EQ Update #61

Site Updates

In this update, some new ornament sets were uploaded with screenshots of them thanks to KoryuRagestorm.

Also a variety of items were updated with info, some from new comments.

A variety of quests were updated as well.

A bunch of fishing recipes were updated with info with one new recipe added we didn't have before.

Speaking of recipes, one of our admins Grizbelle reported the advanced recipe search tool wasn't working like it should and I confirmed that as well so I am working on that now. I'll let ya guys know when that gets fixed.

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New Items: Silver Steamwork GearSuit of Clockwork LeatherSuit of Di'Zok PlateSuit of Clockwork PlateSuit of Arcron ClothSuit of Arcron Leather

Updated Items: Esoteric MedallionEsoteric MedallionEsoteric MedallionEnchanted Spirit Wracked CordForgotten Crypt KeySeraph FeatherPristine ScrollSevered SpauldersSpell: Spirit of LightningStarshine MossYewe's Favorite DollWheel of Extra Stinky CheeseArwyn's Aged AleTuft of Halfling Toe HairProteomic's Old SlippersMarcy's DiaryHolagato's ClawsDirty SocksDirty RootsDirty Cloth CapCliff StoneScuffed Traveler's Rucksack

Updated Quests: Red SashAiding Askr (Bastion of Thunder Access)Ciodaru and Kathryn #6: Ciodaru's Fourth GiftMaster Researcher TestEverQuest Anniversary Events: An OverviewAchievement: Fourth Gate Flora & Fauna (Neriak - Fourth Gate)Anniversary Group Mission: Sprucing Up ShakeyAnniversary Shared Task: Korucust's Royal PainGrubbonion's Locked TowerSimple Black Dye for Crescent ReachJourney Into Terror

New Recipes: Filet of Freshwater Fish (Crescent Perch)

Updated Recipes: Busy Bee Circle FlyBusy Bee Dry FlyBusy Bee Treble FlyFire Wing Circle FlyFire Wing Dry FlyFire Wing Treble FlyGiant Bloodsucker Circle FlyGiant Bloodsucker Dry FlyGiant Bloodsucker Treble FlyJelly Bandit Circle FlyJelly Bandit Dry FlyJelly Bandit Treble FlyNight Swooper Circle FlyNight Swooper Dry FlyNight Swooper Treble FlyPurple Trickster Circle FlyPurple Trickster Dry FlyPurple Trickster Treble FlyScreeching Circle FlyScreeching Dry FlyScreeching Treble FlySqueaking Nibbler Circle FlySqueaking Nibbler Dry FlySqueaking Nibbler Treble FlyYappin Doggy Circle FlyYappin Doggy Dry FlyYappin Doggy Treble FlyPrepared Weary WrassYellowjacket Circle FlyYellowjacket Dry FlyYellowjacket Treble FlyPrepared Green GillSlobbering Hound Circle FlySlobbering Hound Dry FlySlobbering Hound Treble FlySmall Bloodsucker Circle FlySmall Bloodsucker Dry FlySmall Bloodsucker Treble FlyPrepared Thunder SalmonBlessed Fishing RodFish FungusChumFilet of Freshwater Fish (Golden Perch)Filet of Freshwater Fish (Splotched Sunfish)Filet of Freshwater Fish (Mountain Trout)Filet of Freshwater Fish (Mountain Catfish)Filet of Freshwater Fish (Blind Catfish)Filet of Freshwater Fish (Mountain Bass)Filet of Freshwater Fish (Shaded Bonefish)Filet of Freshwater Fish (Shadow Trout)Filet of Freshwater Fish (Farwander Gar)Filet of Freshwater Fish (Wayunder Perch)Filet of Freshwater Fish (Dragonscale Bullhead)Conflagrant Fish Scale PatchConflagrant Fish Scale SwatchConflagrant Fish Scale SheetDrake Wing Scaled Polishing ClothChokidai Scale Earring MountSparkling Gossamer Circle FlySparkling Gossamer Treble FlySparkling Gossamer Dry Fly

Bestiary Updates: A Sky DefenderScribe Kaleej [Beastlord Spells]Neffiken, Lord of Kelek`VorGurebk, Lord of KrendicJeplak, Lord of Srerendia basherSpyhunter Zath`rana corrupted lorda death lordDeka the Reapera merchant [Raid Merchant]


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