic Outburst Rk. IISpell: Magmatic Downpour Rk. II ; Spell: Frozen Venin Rk. IISpell: Frozen Venom Rk. IIScroll: Claw of the Abyss Rk. IIScroll: Cloudburst Tempest Rk. II

Updated Recipes: Stone Furniture BaseStone Furniture FrameStone Furniture Leg

Updated Quests: Achievement: Dem BonesAchievement: Smite Makes Right

Bestiary Updates: a Splitpaw assassinYiz Pon ; `Doctor` Brinda Sprockets petexplosive deviceThe Arisen Dragoon T`VexArisen Mentor SishallanThe Arisen Admiral Tylix


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