EQ Update #53

Site Updates

In this update, 19th anniversary quests were updated with some of their related quest items.

More classic items were given expansion tags as well.

Some NPC's in Felwithe recieved some location information and screenshots with map locations.

Most items that were given incorrect stats with the previous version of the item collector should now be corrected. If you see an item with incorrect stats/info then please let us know or if you have that item, please run it through the latest version of our item collector. To get the latest version of the item collector make sure you exit out of the program and run it again. If you don't have the item collector you can download it here.

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New Items: Deadly Crawfish ;  Vampire Flounder ;  Striped Cave Fish ;  Common Angler Fish ;  Common Blind Minnow ;  Common Bone Fish ;  Spell: Illusion: Hraquis Hunter ;  Battle Worn Consecrated Mace ;  Battle Worn Great Axe ;  Small Phial of Holy Water ;  Sheered Bolt Head ; Separated Spike ;  Bent Stud ;  Pile of Bones 

Updated Items: Gnomish Compass ;  Viscid Silk Swatch ;  Twisted Harp String ;  Crunchy Slither Skin ;  Tome of Battle Frenzy Rk. II ;  Tome of Delay Death Rk. II ;  Spell Tablet Solution ;  Runic Spell Tablet Solution ;  Runic Numen Plaque Solution ;  Rough Spell Tablet Solution ;  Rough Numen Plaque Solution ;  Numen Plaque Solution ;  Fine Numen Plaque Solution ;  Fine Spell Tablet Solution ;  Fine Runic Spell Tablet Solution ;  Fine Runic Numen Plaque Solution ;  Spell: Renew Summoning ;  The Firepride Secret of Heroes ;  Silver Bar ;  Silver Amulet ;  Sapphire ;  Platinum Bar ;  Pearl Earring ;  Jade Ring;  Jade Earring ;  Golden Earring ;  Gold Ring ;  Gold Bar ;  Emerald Ring ;  Electrum Bar ;  Copper Amulet ;  Claymore ;  Bastard Sword ;  How To Sew: Medium Sizes ;  How To Sew: Large Sizes ;  Large Chainmail Skirt Pattern ;  Large Chainmail Mantle Pattern ;  Large Chainmail Tunic Pattern ;  Large Chainmail Neckguard Pattern ;  Large Chainmail Cloak Pattern ;  Large Chainmail Boot Pattern ;  Large Chainmail Sleeve Pattern ;  Large Chainmail Glove Pattern ;  Large Chainmail Coif Pattern ;  Large Chainmail Bracelet Pattern ;  Large Chainmail Pant Pattern ; Large Chainmail Veil Pattern ;  About Ogre Splintmail ;  Overthere Headwear ;  Overthere Headwear Ornament ;  Vial of Swirling Smoke ;  Tregrum ;  Spring Crystal ;  Small Vial ;  Sandalwood ;  Potion of Light Healing ;  Pale Green Potion ;  Murky Vial ;  Mistletoe ;  Methysticum ;  Katuka Bark ;  Harvest Crystal ;  Gerti Blossom ;  Dufrenite ;  Fish Gill Extract ;  Crystallized Pumice ;  Crimson Potion ;  Cloudy Potion ;  Clivers ;  Chipped Bone Rod ;  Cententialspore ;  Bark Potion ;  Arnworth 

Updated Quests: Perpetual Air Pump ;  Red V Clockwork ;  Fish Eyes in the Dark 

New Recipes: Tome of Delay Death Rk. II ;  Tome of Battle Frenzy Rk. II 

Bestiary Updates: Dreana ;  Toxiferious ;  Forge Lord Wirn ;  Mayor Salvador West ; Allia Moondancer [Cleric Spells] ;  Banker Rylisan [Banker] ;  Banker Tintal [Banker] ;  Isyna Firspanyl [Weapons] ;  Merchant Irontree [Armor] ;  Merchant Silverkale [Armor] ;  Terri Woodshape [Cleric Spells] ;  Wellin Brookleap [Cleric Spells] ;  Guard Evital [Parcels and Noble Exchange] ;  Elle Leafdancer [Magician Spells] ;  Merchant Earlyn [Wizard Supplies] ;  a witheran feeder ;  Cedfer the Fishmonger [19th Anniversary Quest]


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