EQ Update #36

Site Updates

In this update, some new items are coming in. We'll get those tagged and some info soon. Some newer items were also updated with info as well as some older items and their quests.

Drewinette entered in some new recipes for some of the new RoS items that was uploaded to Lucy recently.

Edit: Spells have been updated.

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New Items:  Misty Energeian Poison Orb  ; Jeweled Skull of Null ;  Spell Research Table 

Updated Items: Etching Tools ; Tan Ornate Silken Bridle ;  Jeweled Apothic Dragon Spine Hammer ;  Jeweled Sarnak Focus of the Elemental Deathseaker ;  Jeweled Hoarded Blood Orchid Katana ;  Jeweled Hoarded Worker Sledgemallet ;  Forgotten Blood ;  Enchanted Breastplate Mold ;  Enchanted Gauntlet Mold ;  Enchanted Greaves Mold ;  Enchanted Boot Mold ;  Enchanted Armguard Mold ;  Enchanted Bracer Mold ;  Enchanted Helm Mold ;  Tinkerers Mail Assembly Kit ;  Peacock's Charm ;  Loam Tainted Slime ;  Loam Tainted Slime 

Updated Quests: Deep Muses Helm ;  Deep Muses Bracer ;  Deep Muses Armguard ;  Deep Muses Boots ;  Deep Muses Greaves ;  Deep Muses Gauntlets ;  Deep Muses Breastplate ;  Deep Muses Special Duty ;  The Handmaiden ;  Collection: Ruins of Decay (Plane of Health) ; Collection: Putrid Poisons (Crypt of Decay) ;  Songs of Old 

New Recipes: Tangled Lump of Black Spider Silk ;  Jeweled Hoarded Worker Sledgemallet ;  Jeweled Hoarded Blood Orchid Katana ;  Jeweled Sarnak Focus of the Elemental Deathseaker ;  Jeweled Apothic Dragon Spine Hammer ;  Jeweled Skull of Null 

Updated Recipes: Underfoot Silk Thread ;  Underfoot Silk Swatch ;  Underfoot Silk Panel ;  Tangled Lump of Black Spider Silk ;  Conflagrant Claws ;  Phlogiston Claws 

Bestiary Updates: Praesertum Bikun ;  Lewis Reldnok ;  Varlad Rahnta [Furniture Crafting Supplies] ;  a chest (The Handmaiden) ;  Reuben Reldnok


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