EQ Update #63

Site Updates

In this update, KoryuRagestorm updated A Formal Dinner Party with missing text, some quest items and clarified some steps and how to solve the puzzle. He also updated the Skull of Null task by updating missing item links, info and quest giver text.

Speaking of Skull of Null, the item group for this was added. It will require people to run those items through the item collector again which is being worked on at the moment. We'll let ya know when it's updated for the latest patch.

Grizzabelle updated a bunch of jewelcrafting recipes with info on wether they count towards 350 skill, their daybreak recipe id's and such.

We should be running the spell parser today along with pushing the recipe changes live. I'll let ya all know when we do either.

Edit: Spells are updated and recipe changes are now live.

Edit: Item Collector is now patched for the 4-18-2018 patch.

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Updated Items: Bloodforged Plate GreavesJeweled Skull of NullIksar-like SkullUnwilling Drake HarnessBroken Armor StrapSmall Phial of Holy WaterBattle Worn SwordMedicant's KitBattle Worn Consecrated MaceSeparated SpikeSheered Bolt HeadWrist WeightsShattered Chain FragmentSmall Bag of ComponentsTriangular Metal ShardBent StudBattle Worn BatonBattle Worn Great AxeScroll: Seronvall's Animation Rk. IIPhlogiston Charm of Security

Updated Quests: Sabotage!PoR Level 70 Spell #3: Message to the PastA Formal Dinner PartySkull of Null

New Recipes: Phlogiston Charm of SecurityScroll: Seronvall's Animation Rk. II

Updated Recipes: Mounted Black SapphireMarquise Cut Amber NihiliteMarquise Cut Indigo NihiliteOval Cut Fire EmeraldHalf-Moon Cut GosheniteSimple ClaspSimple Copper RingSimple Brass ArmbandSimple Silver ChainWayfarer Signet RingSimple Pale Nihilite EarringSimple Pale Nihilite RingSimple Pale Nihilite PendantJewelers GlassJewelers Glass CupJewelers Glass LensHalf-Moon Mount Silver EarringJeweler Ceramic ClayOval Cut DemantoidTrilion Cut AmethystMarquise Cut AlexandriteMarquise Cut Crimson NihilitePear Cut Star RubySquare Cut RubyTrilion Cut SapphireTrilion Cut Shimmering NihiliteTrilion Cut AmberTrilion Cut TopazFear Jewel of LifeIridescent Scale HeaddressSquare Cut Conflagrant DiamondTrillion Cut Conflagrant DiamondMarquise Cut Conflagrant DiamondOval Cut Conflagrant DiamondHalf-moon Cut Conflagrant DiamondPear Cut Conflagrant DiamondRound Cut Conflagrant DiamondCrushed Conflagrant DiamondIncomplete Crestra 's EarringPerfect Cut Conflagrant DiamondDuo Conflagrant EarringDuo Conflagrant NecklaceDuo Conflagrant RingVital Conflagrant EarringFleet Conflagrant EarringQuick Conflagrant EarringIngenious Conflagrant EarringSavvy Conflagrant EarringConflagrant Necklace of SecurityConflagrant Necklace of VigorVital Conflagrant RingFleet Conflagrant RingQuick Conflagrant RingIngenious Conflagrant RingSecure Conflagrant RingTrilion Cut Shimmering Nihilite

Bestiary Updates: Yun Trainer Kintok


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