EQ Update #38

Site Updates

In this update, more Ring of Scale items coming in. More ornamentations for the Challenger of the Ring of Scale achievement were tagged and added to the achievement quest entry.

I myself am working on updating the character player profile section of the site on my dev machine for those that use it to keep track of their characters. If you have ever used the profile upload from the item collector, this is where your character info is stored.

What I have updated so far is, all the expansions to the latest and a updated server listing to include Coirnav. Also updated some back behind the scenes handling of data for all the forms that the different pages use. I still have some more work to do to but will let everyone know when I am done and have pushed it live.

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New Items: Transforming Katar Ornamentation ;  Transforming Fayguard Dagger Ornamentation ;  Transforming Sword Breaker Ornamentation ;  Transforming Dwarven Sap Ornamentation ;  Transforming Trooper's Pike Ornamentation ;  Transforming Staff of the Dread Gaze Ornamentation ;  Transforming Ketchata Koro Mis Ornamentation ;  Transforming Kylong Aegis Ornamentation ;  Transforming Kylong Shield Ornamentation ;  Transforming Kylong Buckler Ornamentation ;  Transforming Kylong Shortbow Ornamentation ;  Empowered Blood 

Updated Items: Ancient Iksar Message ;  Transforming Ceremonial Sh'Voth Ornamentation ;  Transforming Wurmslayer Ornamentation ;  Transforming Ornate Rune Blade Ornamentation ;  Transforming Guard of Ik Ornamentation ;  Transforming Sword of Skyfire Ornamentation ; Transforming Kylong Longbow Ornamentation ;  Flame Agate ;  Gemmed Dagger ;  Transforming Katar of the Caverns Ornament 

Updated Quests: Hoarded Blood Orchid Katana ;  What Makes a Scorpiki? ;  Challenger of The Ring of Scale 

Updated Recipes: Gnomish Firework 

Bestiary Updates: a Silverflank guardian ;  Nilham the Chef ;  Novyak the Lookout ;  an enraged Amygdalan ;  Krama Alaeus [Quests] ;  Praetor General Teralus ;  ;  Talendor ;  Phara Dar ;  Protector of Phara Dar


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