EQ Update #57

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In this update, new comments have been updated to this post.

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Updated Items: Strange Dreadspire TomeSmithy HammerSewing NeedleFileBloodstoneThaell Ew Leather Wrist PatternThaell Ew Plate Wrist MoldThaell Ew Plate Legs MoldThaell Ew Plate Helm MoldThaell Ew Plate Hands MoldThaell Ew Plate Feet MoldThaell Ew Plate Chest MoldThaell Ew Plate Arms MoldThaell Ew Leather Legs PatternThaell Ew Leather Helm PatternThaell Ew Leather Hands PatternThaell Ew Leather Feet PatternThaell Ew Ritual ArmorThaell Ew Leather Chest PatternThaell Ew Leather Arms PatternThaell Ew Cloth Wrist PatternThaell Ew Cloth Robe PatternThaell Ew Cloth Legs PatternThaell Ew Cloth Helm PatternThaell Ew Cloth Hands PatternThaell Ew Cloth Feet PatternThaell Ew Cloth Chest PatternThaell Ew Cloth Arms PatternThaell Ew Chain Wrist PatternThaell Ew Chain Legs PatternThaell Ew Chain Helm PatternThaell Ew Chain Hands PatternThaell Ew Chain Feet PatternThaell Ew Chain Chest PatternThaell Ew Chain Arms PatternPurified Ritual WaterThe MinstrelThe CaptainShip in a BottleThe ButcherOgre Butcher ApronThe BakerGrobb Oven MittensLizardman Scout FifePolished Bone HoopLarge Brick of High Quality OreMagma StoneUndead Froglok's TalismanAmorphous Selrach's SleevesAmorphous Selrach's HelmAmorphous Selrach's GauntletsAmorphous Selrach's LeggingsAmorphous Selrach's BootsOrnate VeilBanded SleevesBanded LeggingsGround DufrenitePowdered DufreniteCrushed DufreniteBanded Bracer

New Quests: Urako's Big Mistake

Updated Quests: Totemic BracerTotemic CloakTotemic VambracesTotemic GreavesTotemic BootsTotemic BreastplateTotemic HelmTotemic GauntletsMoss Toe BootsMore Help for InnoruukAnniversary Solo Task: A Fool's ErrandSinging Stone

Bestiary Updates: Urakoa froglok ghoulBorik Darkanvil [Smithing Supplies]Alert Jeweled GuardVarsoonLord Grimrot (undead)Armorer Xochtli [Ritual Armor]The PossessedOverlord Teralov


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