EQ Update #59

Site Updates

In this update, new comments were caught up to this post.

Some new Prophecy of Ro items coming in and some old Kunark quest items.

There are a list of new items that we're not sure what they're for. You can find a listing of recent new items here.

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New Items: Sleeves of the Stone TrunkSand-Covered AxeFull Fern Flower PouchFern Flower

Updated Items: AxeBaton of OfficeFern Flower PouchFrogskin Shield

Updated Quests: Fern Flower CollectionPoR Level 70 Spell #1: The Key To The PastPoR Level 70 Spell #2: The Burning PrinceLost but Not Forgotten

Bestiary Updates: a man-eating creepera man-eating ferna man-eating planta man-eating shruba man-eating vineJondin [Alchemy Supplies]Marinda FlockwingsBanshee


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