EQ Update #64

Site Updates

In this update, Planar Ornate armor for Planes of Power had their recipes given an expansion tag along with the correct class and consumed containers flags set. So you can now search for those using the recipe search tool. I'll work on Elemental armor recipes soon too.

I am working on updating the armor guide on the PoP progression wiki as well with all of the armor. I should have that done sometime today.

Grizabelle marked a bunch of jewelcrafting recipes with new tags such as Innate Recipe and Learned Recipe.

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New Items: Depowered Skull of NullDamaged Torn PagesTattered Expedition LogIllegible Torn PagesCrumpled Torn PagesLamariea's Amulet5 Dose Distillate of Skinspikes XISeafood Platter

Updated Items: Spell: SavageryShattered Chain FragmentDruzzil's Mystical Sewing KitJymall's Wristguard of FrenzyJymall's Tunic of FrenzyJymall's Sleeves of FrenzyJymall's Leggings of FrenzyJymall's Gloves of FrenzyJymall's Coif of FrenzyJymall's Boots of FrenzyMaking a Mixed Drink

New Recipes: Seafood PlatterElaborate Seashine Armband

Updated Recipes: Ability: Mass Enchant CosgriteMounted Blue DiamondMounted DiamondMounted Black SapphireMounted JacinthEthereal TemperEthereal Metal RingsUnfired Velium VialArmplates of Emblazoned SoulsBoots of Emblazoned SoulsBracer of Emblazoned SoulsBreastplate of Emblazoned SoulsGauntlets of Emblazoned SoulsGreaves of Emblazoned SoulsHelm of Emblazoned SoulsBoots of Vengeful FuryBreastplate of Vengeful FuryGauntlets of Vengeful FuryGreaves of Vengeful FuryHelm of Vengeful FuryVambraces of Vengeful FuryWristplates of Vengeful FuryComposers BootsComposer's GauntletsComposers VambracesComposers BracerComposers ChestplateComposers GreavesComposers HelmetKizrak's Armband of BattleKizrak's Boots of BattleKizrak's Bracer of BattleKizrak's Chestplate of BattleKizrak's Gauntlets of BattleKizrak's Greaves of BattleKizrak's Helmet of BattleJaylia's Boots of the ValiantJaylia's Helm of the ValiantJaylia's Legplates of the ValiantJaylia's Valiant BracerJaylia's Valiant ChestplateJaylia's Valiant GauntletsJaylia's Valiant VambracesPlanestriders BootsPlanestriders WristguardPlanestriders GauntletsPlanestriders GreavesPlanestriders HelmPlanestriders HauberkPlanestriders VambracesScaled Avatar's BootsScaled Avatar's BracerScaled Avatar's GlovesScaled Avatar's HauberkScaled Avatar's HelmScaled Avatar's LeggingsScaled Avatar's SleevesStanos' Wicked BootsStanos' Wicked BracerStanos' Wicked BreastplateStanos' Wicked GauntletsStanos' Wicked HelmetStanos' Wicked LeggingsStanos' Wicked SleevesArantir's Bracelet of DiscoveryArantir's Circlet of DiscoveryArantir's Gloves of DiscoveryArantir's Robe of DiscoveryArantir's Leggings of DiscoveryArantir's Sandals of DiscoveryArantir's Sleeves of DiscoveryElemental Bracelet of the PrimeElemental Cap of the PrimeElemental Leggings of the PrimeElemental Shroud of the PrimeElemental Slippers of the PrimeElemental Sleeves of the PrimeElemental Gloves of the PrimeSilken Augmenter's BraceletSilken Augmenter's CapSilken Augmenter's GlovesSilken Augmenter's PantaloonsSilken Augmenter's RobeSilken Augmenter's ShoesSilken Augmenter's SleevesVorshar's Circlet of the BlightVorshar's Gloves of the BlightVorshar's Manacle of the BlightVorshar's Pants of the BlightVorshar's Robe of the BlightVorshar's Sleeves of the BlightVorshar's Slippers of the BlightArmguards of EnlightenmentBracer of EnlightenmentChestwraps of EnlightenmentGauntlets of EnlightenmentLeggings of EnlightenmentSlippers of EnlightenmentBoots of the Khati ShaGloves of the Khati ShaLeggings of the Khati ShaBracer of the Khati ShaSleeves of the Khati ShaTunic of the Khati ShaWanderer's Sylvan BootsWanderer's Sylvan BracerWanderer's Sylvan GlovesWanderer's Sylvan LeggingsWanderer's Sylvan SleevesWanderer's Sylvan TunicWanderer's Sylvan CapHeaddress of the Khati ShaHelm of EnlightenmentSilver Lapis Lazuli NecklaceJymall's Wristguard of FrenzyJymall's Gloves of FrenzyJymall's Boots of FrenzyJymall's Coif of FrenzyJymall's Leggings of FrenzyJymall's Sleeves of FrenzyJymall's Tunic of FrenzySugar and Spice Nectar PieWhite Rose CreamBoiling BogSmall Bottle of Soy SauceSilver Opal Engagement Ring (non-enchanted)Topaz Silver Necklace (non-enchanted)Half-Moon Mount Silver EarringJaded Silver RingSilver Amber RingSilver Emerald RingSilver Rose Engagement Ring (non-enchanted)Silver Wolf's Eye Necklace (non-enchanted)Silvered Pearl Ring (non-enchanted)Round Mount Silver EarringRound Mount Silver PendantRound Mount Silver RingSquare Mount Silver RingHalf-Moon Mount Silver PendantTrilion Mount Silver RingOval Mount Silver PendantTrilion Mount Silver EarringTrilion Mount Silver PendantOval Mount Silver RingHalf-Moon Mount Silver RingSilver Jasper Ring (non-enchanted)Sacred Vicious Symbol of HatePear Mount Silver RingGeerlok Hypermodulating ToolGeerlok Hypermodulating ToolGeerlok Hypermodulating ToolGeerlok Hypermodulating ToolGeerlok Hypermodulating ToolGeerlok Hypermodulating ToolSilver ForkPear Mount Silver EarringSilver Carnelian Wedding RingMarquise Mount Silver RingMarquise Mount Silver EarringSquare Mount Silver PendantSilver Onyx BraceletMarquise Mount Silver PendantTailored Legendary White BackpackSilver Bloodstone EarringPear Mount Silver PendantSilver Malachite RingSilver Hematite RingSilver Cat Eye NecklaceSilver Turquoise BraceletSilver Practice RingSquare Mount Silver EarringOval Mount Silver EarringSilver Malachite RingAthletic Phlogiston BeltAthletic Phlogiston EarringAthletic Phlogiston RingFleet Phlogiston BeltFleet Phlogiston EarringFleet Phlogiston RingIngenious Phlogiston BeltIngenious Phlogiston EarringIngenious Phlogiston RingPhlogiston Necklace of AdroitnessPhlogiston Necklace of SecurityPhlogiston Necklace of VigorQuick Phlogiston BeltQuick Phlogiston EarringQuick Phlogiston RingSavvy Phlogiston BeltSavvy Phlogiston EarringSavvy Phlogiston RingSummoner's Phlogiston EarringVital Phlogiston BeltVital Phlogiston EarringVital Phlogiston RingSecure Phlogiston Ring

Bestiary Updates: Bargol Halith [Brewing Supplies]Basur TuQualBor WharhammerYitimis Groglenog [Brewing Supplies]Wahe OopiQuanarn DereusBrewmaster Ishaq [Brewing Supplies]LiviuBrewmaster Berina [Brewing Merchant]Mercator Salinator [Brewing Supplies]a crazed Chelakia bloodthirsty carrion bat


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