EQ Update #51

Site Updates

In this update, new items are coming in from the 19th anniversary events. We're getting those attached to their quests, some items we might not know where they go so let us know if you know which quests they belong to.

Also KoryuRagestorm uploaded a few more ornmentation suits.

The item collector has been patched for the March update.

Spells will be updated either today or tomorrow.

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New Items: Tattered Tent Cloth ;  Blind Catfish ;  Ball of Silk from Mistmoore's Children ;  Suit of Clockwork Cloth ;  Lost Wayfarer's Tent ;  Suit of Tipsy Gnomework Leather ;  Suit of Clockwork Chain ;  Suit of Beryl Hero's Forge Cloth ;  Deep Caverns Collector's Case ;  The Bone Rod ; Fancy Formal Dinner Invitation ;  Suit of Ebon Hero's Forge Cloth ;  Suit of Arcron Plate ;  Extruded Black Pearl ;  Broken Armor Strap ;  Ragged Tent Cloth ;  Shabby Tent Cloth ;  Battered Tent Cloth ;  Fancy Pie 

Updated Items: Dull Bravefoot Short Sword ;  Spell: Healing Light 

Updated Quests: Bravefoot Weapon ;  A Formal Dinner Party ;  Fish Eyes in the Dark ;  Pieces is Pieces ;  Lost but Not Forgotten ;  Achievement: 19th Anniversary Tasks (Bonus) 

Updated Recipes: Sharpened Bravefoot Short Sword ;  Lemon Filling 

Bestiary Updates: Kaya Cloudfoot [Paladin Guildmaster]


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