EQ Update #39

Site Updates

In this update, several item updates were done.

Some Ak'Anon Gnome Rogue armor quests were updated. Let us know if this quest line is actually pre kunark so we can tag the quests and items.

A couple more new recipes were created for flies amd sp,e recipes were updated for fishing components.

A few NPC updates as well.

I am still working on the character profile system myself and some back behind the scenes work on handling spells.

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New Items: Sparkling Gossamer Treble Fly ;  Sparkling Gossamer Circle Fly ;  Hardened Stone ;  Gold-Etched Longsword ;  Worn Notebook ;  Worn Notebook ;  Iksar-like Skull 

Updated Items: Conflagrant Platinum ;  Snake Scales 

Updated Quests: Telescope Lenses ;  Shadowwalkers Chainmail Coif ;  Shadowwalkers Chainmail Bracer ;  Shadowwalkers Chainmail Sleeves ;  Shadowwalkers Chainmail Boots ;  Shadowwalkers Chainmail Leggings ;  Shadowwalkers Chainmail Gloves ;  Shadowwalkers Chainmail Tunic ;  Shadowwalkers Chainmail Favor 

New Recipes: Sparkling Gossamer Circle Fly ;  Sparkling Gossamer Treble Fly 

Updated Recipes: Shimmering Gossamer Circle Fly ;  Shimmering Gossamer Dry Fly ;  Shimmering Gossamer Treble Fly ;  Wind Metal Bits ;  Wind Metal Studs 

Bestiary Updates: a rock snake ;  Welno Tanlonikan ;  Princess Joleena ;  a Gorowyn citizen ;  Morlan Tanlonikan


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