EQ Update #67

Site Updates

In this update, many more smithing and jewelcrafting recipes were updated with various info by Grizabelle.

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New Items: Gembladed Axe OrnamentationCollection of Books

New Recipes: Bazu Boots

Updated Recipes: Oval Cut Underfoot DiamondAcrylia BoningAcrylia StudsAcrylia Chain VeilAcrylia Chain BraceletAcrylia Chain GorgetAcrylia Chain SleevesAcrylia Chain SkirtAcrylia Chain BootsAcrylia Chain GlovesAcrylia Chain CoifAcrylia Chain MantleAcrylia Chain LeggingsAcrylia Chain CloakAcrylia Chain MailAcrylia RingsBloodmetal Earring of EngagementAcrylia-Bladed WakizashiAcrylia Chain JointingAcrylia BreastplateAcrylia Plate BootsAcrylia Plate BracerAcrylia Plate CollarAcrylia Plate GauntletsAcrylia Plate GirdleAcrylia Plate GreavesAcrylia Plate HelmAcrylia Plate PauldronAcrylia Plate Splinted CloakAcrylia Plate VambracesAcrylia Plate VisorAntonican NeedleAcrylia BitsOval Cut Prestidigitase Platinum RingOval Cut Staurolite Platinum RingPalladium Practice RingPalladium Practice VeilOval Mount Gold EarringPalladium Practice BraceletPalladium Practice EarringPalladium Practice PendantOval Mount Platinum RingOval Mount Gold RingAmbleshift's Golden Display Panel Front PlatePolished Bloodflow StonePolished Boneflow StonePolished Emberflow StonePolished Fireflow StonePolished Mossflow StonePolished Mudflow StonePolished Shadowflow StonePolished Skyflow StonePolished Stormflow StonePolished Voidflow StonePolished Waterflow StoneRadiant Cut Bloodflow StoneRadiant Cut Boneflow StoneRadiant Cut Emberflow StoneRadiant Cut Fireflow StoneRadiant Cut Mossflow StoneRadiant Cut Mudflow StoneRadiant Cut Shadowflow StoneRadiant Cut Skyflow StoneRadiant Cut Starflow StoneRadiant Cut Stormflow StoneRadiant Cut Voidflow StoneRadiant Cut Waterflow StoneRadiant Cut CitrineRadiant Cut SodaliteRadiant Cut TitaniteRadiant Cut KyaniteRadiant Cut ApatiteRadiant Cut CelestineRadiant Cut HowliteRadiant Cut SphaleriteRadiant Cut TourmalineBazu BootsAntonican Sewing KitPolished Stone Luck PiecePolished ApatitePolished CelestinePolished CitrinePolished HowlitePolished KyanitePolished SodalitePolished SphaleritePolished TitanitePolished TourmalineBrilliant Cut ApatiteAmbleshift's Display Panel Front PlateBlue IndicatorRed IndicatorOval Cut PrestidigitaseOval Cut Prestidigitase Palladium RingOval Mount Palladium RingOval Cut TaaffeiteOval Cut Taaffeite Palladium EarringOval Mount Palladium EarringOval Cut Taaffeite Palladium PendantOval Mount Palladium PendantOval Cut Taaffeite Palladium RingOval Cut StaurolitePalladium Duo BraceletPalladium Trio VeilPalladium Solo EarringOval Cut Prestidigitase Silver PendantOval Cut Staurolite Silver PendantPalladium Duo EarringAmbleshift's Opal Display Panel Front PlateBattle Bolts/Battle Gears (Battle Cam Parts)Battle Bolts/Battle Gears (Battle Cam Parts)Battle Bolts/Battle Gears (Battle Cam Parts)Oval Cut Prestidigitase Silver RingOval Mount Gold PendantOval Cut Taaffeite Velium RingOval Cut Staurolite Velium RingAmbleshift's Basic Display Panel Front PlatePalladium Trio BraceletPalladium Trio EarringPalladium Trio PendantPalladium Trio RingPalladium Duo RingPalladium Solo RingLarge Acrylia Plate CollarOval Mount Velium RingOval Cut MiragestonePalladium Duo PendantOval Cut Prestidigitase Velium RingOval Cut Staurolite Gold RingLarge Acrylia Plate GauntletsOval Mount Velium EarringOval Mount Velium PendantOval Cut Staurolite Palladium RingOval Cut Staurolite Palladium PendantOval Cut Staurolite Palladium EarringPalladium Solo PendantOval Mount Electrum RingAlaran Metal BarAlaran Metal Trio EarringOval Cut Prestidigitase Gold PendantOval Mount Electrum EarringOval Mount Electrum PendantOval Mount Platinum EarringOval Mount Platinum PendantOval Mount Silver EarringPalladium Solo VeilPalladium Solo BraceletPalladium Duo VeilOval Cut Taaffeite Velium EarringOval Cut Taaffeite Electrum RingOval Cut Taaffeite Platinum RingOval Cut Taaffeite Gold EarringOval Cut Taaffeite Platinum PendantOval Cut Taaffeite Silver RingOval Cut Taaffeite Gold RingOval Cut Taaffeite Silver EarringOval Cut Taaffeite Electrum EarringOval Cut Taaffeite Platinum EarringOval Cut Taaffeite Electrum PendantOval Cut Taaffeite Silver PendantOval Cut Taaffeite Gold PendantOval Cut Taaffeite Velium PendantOval Cut Staurolite Electrum RingOval Cut Staurolite Electrum EarringOval Cut Staurolite Electrum PendantOval Cut Staurolite Gold EarringOval Cut Staurolite Gold PendantAlaran Metal Trio RingAlaran Metal Solo VeilAlaran Metal Trio PendantOval Cut Staurolite Platinum EarringOval Cut Staurolite Velium PendantOval Cut Staurolite Velium EarringOval Cut Staurolite Platinum PendantOval Cut Staurolite Silver RingOval Cut Staurolite Silver EarringOval Cut Prestidigitase Electrum EarringOval Cut Prestidigitase Electrum RingOval Cut Prestidigitase Electrum PendantOval Cut Prestidigitase Platinum EarringOval Cut Prestidigitase Platinum PendantOval Cut Prestidigitase Silver EarringOval Cut Prestidigitase Velium PendantOval Cut Prestidigitase Gold EarringOval Cut Prestidigitase Gold RingOval Cut Prestidigitase Velium EarringOval Cut Prestidigitase Palladium EarringOval Cut Prestidigitase Palladium PendantAlaran Metal Trio BraceletAlaran Metal Trio VeilAlaran Metal Duo BraceletRefined GemstonesAlliance SwordsAlaran Metal Solo RingArmor of GuidanceAlaran Metal Duo EarringAlaran Metal Duo PendantAlaran Metal Duo RingAlaran Metal Duo VeilAlaran Metal Solo BraceletAlaran Metal Solo EarringAlaran Metal Solo Pendant


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