EQ Update #25

Site Updates

In this update, the recipe search tool was updated. If you are a premium member, you can now search by expansion, daybreak recipe id and search for recipes that count towards 350 skill. If you aren't currently a premium member and would like to subscribe for $1 a month, click here.

Drewinette has been busy flagging a bunch of Ring of Scale recipes with the 350 skill info and Daybreak recipe id's along with the expansion tag. I also have contributed to the expansion tagging and think we have given all RoS recipes a RoS expansion tag. I've also started on tagging Luclin recipes so keep an eye out on that if you are playing on the progression servers.

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Updated Items: Strange Dark Fungus ;  Earring of Resistance 

Updated Quests: Legends of Norrath: An Index 

Updated Recipes: Acrylia Studded Mask ;  Acrylia Studded Belt ;  Acrylia Studded Wristbands ;  Acrylia Studded Gorget ;  Acrylia Studded Skullcap ;  Acrylia Studded Shoulderpads ;  Acrylia Studded Sleeves ;  Acrylia Studded Boots ;  Acrylia Studded Cloak ;  Acrylia Studded Gloves ;  Acrylia Studded Leggings ;  Acrylia Studded Tunic ;  Acrylia Reinforced Belt ;  Acrylia Reinforced Wristbands ;  Acrylia Reinforced Gorget ;  Acrylia Reinforced Mask ;  Acrylia Reinforced Skullcap ;  Acrylia Reinforced Cloak ;  Acrylia Reinforced Gloves ;  Acrylia Reinforced Mantle ;  Acrylia Reinforced Sleeves ;  Acrylia Reinforced Boots ;  Acrylia Reinforced Leggings ;  Acrylia Reinforced Tunic ;  Bloodling Plate Belt ;  Bloodling Plate Boots ;  Bloodling Plate Bracer ; 1 lb. Hynid Meat (11 lbs.) ;  Shaded Hide Tunic ;  Black Acrylia Dagger ;  Black Acrylia Scimitar ;  Black Acrylia Long Sword ;  Black Acrylia Halberd ;  Black Acrylia Battle Axe ;  Black Acrylia Warhammer ;  Black Acrylia Pick ;  Black Acrylia Rapier ; Acrylia Chain Mantle ;  Acrylia Chain Leggings ;  Acrylia Chain Mail ;  Shadowscream Steel Tunic ;  Bloodling Plate Helm ;  Bloodling Plate Sleeves ;  Corrupted Shissar Claidhmore ;  Bloodling Plate Cloak ;  Bloodling Plate Gauntlets ;  Bloodling Plate Gorget ;  Bloodling Plate Leggings ;  Bloodling Plate Mail ;  Bloodling Plate Mantle ;  Bloodling Plate Mask ;  Bloodling Shield ;  Black Acrylia Two Handed Sword ;  Small Acrylia Chain Mail ;  1 lb. Cragbeast Meat ;  Black Ornate Chain Bridle/Ornate Barding ;  Small Acrylia Breastplate ;  Small Acrylia Chain Coif ;  Small Acrylia Plate Splinted Cloak ;  Large Acrylia Plate Splinted Cloak ;  Small Acrylia Plate Bracer ;  5 Dose Oozing Irritation ;  10 Dose Oozing Irritation ;  Large Acrylia Breastplate ; Large Acrylia Plate Vambraces ;  Small Acrylia Plate Vambraces ;  Small Acrylia Plate Boots ;  Large Acrylia Plate Gauntlets ;  Large Acrylia Plate Boots ;  Small Acrylia Plate Gauntlets ;  Large Acrylia Plate Pauldron ;  Small Acrylia Plate Helm ;  Large Acrylia Plate Helm ;  Small Acrylia Plate Greaves ;  Large Acrylia Plate Greaves ;  Small Acrylia Plate Pauldron ;  Large Acrylia Chain Leggings ;  Large Acrylia Chain Mail ;  Small Acrylia Chain Leggings ;  Suit of Tsaph Katta Leather ;  Suit of Tsaph Katta Chain ;  Suit of Tsaph Katta Plate ;  Conflagrant Amice of Brilliance ;  Conflagrant Cloak of Brilliance ;  Conflagrant Amice of Adroitness ;  Conflagrant Cloak of Adroitness ;  Conflagrant Amice of Security ;  Conflagrant Cloak of Security ; Conflagrant Amice of Vigor ;  Conflagrant Sword ;  Phlogiston Sword ;  Conflagrant Axe ;  Phlogiston Axe ;  Conflagrant War Sword ;  Phlogiston War Sword ;  Conflagrant Bastard Sword ;  Phlogiston Bastard Sword ;  Conflagrant Katar ;  Phlogiston Katar ;  Conflagrant Rapier ;  Phlogiston Rapier ;  Phlogiston Saber ;  Conflagrant Athame ;  Phlogiston Athame ;  Conflagrant Bodkin ;  Phlogiston Bodkin ;  Conflagrant Great Axe ;  Phlogiston Great Axe ;  Conflagrant Spear ;  Phlogiston Spear ; Phlogiston Great Sword ;  Conflagrant Stiletto ;  Phlogiston Stiletto ;  Conflagrant Mask of Vigor ;  Conflagrant Mask of Brilliance ;  Quick Conflagrant Belt ;  Vital Conflagrant Belt ;  Athletic Conflagrant Belt ;  Fleet Conflagrant Belt ;  Ingenious Conflagrant Belt ;  Savvy Conflagrant Belt ;  Suit of Tsaph Katta Cloth ;  Suit of Tsaph Katta Cloth ;  Suit of Arcron Chain ;  Suit of Militant's Iksar Chain ;  Suit of Militant's Iksar Cloth ;  Suit of Militant's Iksar Plate ;  Suit of Warmaker's Iksar Leather ;  Suit of Warmaker's Iksar Ringmail ;  Suit of Warmaker's Iksar Scalemail ;  Suit of Militant's Iksar Leather ;  Suit of Warmaker's Iksar Chain ;  Suit of Warmaker's Iksar Cloth ;  Suit of Militant's Iksar Scalemail 

Bestiary Updates: The Gwenavyne ;  Carmit Ellison ;  Bi`faak the Shadowwalker ;  Gerald the Obnoxious


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