EQ Update #62

Site Updates

In this update, new comments have been caught up to this post.

Spells will be updated early next week due to some work done on the spell database table.

A fix for the advanced recipe tool and some new features for it will also go live early next week. Below is a screenshot of what it will look like.

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Updated Items: CrysotheriumSpiny Great StaffThick SilkIridium OreDarkplate HelmConflagrant Bone DustTattered Baby SlingEnchanted Dragon ScalePristine Shield of GloryGlowing Clawed Tablet of the Ring of ScaleUnholy ScribingsSaltweedMetallurgy of SoulsCaptured FeralingDinner InvitationTorch of the ElementsErudite Sewing KitSmall Brick of TitaniumGlowing Drake BileSpell: RenewalSpell: Word DivineSpell: Sound of ForceSpell: Shield of WordsSpell: RestorationSpell: ReparationSpell: ReconstituteSpell: ReanimationSpell: ImmobilizeSpell: Expel SummonedPerfect Garnet of ConstitutionCracked Glass KeyPolished Brass KeySmall Stone KeyScuffed Silver KeyCenturio BeltBloodforged Plate Arms OrnamentRaw Crypt-Hunter's GlovesRaw Crypt-Hunter's LeggingsRaw Crypt-Hunter's SleevesRaw Crypt-Hunter's CapPiece of a FeatherMark of Anashti SulHardened Leather BootsColorless VestmentsBroken NecklaceBlackened VeilShattered Stein of MoggokShard of Cabilisian DiamondMangled Medallion of Shar VahlFragmented Felwithe Prayer BeadsFractured Spiritstone of EverfrostDamaged Idol of Rodcet NifeBroken Band of Rodcet NifeCorroded Mark of NeriakTattered RobeAmorphous Cohort's HelmAmorphous Cohort's Breastplate

Updated Quests: EQ Fifth Anniversary Scavenger HuntPoR Level 70 Spell #3: Message to the PastWe Make Our Own RewardsCollection: Raiments of Rot (Crypt of Sul)Collection: Idols of Rot (Crypt of Sul)

Updated Recipes: Silk CordTerrorantula SwatchSteelsilk BracersSteelsilk HelmSteelsilk CollarSteelsilk MaskSteelsilk PauldronSteelsilk BootsSteelsilk GauntletsSteelsilk VambracesSteelsilk WaistbandSteelsilk BreastplateSteelsilk GreavesSteelsilk CloakErudite Sewing Kit (DoN)

Bestiary Updates: Egasia Reenix [Cleric Spells]A Rock GolemFaratain [Smithing Supplies]a grol baku warlordXi Viusa grimy owlbear cubXi Xauia dire sonic wolfa furious BlackhandPixtt VenombladeThe Fabled Neh`Ashiiran elder flame protectorThe Fabled Queen RaltaasThe Fabled General Jared BlaystichPixtt VenombladeSam Napth [13th Anniversary Quests]a fey swarman undead excavatora withered servanta rotting followerSpine EaterGurndal the GracefulFlamewarden Zev`ranan elder flame protectorEmbalming GooTormented AdaloraThe UnderlordVilnak KlavriGuardian Elle, the Exalteda grol baku warlordThe Mechamatic GuardianYiz PonLesser Blade Fiend


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