EQ Update #50

Site Updates

In this update, all new comments have been caught up until this morning.

Item Collector is patched for the March Update.

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Updated Items: Medal: Life of Trust ;  Medal: Life of Prestige ;  Medal: Life of Service ;  Medal: Life of Honor ;  Medal: Life of Great Worth ;  Medal: Life of Value ;  Medal: Unremarkable Life ;  Medal: Life of Glory ;  Adornments Pattern ;  Dragon Mayonnaise ;  Fine War Doctrine ;  Timorous Coconut ;  Scaled Shoes Facet ;  Scaled Tunic Facet ;  Scaled Sleeve Facet ;  Scaled Pants Facet ;  Scaled Cap Facet ;  Scaled Gloves Facet ;  Mushroom ;  Visage of the Frozen Goblin ;  Fighting Baton ; Strifetorn Faceguard ;  Lava Lizard Meat ;  Tailoring Revered Cultural Symbols ;  Scaled Bracer Facet ;  Beautiful Hiss ;  Striped Raptor Hide Boots ;  Piranha Tooth Necklace ;  Serrated Pirahna Fang ;  Savage Stone Axe ;  Envenomed Mask of Hunting;  Raptor Hide Cap ;  Gilded Riding Gown ;  Dakoit Coin Purse ;  Icon of the Deep ;  Garlic-Buttered Brell's Bounty Stew ;  Bathezid Trade Gem ;  Distillate of Divine Healing VIII ;  Onyx Drake Scale ;  Frost Wurm Scale ;  Flame Wurm Scale ;  Cinder Drake Scale 

New Quests: Medal from the Living (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay) 

Updated Quests: Yuio's Illness ;  Tormax's Head - Dwarves ;  The Last One ;  Achievement: Moonkitty ;  Us and Them ;  Fate Rewards the Bold ;  In Defense of Health ;  Songs of Old ;  Talendor (Group) ;  A Formal Dinner Party ;  Fish Eyes in the Dark ;  Pieces is Pieces ;  Lost but Not Forgotten 

New Recipes: Fine War Doctrine 

Updated Recipes: Sheet of Wind Metal ;  Chowderly's Delightful Tuna Cakes ;  Dragon Mayonnaise ;  Hearty Meat Sauce (Gryphon) 

Bestiary Updates: a wry kly imprecator ;  Iksar Dakoit ;  The Progenitor ;  An Ooze Covered Ritualist ;  a razor tooth piranha ;  Tiamon Aroo ;  an envenomed hunter ;  an enraged tiger raptor ;  Corbin Blackwell ;  Brewmaster Berina [Brewing Merchant];  Dark Infector ;  a Sarnak warlord ;  a guardian champion ;  Hissilith, the Brittlebones ;  Shandral Arisen ;  a lava basilisk ;  a cinder skywing ;  an onyx skywing ;  a mature frost protector ;  an elder wyvern guardian ;  an elder frost protector ;  a primeval cinder skywing ;  an elder flame protector ;  a primeval onyx skywing ;  an ancient flame protector ;  an offal eating rat ;  King Dronan


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