EQ Update #37

Site Updates

In this update, more new items coming in. Some of those newer items were given an expansion tag and other info.

A few quests were updated with those new items.

A couple new recipes were create, one for one of the new Iksar Heritage Crate Ornamentation's and a LoY Druid quest item.

A few NPC updates as well.

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New Items: Transforming Sword of Skyfire Ornamentation ;  Transforming Kylong Longbow Ornamentation ;  Transforming Guard of Ik Ornamentation ;  Spell: Illusion: Mother of the Ayr`Dal 

Updated Items: Sharp Pine Druid Scimitar ;  Snake Egg ;  Snake Fang ;  Wiltedblossom Wreath ;  Rum Box Key ;  Locked Rum Box ;  Dissolving Liquid ;  Scorpikis Impaler Familiar ;  Faded Hoarded Worker Sledgemallet ;  Bridle of the Flying Imprisoned Sokokar ;  Jeweled Apothic Dragon Spine Hammer ;  Jeweled Sarnak Focus of the Elemental Deathseaker ;  Jeweled Hoarded Blood Orchid Katana ;  Suit of Warmaker's Iksar Plate ;  Warmaker's Iksar Plate Chest Ornament ;  Warmaker's Iksar Plate Feet Ornament ;  Warmaker's Iksar Plate Arms Ornament ; Warmaker's Iksar Plate Wrist Ornament ;  Warmaker's Iksar Plate Legs Ornament ;  Warmaker's Iksar Plate Hands Ornament ;  Frenzy of Conquest II Benefit RoS ;  Forgotten Blood ;  Aura of Preservation II Benefit RoS ;  Symphony of the Rabbit II Benefit RoS 

Updated Quests: Captain Nalot's Triple Strength Rum ;  Pine Druid Task ;  Learn the Ways of Skinning and Tailoring ;  Align Yourself with Kithicor's Armies ;  Legendary Enchanter Illusions ;  Iksar Heritage Crate 

New Recipes: Suit of Warmaker's Iksar Plate ;  Sharp Pine Druid Scimitar 

Updated Recipes: E'cian Ice Studs 

Bestiary Updates: Salmekia Treherth [Druid Guildmaster] ;  Marsa Folor ;  Nadara Reloclen ;  Captain Nalot ;  Nilham the Chef ;  Nelet Durzit ;  a large king snake


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