EQ Update #60

Site Updates

In this update, some new items were uploaded for the quarm server and some PoR drops as well I believe.

Some collectable items for the 19th anniversary quests were updated as well with info.

Also items from the LoN set Storm Break were given a SoD expansion tag.

A few PoR items were given an expansion tag as well along with being tied to their quests.

A bunch of DoDH NPC's were updated with various info.

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New Items: Golden Insignia of Quarm Event ISilver Insignia of Quarm Event ISand-Covered EpaulettesSleeves of the Stone TrunkSand-Covered Axe

Updated Items: Darkhollow Collection BagEssence of the Blood SlaveMoonwalker SpineCrunchy Slither SkinBall of Silk from Mistmoore's ChildrenBefouled Leg BoneSlaver's Spinal FluidCreep Eater's TeethFungus ResinPerfect FangsSpleen from Grokui's Children ; Loam Tainted SlimeWhite Dragon ToothFine Essence of ShadowFine Swirling ShadowsDreadscale HelmDreadscale VambracesDreadscale BracerDreadscale GauntletsDreadscale MaskDreadscale GreavesDreadscale BootsScaled Alloy ArmplatesScaled Alloy BootsScaled Alloy WristguardScaled Alloy BreastplateScaled Alloy GauntletsScaled Alloy GreavesScaled Alloy HelmetShield of Silent ShadowMaul of Silent ShadowBunch of Optic NervesChitin Shell ArmorGigantic ZweihanderWrit of the TruthkeeperWrit of the EagleRoadyle's MaskOnyx Hydra SaddleNimbus of MidnightNimbus of DaylightJade Hydra SaddleCombine Lance OrnamentationCombine Lance OrnamentCombine Katar OrnamentCombine Dirk OrnamentationCombine Dirk OrnamentCombine Claymore OrnamentAspect of the EagleAspect of the BroodAxeBaton of Office

Updated Quests: Paladin Epic 2.0: Nightbane, Sword of the ValiantLDoN Raid: Miragul's Menagerie: Frozen NightmarePieces is PiecesPoR Level 70 Spell #1: The Key To The PastPoR Level 70 Spell #2: The Burning PrinceWhere is Marcia Attamilgad?Lost but Not Forgotten

Updated Recipes: Worked Zweihander

Bestiary Updates: a sporali sporeweavera sporali defendera corathus squirmera sporali replenishera sporali sowera Malgrin acolytea Malgrin citizena Malgrin infantrymana Malgrin merchanta Malgrin sergeanta Malgrin priesta Malgrin soldiera Ragepaw wildspirita Ragepaw bloodtalona Ragepaw feralkina Ragepaw savagefanga Ragepaw howlera Ragepaw ravagera shiliskin battle magea shiliskin soul twistera shiliskin net castera shiliskin spear fisheran Illsalin soldieran Illsalin infantrymana nobleborn shiliskinSlave Regerta witherana Stoneroot basiliska Shadowmane spirit guardiana Shadowmane naturalista Shadowmane nightwhispera Shadowmane pathwalkera Shadowmane elder spirit guidea Shadowmane elder pathwalkera Shadowmane elder nightwhispera Shadowmane elder naturalista Stoneroot tailsmashera ballroom dancera drachnid warriora drachnid hivetendera drachnid corruptora drachnid flamekeepera drachnid enthrallera lost soula befouled flesheatera corathus baitshifteran Illsalin shaman (Undershore)a Ragepaw nightclawa frost-glazed boxBuzoan the Eldera shadowy figureBanshee


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