EQ Update #65

Site Updates

In this update, Planes of Power Elemental Armor recipes were given expansion tags along with consume container and class tags.

Also the Planes of Power progression wiki article for armor has been updated to show all ornate and elemental armor along with recipe links.

Grizabelle tagged more jewelcrafting recipes with various info.

I've started going through new comments and updating them. I'll try to get a bunch knocked out today.

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New Items: Epidemiologist's Poultice ; Legend of the Oathbreaker - JesterLegend of the Storm Break - JesterSebilisian Dagger Ornamentation

Updated Items: Tuft of Grizzly Bear FurPhobonomicon of Thul Tae EwTear Encrusted Obsidian QuillVenril Sathir CharmConsigned Bite of the Shissar XIXMagma StoneScaled Cap FacetGlowing Clawed Tablet of the Ring of ScaleConflagrant DiamondCliff Stone ; Fabled Amulet of the ShrineAmulet of the ShrineSignet of the ShrineFabled Signet of the ShrineMark of the MasterFabled Rod of the HealersBracers of the WarlordLifegivers TomeSpell: Aura of the ZealotDog in a CrateGnoll in a BarrelBird in a CageBig Cat in a Bag

New Quests: Blizzard AmbushHunting in the Commonlands ; Adoptable familiars (marketplace)

Updated Recipes:   Imbued Silver Rose RingPhobonomicon of Thul Tae EwAskr's Thunderous ArmplatesAskr's Thunderous BootsAskr's Thunderous BracerAskr's Thunderous GauntletsAskr's Thunderous GreavesAskr's Thunderous HelmAskr's Thunderous ChainmailBidilis' Boots of the ElusiveBidilis' Bracer of the ElusiveBidilis' Gauntlet of the ElusiveBidilis' Greaves of the ElusiveBidilis' Helm of the ElusiveBidilis' Sleeves of the ElusiveBidilis' Hauberk of the ElusiveRosrak's Boots of the PrimalRosrak's Bracer of the PrimalRosrak's Gauntlets of the PrimalRosrak's Greaves of the PrimalRosrak's Hauberk of the PrimalRosrak's Helm of the PrimalRosrak's Sleeves of the PrimalGrimror's Boots of the PlaguesGrimror's Bracer of the PlaguesGrimror's Gauntlets of the PlaguesGrimror's Greaves of the PlaguesGrimror's Helm of the PlaguesGrimror's Sleeves of the PlaguesGrimror's Guard of the PlaguesRaex's Armplates of DestructionRaex's Boots of DestructionRaex's Bracer of DestructionRaex's Chestplate of DestructionRaex's Gauntlets of DestructionRaex's Greaves of DestructionRaex's Helm of DestructionTrydan's Armplates of NobilityTrydan's Boots of NobilityTrydan's Bracer of NobilityTrydan's Chestplate of NobilityTrydan's Greaves of NobilityTrydan's Gauntlets of NobilityTrydan's Helm of NobilityUltor's Boots of FaithUltor's Bracer of FaithUltor's Gauntlets of FaithUltor's Greaves of FaithUltor's Helm of FaithUltor's Vambraces of FaithMaelin's Bracelet of LoreMaelin's Gloves of LoreMaelin's Leggings of LoreMaelin's Robe of LoreMaelin's Skullcap of LoreMaelin's Sleeves of LoreMaelin's Shoes of LoreMiragul's Crown of Risen SoulsMiragul's Gloves of Risen SoulsMiragul's Greaves of Risen SoulsMiragul's Shoes of Risen SoulsMiragul's Shroud of Risen SoulsMiragul's Sleeves of Risen SoulsRomar's Bracer of VisionsRomar's Circlet of VisionsRomar's Gloves of VisionsRomar's Pantaloons of VisionsRomar's Robe of VisionsRomar's Sleeves of VisionsRomar's Slippers of VisionsDumul's Boots of the BruteDumul's Bracer of the BruteDumul's Cap of the BruteDumul's Chestwraps of the BruteDumul's Gloves of the BruteDumul's Leggings of the BruteDumul's Sleeves of the BruteKerasha's Sylvan BootsKerasha's Sylvan BracerKerasha's Sylvan CapKerasha's Sylvan GlovesKerasha's Sylvan LeggingsKerasha's Sylvan SleevesKerasha's Sylvan TunicTon Po's Chestwraps of ComposureTon Po's Gloves of ComposureTon Po's Helm of ComposureTon Po's Leggings of ComposureTon Po's Sandals of ComposureTon Po's Sleeves of ComposureTon Po's Wristwraps of ComposureSimple ClaspPrismatic Palladium BarJewelers GlassGlass DiskSilver Solo VeilSilver Duo BraceletMarquise Cut Staurolite Platinum RingSilver Duo EarringSilver Solo EarringSilver Duo RingRound Cut Staurolite Gold RingRound Cut Staurolite Electrum PendantRound Cut Staurolite Electrum RingRound Cut Staurolite Gold EarringRound Cut Staurolite Gold PendantRound Cut Staurolite Electrum EarringSilver Practice EarringSilver Duo PendantSilver Duo VeilSilver Solo PendantSilver Solo BraceletSilver Solo RingMarquise Cut Staurolite Platinum PendantMarquise Cut Staurolite Platinum EarringImbued Silver Amber RingImbued Silver Plains Ring

Bestiary Updates: Innkeep Harolda white wolfa snow orc trooperJoffin SinclayWinon GlaharSydell DanannDroganoth Hrothgara black bearSelendia GeogoVermistipusThe Arisen Dragoon T`VemThe Great SentinelGuardian Elle, the Exalted ; An Elder Shrine GargoyleThe Fabled Jortreva the CrusaderThe Fabled Susarrak the CrusaderThe Fabled Charayan the CrusaderThe Fabled Grendish the CrusaderThe Fabled Queen KvaknakLynea The Pet Collector


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