EQ Update #24

Site Updates

In this update, new items are coming in and we'll get those tagged.

Also a bunch of recipes were updated with some new information.

A few NPC's were updated with more drops.

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New Items: Spirit EnergyMagmaforged Plate VambracesArcronite Woven ShawlMagmaforged Plate BracersArcronite Ridged EarhoopSummoned: Magmaforged BeltMagmaforged Plate GauntletsArcronite Linked BraceletMagmaforged Plate BreastplateArcronite Jade BraceletMagmaforged Plate BootsArcronite Gold RingMagmaforged Plate GreavesArcronite Satin ChokerDi'Zok Chain Wrist OrnamentMagmaforged Plate Helm

Updated Items: Wurine Idol of FrenzyFists of the FinkHoly CaskCrestra's Empowered Elegant EarringDrape of the SoulfeasterShielded AegisRough Blue GemSuperb Animal PeltStaff of the GruntSebilisian SatchelScale Touched Tunic FacetScale Touched Sleeve FacetScale Touched Shoes FacetScale Touched Gloves FacetScale Touched Pants FacetScale Touched Cap FacetScale Touched Bracer Facet

Updated Quests: Elder Longshadow #5: Confronting a Traitor

New Recipes: Crestra's Empowered Elegant Earring

Updated Recipes: Berry Ice Cream CrunchBrewed ChocolateSelf-Cooking SteakLava StewSucculent SteakKunark Meat PieBone Dust TinctureBone Dust Infused JuiceEctoplasmic SolutionEctoplasmic ConcentrateSlime SublimateSlime ChichaKunark SmoothieConflagrant Fish Scale (Timorous Deep Toothfish)Conflagrant Fish Scale (Overthere Threadfin)Conflagrant Fish Scale PatchConflagrant Fish Scale SwatchConflagrant Fish Scale SheetConflagrant LumberConflagrant Tower ShieldConflagrant Kite ShieldConflagrant BucklerSquare Cut Conflagrant DiamondTrillion Cut Conflagrant DiamondMarquise Cut Conflagrant DiamondOval Cut Conflagrant DiamondHalf-moon Cut Conflagrant DiamondPear Cut Conflagrant DiamondRound Cut Conflagrant DiamondConflagrant RodConflagrant CaneConflagrant MaceConflagrant CensorConflagrant Battle RodConflagrant StaffConflagrant Devotional StaffConflagrant Arcane StaffConflagrant Battle StaffConflagrant Compound BowConflagrant LongbowCrushed Conflagrant DiamondSucculent PiePerfect Cut Conflagrant DiamondElixir of Soothing SandsLifesoothing PotionSeaport Cure-AllDragonmagic FocusPurified Mana TonicGorowyn Fortified DrinkLacertilia ToxinXygoz's TonicDuo Conflagrant EarringDuo Conflagrant NecklaceDuo Conflagrant RingAthletic Conflagrant EarringVital Conflagrant EarringFleet Conflagrant EarringQuick Conflagrant EarringIngenious Conflagrant EarringSavvy Conflagrant EarringSummoner's Conflagrant EarringConflagrant Necklace of SecurityConflagrant Necklace of AdroitnessConflagrant Necklace of VigorAthletic Conflagrant RingVital Conflagrant RingFleet Conflagrant RingQuick Conflagrant RingIngenious Conflagrant RingSavvy Conflagrant RingSecure Conflagrant Ring

Bestiary Updates: Taldrik StumpystoutCorrupter AhgraRozoth Orbuan iron sentinelRirwech the FinkAsh Guardian Tolemaka pungent chesta lava-encrusted chest



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